Mallu Banu Aunty Ki Chudai Kahani

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Let me come to the real story my relative aunt name is banu she is a milky aunty 5.8 feet tall and having the assets of (40,42,44) she is 36 years of age and gave birth to two girls they also the romping bombs we are all grown up in same environment in childhood suddenly when i was aboutto go for high school to Chennai we left from our native place and I persuaded my studies in Chennai and I joinend in eng coll. two years gone and aunty family also came Chennai for there children s higher studies real story starting while arranging there things in the new house she calle d my home asked help from me because I know well about Chennai banu aunty called me that u and me can arrange the things in home and want to go for shoping becoz after shifting from village to city many things are wanted for the family for daily essentials I took her in that wednes day evening in my bike she sat behind me and iam dashing with her huge mangoes and came back to new home.and she called my mother and informed that ur brother has gone for Bangalore for important marriage and priya and rita had gone to there uncles house becoz they had college so please allow samrat to stay with me and iam alone in new home and new place in Chennai (anna nagar)and my mom agreed.after that we eate and iam arranging the things with her she will give all utensils from down and I will keep them on the rack on standing on the stool.while bending I caught an eye on her cleavage she is wearing a grape silk saree that is very soft and not staying on her shoulders falling down continuously as wen ever she bends up and down by seeing i am tempted to have affair with the last she was tired and asked me to give some water i went to living room and I gave some water she drinked and poured it on her face to reduce heat and whole chest was became wet ohh wat a seen it wa still in front off my eyes and sat down and leaned towards the tepoy wich is in down her boobs are very big like ripe mangoes we both were talking abt the city life and time was 9.30 she told that we can go for sleep and I told ok becoz very much tired after shifting home while she getting up saree was strucked to the tepoy and pallu was fully fallen downand her right thigh was got hit by wooden tepoy and she was shouting ahhh suddenly I took her palu from the bottom and said be careull aunty while arranging the things she said thanks and catched her and took to bed room and placed her in the bed ac was installed at that room only so she told to sleep in the same room itself and i told that I will put my bed down she told ok and we have start sleeping mee admiring that seen and thinking ohh god help mee. suddenly she called me and asked sam can u help me one small thing ohh yes aunty she told mee to to bring iodex from her mediciene box and bought to her like a dog again she told mee that don’t mistake mee I said tee mee aunty wat u want pls put the balm in my legs its paining ohh yes y cant u tell to me aunty and she wants some hot massage from me in legs she is lying I the bed and lifted the saree till kness and told mee to switch off the tube and put nite lamp it was a sandy feeling I took some balm and started massaging in legs and she is telling that good sam u doing well ur wife is very luky u r write and I said thanks she enjoying that wormth on legs and closed eyes and I little bit lifted her saree thigs are visible I touched suddenly my dick stood up t0 90 degree it seems very fleshy and milky like butter but no response and she again guided mee to rub the balm in her hip I took the chance as a golden opportunity and lost my control I removed her pallu wich is covering her belly she didn’t refuse I started massaging she is moaning ahhh ahhh she turned upside down now and iam massaging on her back she lost the conscious and buried the face in pillow I slowly loosned the pavada nada and removed her saree now she is only with pavada and yellow blouse inside black bra I tild to her that u change nihty aunty the will be comfortable to u aunty she told no problem u continue no aunty ur pavada is so tight so only u getting pain ok u loose it within seond I loosened it her buttocks ar clearly viissible I was touching continuously both sides she didn’t refuse and I got some courage and proceeded aunty u are looking so gorgeous wen I removed her pavada I noticed that full of wetness and she suddenly kissed mee on my lipss smooching continuously current passed to the brain she removed my tracks dick pointing too her stomach hole she took it like a toy in her her hand and took in her mouth fully and sucking like lolly pop.suddenly I took out and she guided over her pussy was soo wet and oossing out with fluids and my dick was also oozing I rubbed the dick ver her pussy and went inside with smoothly and started slowly she is crying with so much off pleasure I holding her mangos I fucked over 10 mins she got her orgasms and I shoted over her pussy. 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Bhabi ur Maa ki Chudai

Main apne ghar mein apni maa Sujata Devi aur bhabi Neeru ke saath rehta hoon. Mere bhai Subhash ki shadi meri bhabi ane kahan chale gaye hain.. Bhabi ki umar 25 saal ki hai aur main 17 saal ka hoon. Maa Sujata 43 saal ki hai aur school mein teacher hai. Meri maa bahut sundar aur sexy hai aur main apni maa ke school mein hi padhta hoon. Maa ki Neeru bhabi se bahut patati hai. Neeru bhabi mujhe bahut achhi lagti hain. Bhabi ka kad 5 feet 5 inch hai aur rang sanwla, sharir bhara hua. Maa ka kad nata hai. Vo koi 5 feet 2 inch ki hai aur bahut gori hai. Maa slim hai, bas usski chuchi moti hai aur chutad bhari hain.

Main Bhabi ke saath wakt bitana chahta tha kion ki vo mujhe bahut sexy lagti thee. Ek din mere dost ne mujhe ek Mast Ram ki novel dee jissme bhabi devar ki chudayi likhi gayi thee. Naam tha “Maine Devar Ko Pataya” Padh kar mera lund akad raha tha aur mujhe apni bhabi ki yaad aa rahi thi. Main mast Ram ki novel padhte huye bhabi ko kalpna mein chodne laga aur apne lund ko pakad kar muth marne laga. Mera lund lohe ki tarah sakhat ho chuka tha aur mere muh se kahani ke shabd nikal rahe thay,” Ohhhh bhabi, bahut maza aa raha hai. Mujhe chod lene do bhabi. Mera lund nichod do bhabi” Tabhi mere lund ne ras ki dhara chhod dee aur mere lunsd se ras ki barsat mere seene par ja giri.

Neeru bhabi ka kamra mere kamre ke bagal mein hi tha aur maa ka kamra groundfloor par tha. Raat ko jab main sone ki taiyari kar raha tha to Neeru bhabi ke kamre mein maa baithi thee. Neeru ne ek green color ki Tshirt aur patle se kapde ka baramuda pehna hua tha aur maa ne peticoat aur blouse pehna hua tha. Maa bhabi se keh rahi thee,” Bahu, tu abhi jawan hai. Subhash na jane kaha chala gaya hai, tu agar dusri shadi karna chahe to kar sakti hai. Mujhe malunm hai ke ek jawan aurat ke jissm mein kaisi aag lagati hai jab mard na ho. Choot bina lund ke bahut tadapati hai. Main aaj bhi bina chudaye nahin reh sakti. Tu to janti hai ki Gangu ab bhi mujhe hafte mein ek baar chod leta hai. Tujhe koi na koi bandobast karna chahiye apni jawan choot ki garmi nikalne ka.”

Bhabi chup chap sunti rahi aur fir boli,” Maaji aap theek kehti hain, par aap to janti hain ke mere mayake mein koi nahin hai aur foir mujh se shadi kaun karega jab mera pati abhi zinda hai. Kissi budhe ke gale padne se to aapke saath rehna achha hai. Aap ka aur devar ji ka pyar hi mujhe zinda rehne ke liye kafi hai.” Maa achanak muskura padi.” Haan main to bhul hi gayi thee, tum Raju ko kion nahin pata leti. Ghar mein mard hai aur humko nazzar nahin aa raha. Tumhari choot bhi thandi ho sakti hai aur bacha bhi chudayi seekh lega. Vaise bhi devar par to bhabi ka hak hota hai. Jaise jijja ka sali par hak hota hai, devar par bhabi ka hak hota hai. Bhagwan ki kirpa se Raju jawan ho chuka hai, tum uss par apne husan ka jadu chala lo aur ghar emin hi chudayi leela shuru kar lo. Jab tera kaam shuru ho jaye ga to mujhe bata dena. Fir hum aage ki sochenge. “Kehte huye maa ne bhabi ko apni bahon mein bhar ke yar se choom liya.

Mujhe apni lottery nikalti dikh rahi thee. Bhabi uth kar khidki ke paass gayi. Jab vo chalti thee to saaf pata chalta tha ki ussne apni Tshirt aur nikker ke neechey kuchh nahin pehna hua tha. Bhabi ki makhan jaisi chikni janghen aur bhare chutad bahut mast lagte thay. Usski chuchian uthak baitrhak kar rahi thee aur mere pajame mein naag devta fir sir utha rahe thay. Bhabi mujhe bahut pyar karti thee.

Maa thodi der mein apne kamre mein chali gayi aur Bhabi mere kamre mein dakhil hui. Ab mujhe maa aur bhabi ki plan ka pata tha. Vo mere palang par mujh se sat kar baith gayi. Usske jism se garmi nikal kar meri janghon par mehsoos ho rahi thee. Tabhi Bhabi ne mera sir pakad kar apne seene par rakh diya aur mere balon mein unglian chalane lagi.” To Raju, mujhe bata ki tum padhte kab ho. Padhte bhi ho ya fir bas ladkion ke saath ishk karte rehte ho.” Main muskura raha tha,” Bhabi, ab tum hi mujhe padha diya karo.” Vo hans kar boli,” Mujhe kia fees doge, beta?” Main sakpaka gaya aur bola” Fee to maa degi, main bhala kahan se doonga? Main to abhi chhota hoon.” Bhabi ne mujhe gaur se dekha aur muskura padi,” Tu itna chhota bhi nahin hai, beta, fee to main tujhi se loongi beta, tujhe nahin chhodun gi bina fee liye” Usski nazaren mujhe ajib tarike se dekh rahi thee. Usski chuchi mere seene mein dhans rahi thee aur mere badan mein ek ajib see hulchul ho rahi thee. Mere haath bhabi ki janghon ko sparsh kar gaye aur mujhe laga jaise koi bijali ka current laga gaya ho.” To kab se padhayi shuru ki jaye, beta?”

“Pehli baat, Bhabi, aap mujhe beta mat kaha karen, naam le kar bulaya karen. Dusri baat padhayi kal se karenge, theek?” Maine kaha aur vo fir se muskura padi” Achha baba, beta nahin kahungi, khush?” Kal 4 baje sham ko tuition hogi” Mujhe school se 3 baje chhuti hoti hai. Lekin agle din mujhe bhul gaya ki meri payari bhabi mujhe tuition padhane wali hai aur main cricket khelne lag pada. 5 baje yaad aaya ki Bhabi mera intzar kar rahi hogi to ghar ki taraf bhaga. Maa bazar gayi hui thee. Bhabi mere kamre mein baithi meri kitaben dekh rahi thee.”Oh mar gaye, Raju beta, bhabi ne zarur teri Mast Ram ki kitab dekh li hogi” maine apne aap ko kosa. Aur maine dekha ki Bhabi asal mein Mast Ram ki kitab hi padh rahi thee. Mujhe dekh kar usska chehra lal ho gaya aur ussne kitab vapis kitabon mein rakh dee.” Itni der kaise lag gayi? Main tera intzar kar rahi hoon. Chalo padhayi shuru karen”

Main chup chap baith gaya lekin mera dhyan padhayi mein nahin tha. Mujhe kuchh samajh nahin aa raha tha. Achanak Bhabi boli,” Kia baat hai tum har wakt essi vaissi kitaben hi padhte rehte ho? Shakespeare padho na ke Mast Ram.” Main bola,” Bhabi mujhe ye kitab mere dost ne dee thee. Mujhe achhi lagi hai.” Bhabi ne kitab ko uthate huye kaha,” Agar tujhe Mast Ram itna hi pasand hai to chalo vo hi padhate hain. Raju, iss kitab mein bhabi aur devar hain. Tum devar ke dialogue bolna aur main bhabi ka role ada karti hoon.”Main ab khul chuka tha.” Bhabi bas baten hi karege ya kuchh aur bhi? Kia hum role play nahin kar sakte, jaise novel mein hai?”

Bhabi ko apni plan safal hoti dikhayi pad rahi thee. Vo bharayi awaz mein bol padi,” Mere raju Devar, tum jo kaho ge teri bhabi sab karegi, devar raja. Lagta hai mera devar jawan ho gaya hai aur apni bhabi ka khyal rakh sakta hai. Raj, agar tera bada bhai chala gaya hai to usski patni ki zimedari ab tujhe hi uthani hogi. Mujhe dekhne to do ke tera hathiyar hai kitna bada?” Bhabi ne haath aage badha kar mere lund ko pakad liya jo ki pehle se hi khada tha. Bhaiyo aur behno, mera lund 9 inch ka hai. Mera lund bhabi ke haath ke sparsh se baag baag ho gaya aur maine bhi hausla dikhate huye bhabi ki mast chuchi ko pakad kar masal diya,” Bhabi, saman to mujhe bhi aapka dekhna hai. Vah bhabi, mera bhai gandu tha jo tere jaise maal ko chhod kar chala gaya” Bhabi ne mere kaan ko chum kar dheere se kaha” Tera bhai mujhe thandi karne ke kabil nahin tha. Issi liye sala mujh se bhag gaya ki usski badnami na ho. Lekin mujhe koi dukh nahin hai, mujhe apna pyara devar apne pati ke roop mein mill gaya hai, vah devar raja, bahut kamal ka danda hai. Lagta hai bhabi ki choot ki khub pitayi hone wali hai aaj raat ko,” Bhabi ne mere lund ko muthiate hute kaha.

Maine bhabi ki Tshirt uttar fenki aur usski mast chuchian azad ho gyi jinko mere haathon ne kaid kar liya. Bhabi ke haath mera pajama kholne lage aur fir mere lund ko sehalne lage. Maine bhabi ki chuchi par apna sir jhuka diya aur puchha” Bhabi meri rani, kia mujhe chuchi ko chusne ki ijazat hai? Teri chuchi ko chusne ka sapna main na jane kab se dekh raha hoon. Tum bahu sexy ho bhabi” Bhabi ne mere lund ko kas ke pakda hua tha aur vo masti mein boli,”Puchhte kia ho raju, Tum mere swami ho, malik ho, jo chahe karo mere jism ke saath, mere Raju. Mujhe pani patni bana lo, rakhail bana lo, aaj se Neeru teri hui, mere sartaj. Aaj se teri har ichha puri karna mera farz hai. Mujhe nangi kar do devar ji, mujhe apne lode se nihal kar do. Aaj main koi fasla nahin rakhna chahti, main iss ghar ki bahu hoon, mujhe bahu ke sabhi hak de do. Mujhe apna bana lo devar Raja, issi mein hum sab ka sukh hai”

Bhabi ke haath mere lund se masti mein khel rahe thay aur maine ab bhabi ki nikker bhi neechey khinch dali. Bhabi ki chut ek phule huye pakode ki tarah thee jiss par shayad subah hi shave ki gayi thee. Maine bhabi ki choot par pyar se thapaki mari aur usski mastani choot ka ras meri unglion par lag gaya. Maine bhabi ki choot ke ras se bheegi hui ungli apne muh mein le kar chus dali,” Vaah bhabi, kia swad hai teri chut ka? Essa ras maine kabhi nahin chakha, bhabi, teri choot ki baat hi kuchh aur hai, bahut namkeen hai, bhabi” Bhabi pyar se muskura padi,” Devar raja, choot ka ras ek jaisa hi hota hai. Agar tum apni maa Sujata Devi ki chut ko bhi chakho to essi hi namkeen hogi. Kion chakhna chao ge apni maa ki choot?” Mujhe gussa aa gaya,” Bhabi, essa mat kaho, vo meri maa hai. Kia koi apni maa ke bare mein essi baat karta hai?” Maine gusse mein kaha.

Bhabi ka mood bilkul vaisa hi raha aur muskurate huy” Devar raja, aurat to aurat hoti hai. Maderchod, kal tak mujeh bhi to bhabi maa hi kehte thay. Ab jab main chudane ke liye taiyar hoon to meri choot ke swad ki tarif karte ho, kion ab bhabi maa nahin rahi?” Main fir se sakpaka gaya aur bola ,” Bhabi, tumko maine kabhi maa ke roop mein nahin dkeha hai. Tum mujhe pehle din se hi sexy devi lagti thee. Main teri kalpna kar ke kayi baar muth mar chuka hoon, jab bhaiya tum ko le kar kamre mein jaate thay to mujeh aag lag jati thee.” Bhabi jalti hui boli,” Tera bhai kia khaak karta tha teri bhabi ke liye. Sala bolta tha ki vo mujhe pyar to karta hai par choot ki aag nahin bujha sakta. Uss behnchod se kuchh na hota tha aur meri chut aag mein jalti rehti thee. Raju, aaj meri choot ki aag bujha do, main vaada karti hoon tujhe aur bhi ladkion ko chodne mein madad karun gi, devar raja, tujh aish karwayungi, bas apna lund kayam rakhna,”

Main bhabi ki chuchi ko chusne laga aur usski choot ko sehlane laga. Bhabi bhi mere lund ko masalne lagi aur fir achanak ussne muhew se alag hote huye jhuk kar mere lund ke supade ko muhn mein le kar chum liya. Bhabi ka mukh mere lund par essey kas gaya jaise ki mera lund kissi bheegi choot mein ghuss gaya ho. Kuchh der Bhabi mera lund chusti rahi aur fir ussne apna sir uthaya aur apne baal khol diye, Kali julfon se dhaka hua bhabi ka chera bahut kamuk lag raha tha. Usska sampuran roop se nanga jawan jism mujhe utejit kar raha tha. Kamre ke dudhiya parkash mein bhabi ek sexy apsra se kam nahin lag rahi thee. ” Bhabi, chalo ab ussi tarah se hum khel khelen jiss tarah Mast Ram ki novel mein bhabi devar khel khelte hain. Bhabi tum novel wali bhabi ka role ada karo aur main devar wala” Maine chudayi ko yadgar banane ke liye Neeru ko kaha. Bhabi muskura padi aur novel ko padhte huye bolne lagi.

“Hai devar ji, aapka lund to bahut mota hai, meri choot mein kaise ghussey ga raja? Tere bhai ka to chhota hai ghuss jata hai, par devar ji aapka to musal lund mujhe dara raha hai” Main bhabi ki choot mein ungli dal kar pelta hua bola”Bhabi jaan lund jitna mota bhi kion na ho, choot mein ghuss hi jata hai. Bhabi meri rani zara issko apni chut par ragdo to dekhna kaise ghusta hai teri choot mein. Bhabi fir se novel ke dialogue bolne lagi lekin maine apni zuban bhabi ki namkeen choot mein dal kar chatna shuru kar diya. Bhabi ki chut se ras tapkne laga aur vo novel ke dialogue bhul gayi aur siskari lene lagi,” ooooooo Raju, maderchod, chus meri choot….ohhhh behnchod chuss apni maa ki chut…..meri chut aaj tak nahin chati kissi maderchod ne………chus meri choot….ghused de apni jeebh ohhhh main mareeeee”

Bhabi ka choot ras mere honthon par behne laga aur maine usske bhari chutad tham liye. Bahut mast hain mein bhabi ke chutad. Bhabi ki nangi janghen mere kano par kasi hui thee aur vo mujhe chhodne ke mood mein nahin thee. Bhabi ki choot ki khushbu mujhe nasha chadha rahi thee. Bhabi ne mere lund kas ke pakad liya aur mujhe binati karti hui boli,” Raju, mere malik ab aur na tadpayo, varn ameri choot fir se jhar jaye gi. Pel do apna harami lund meri harami choot mein. Neeru randi ki choot tere lund ki bheekh mangti hai, Raju, please apni bhabi ko chod dalo issko apne lode se khub maro…Teri maa ki bhi yahi ichha hai, please chodo raja.” Bhabi ab palang par janghen failaye padi thee aur usski phuli hui choot mujhe chudayi ke liye dawat de rahi thee. Main bhabi ki janghon ko aur chauda karte huye apna loda usski chut ke muhane par tikane laga. ” Bhabi teri choot to aag ki bhatti hai, sali chudwane ke liye machal rahi hai. Le bhabi tere devar ka lund aaj tere pati ke lund ki jagah lene laga hai,” Kehte hi main apna lund bhabi ki choot mein dhakel diya.

Bhabi ke mukh se dabi hui siskari nikal gayi. Usski choot se itna ras nikala hua tha ki chiknayi adhik hone se lund asani se choot ki gehrayi mein uttarta chala gaya. Bhabi ek kutiya ki tarah haanf rahi thee. Ussne apni tangen mere chutadon par kas lee thee aur usski pair ki edian mere chuttaron par dabav dal rahi thee aur meri kamar chudayi karte huye aage peechhey ho rahi thee. Bas kuchh hi der mein mere lund ek gadhe ke lund ka roop dharan kar chuka tha. Jab main dhaka marta to mere andkosh bhabi ki choot se takra jate aur bhabi utejna se cheekh padti.” Kaisa laga mere lund ka swad teri makhan jaisi chut ko bhabi?Ohhhh behnchod, teri choot bhi bilkul makhan hai bhabi…..Badi bhookhi hai teri choot, mera lund pura kha gayi hai aur sali kutia aur mang rahi hai, sali chhinal kahin ki…bhabi bahut maza de rahi hai teri chut apne devar ko,,,chudawa le rani aaj apne Raju se…….Ohhhh Neeruuuuuuuuu……bhabiiiiiiii…..main ruk nahin saktaaaa”

“Raju chod le Neeru ko……..teri bhabi teri randi ban chuki hai……tera lund mere bachedani se takra raha hai…..chod iss randi ko……devarjeeeeeee….jor se chodoooooooo….uieeeeeee maaaaaaaaaaaaa….jor se…….mar meri phudi koooo…..rajaaaaaaaa chod le apni maaa ko….raju maderchod pel apni bhabi maaaaaa koooooo…chod harami….aaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh” Bhabi na jane kia bak rahi thee aur main dhake par dhaka marta ja raha tha. Mere andosh se lund ka gada ras ek jawala mujhi ki tarah uthne laga. Mere chudayi ke dhake ab toofani raftar par thay,” Haiiiii…….Neeru randi chud gayeeeee,,,,, Raju…….mar gayeeeee….maderchod chod mujhe …ohhh behnchod tezi se maro meri choot….oh raju teri maaa ki choot sale chod mujhe” Tabhi mere lund se ras ki nadi beh nikali aur ussi wakt bhabi ki choot se ras ki barsat hone lagi. Main akhiri dum tak chudayi karta raha. Mere lund se jab akhiri boond ras bhabi ki chut mein gir chuka tha to apne lund ko bhabi ki chut mein dla kar main nidhal ho kar usske jism par ley gaya.

Raat ke 12 baje meri aankh khuli to bhabi mujh se lipat kar so rahi thee. Maine jhuk kar bhabi ki chuchi ko kiss kiya to bhabi ki ankh khul gayi.” Kion beta, maa ka doodh pee rahe ho? Abhi tak bhabi maa ko chod kar man nahin bhara? Kia abhi aur chodna chahte ho kia?” Main bhabi ki baton se fir utejit hone laga aur usske badan ko sehlane laga.” Bhabi, tum gandi baten bahut karti ho….gali bahut deti ho….lekin achha lagta hai teri gali ko sunana….chudayi mein jitna gandi gali do maza aata hai….chalo fir se chudayi karen……bhabi ab kaun sa khel khelte huye chudayi karege hum dono?” Bhabi boli,” Raju agar tum chaho to apni maa ke kamre se ek kitab le aayo….sali Sujata bhi Mast Ram ki shaukin hai…..usske sirhane ke neechey ek kitab zarur hogi…..hum ussko padh kar khel khelen ge, yaani ki usske character ban jayenge…..manzoor?”

Main kuchh samajh na paiya…kia maa bhi? Ho sakta hai….pita ji ki maut ko bhi bahut wakt beet chuka tha…..Ho sakta hai meri maa Sujata Devi bhi chudayi ke liye tadaprahi ho. Maa ke badan ki kalpna se mera lund fanfana utha. Ho sakta hai ki aaj Sujata koi choot bhi mujhe mil jaye. Main ye to janta tha ki Sujata aur Neeru ne mujh se chudayi ki plan banayi thee, lekin yeh nahin janta tha ki kia maa bhi iss chudayi mein shamil hogi ya nahin. Neeru bhabi boli,” Chodu raja, kia chalen Sujata ke kamre mein? ” Main chup chap chal pada. Hum devar bhabi maderjat nange thay. Maine Neeru ki kamar ke gird bahen dal rakhi thee aur vo mujeh chumti hui neechey maa ke kamre ki taraf le chali. Kamre mein bati jal rahi thee aur maa palang par leti hui thee. Pankhe ki hawa se usska petticoat usski janghon tak utha hua tha. Bhabi ne hontthon par ungli rakh kar mujhe chup rehne ka ishara kia aur fir maa ki sirhane se ek kitab kheench li.

Hum chup chap kamre se bahar nikale, bhabi aage thee aur main peechhey. Bhabi ki gaand thumak thumak kar rahi thee. Ussi wakt mera man Neeru ki gaand chodne ko karne laga. Usske gol gol mote chuttar bahut sexy lag rahe thay. Apne kamre mein maine Neeru ko pet ke bal lita diya aur usske chutad sehlane laga. Fir main Neeru ki peeth par chadh gaya aur usski gardan ko chumne laga aur chuchion ko masalne laga. Neeru ne kitab palang par iss tarah rakhi thee ki hum dono padh sakte thay. Kitab ke pehli line padh kar Neeru boli,” Beta, kia apni maa ko chodo ge? Sale tujhe sharam nahin aaye gi apni maa ko chodte wakt? Maa ko chodne wale ko maderchod kehte hain. Kia tu maderchod bange beta?” Maine bhabi ki gardan ko kat khaya aur padh kar apna dialogue bola”Maa, tu itni kamuk ho ki main apne aapko rok nahin skunga. Tujhe dekh kar mujhe papa se irsha ho rahi hai ki mujhe tera beta banana pada hai. Teri choot jiss mein se main paida hua hoon, vo to chpdne ke liye bani hai. Haan maa main maderchod banun ga. Tujhe papa se adhik anand dunga meri sexy maa!”

” Achha beta, chod lena apni maa ko, pehle meri chuchi to chuso jiss tarah bachpan mein chuste thay, beta tera lund mere chutad ki darar mein chubh raha hai. Kia maa ki gaand maro ge,” Tabhi darwaza khulne ki awaz aayi. Peechhey mud kar dekha to Sujata Devi khadi thee. Maa ne koi kapda nahin pehna tha. Maa ki janghon ke beech chhoti chhoti kali jhanten thee aur usski mast chhoti chuchi kadi thee. Maa ne apni chut par haath ragadte huye mujhe dekha aur boli,” Raj, apni bhabi ko chod kar tumne aadhi mushkil to hul kar dee hai, ab baki ki bhi hul kar do. Iss budhiya ki pyasi chut ko bhi triptkar do. Bahut tarasi hai meri chut jawan lund ke liye. Jab se tera lund Neeru ki choot mein ghuste huye dekha hai, main chain se nahin baith payi. Tera lund tere baap ki yaad dilata hai mujhe. Apni bhabi ko chod kar tum aadhey maderchod bane thay, mujhe chod kar pure ban jayo aur hu,m teeno ghar mein chudayi ke partner ban jayen. Tere liye iss ghar mein Ganga ke saath Jamuna bhi bahe gi. Bhabi ke saath maa bhi chudwayegi tujh se, mere raja”

Main samajh gaya ki ab sari baat khul chuki hai aur sharmane ki koi zarurat na hai. Maine Sujata Devi ko palang par Neeru ke saath hi patak diya aur maa ko chumne laga.” Neeru, tum maa ki chut ko chato aur usski gaand ko sehlayo, aaj se hum chudakad pariwar hain. Raju aaj se chodu devar aur maderchod beta hai. Jiss chut se nikal hoon ussi chut ko chod kar mian apni maa ki aag thandi karunga aur aaj se tum dodno ke liya ghar ka mard ban kar rahunga. Kion maa tujhe apna beta ek mard ke roop mein sawikaar hai?” Main kehte hi maa ki chuchi ko zor se bheench liya aur usske chuchak ko muh mein dal kar chusna shuru kar diya. ” Haan beta, tera lund pa kar meri chut dhanya ho jaye gi. Neeru betio to meri bahu hi rahegi chahe ussko Subhash chode ya fir tu. Mujhe chod kar apna bana lo beta aur ghar ki izzat ko ghar mein hi sambhal lo, mere Raja”

Upper se main Sujata ki chuchi chusne laga aur neechey se Bhabi maa ki chut chat rahi thee. Meri maa ka badan garam ho chuka tha aur vo chudayi ke liye tadap tadap kar chhatpatta rahi thee.” Beta, ab der mat karo, iss budhiya ko chod dalo. Bahu tum to apni aag bujha chuki ho mujeh bhi shaant ho jane do. Mujhe bhi iss gadhe ke lund se chud jane do. Beta kaise chodo ge apni maa ko? Kiss asan mein chodo ge raja. Meri choot se laar tapak rahi hai, ek kuttiya ki tarah” Maine hanste huye kaha” Maa, tum apne aap hi kuttia bata rahi ho. To fir kion na main tujhe kuttiya ki tarah hi chodun. Tum apne ghutno aur kohni ke bal khadi ho jayo aur main tujhe peechhey se kutte ki tarah chodunga. Tum meri kuttia banogi na?” Maa chaupaya ban gayi aur ussne apni gaand upper utha lee. Sujata ke gore chuttar bahut madak thay. Mujhe usski gaand par itna pyar aaiya ki maine usski gaand ko chum liya aur usski gaand ko kutte ki tarah sunghne laga. Neeru ne mere lund ko chusa aur jab mera lund usske thook se bheeg gaya to maine maa ke peechhey position le li.

Bhabi ne mere lund ka nishana Sujata ki choot par lagaya aur boli,” Shabash devar raja, chod dalo apne dusre shikar ko, Neeru ke baad Sujata ko apni randi bana lo. Chod sdalo apni kuttia ko. Essa lund issko kayi salon se nahin mila hai. Apne musal lund ko pel do iss chhinal ki pyasi chut mein,” Maine apna lund ek hi dhake mein Sujata ki choot mein pel diya aur usske chuttar ko zor se chaanta mar diya. Sujata siskari le uthi,’ Oooooooooo Raj…….dheere se….bahut mota hai tera……main to lund ka swad hio cbhul chuki thee……aram se pelo beta……bahu…mujhe chumo beti….meri chuchi muhn mein le lo bahu…..meri chuchi chuso…..pelo beta….bahut maza aa raha hai…..CHODO APNI MAA KO………BAHUT MAST HO CHUKI HOON MAIN……CHOD USS CHOOT KO JISS NE TUJHE JANAM DIYA HAI…..PHAD DE MERI CHOOT…..MAIN MAREEEEE….. UIEEEEEE….. MAAAAAAA…. AAAAAAAA….. ARRRR” Sujata pagalon ki tarah bole ja rahi thee aur main janwaron ki tarah ussko chod raha tha.

Udhar bhabi hum dono ko pagalon ki tarah chum rahi thee, kaat rahi thee, mere andkosh se khel rahi thee. Neeru bhi bak rahi thee,” Sujata ko chod lo raja……issko lund ki zarurat hai….hum dono ko lund chahiye tera, mere raja….chodo maa ko” Udhar Sujata jhr rahi thee. Usski saans mushkil se aa rahi thee. Mera lund ab superfast train ka piston ban chuka tha aur mera lava bhi chhoot pada. Mera lund ras Sujata ki choot mein girne laga aur usski gaand se hota hua janghon se neechey jane laga. Sujata bhi thaki hui kutti ki atarh jhad kar haanf rahi thee. Neeru muskura kar boli,’ Ye hoti hai gharelu chudayi aur usska maza”

Doodh Wali Madam Ki Kahani

Doodh Wali Madam Ki Kahani

So friends aaj mai aapko apne school life ke samay ke ek behtarin exp. Ki bat batayumga.. Mai 17 year ka 11th commeres ka student tha.. Mai padayi me toper to nahi but a gread stu. Tha.. Par badmashi ya kah lo kaminepan me class me no.1 jarur tha.. Fir chahe vo masti karne ki baat ho, marpit karne ki, school bung karke english film jane ki baat ho ya vo har kam jo bigade ladke ke lakshan hote vo sub mujhme thi.. Mai normelly class me pichhe ki hi line me baithta tha… Fir mai 11th pahucha to hum school me senior ho gaye the.. To humara roll our bud gaya.. Fir humari padayi shuru huyi… Hum 4 dosto ka group tha.. Mai, prakash, raj, our santosh. Hum charo last ke 2 table me baithte the.. Humari padayi shuru huyi.. Pahle din, pahla period, pahle new teacher.. Hume pata tha ki.. Hume 11th me koi bhi purana teacher nahi padayega.. Sare new teacher hi rahenge.. Humare liye vo our unke liye hum.. So pahle period me class teacher jo hume a/c padayenge.. Vo aake gaye.. Secend me 1, third me ek.. Isi tarah 6th, jo study ka last period tha.. Usme ek mast sexy madam aayi… Humare sare teacher’s me sabse young yahi thi… Jinko class ke sare ladke muh, aankh faad ke ghur rahe the… Sali kya must maal thi.. 34 28 36 figuer hoga… Tight pahni huyi green saree me dhasoo item lag rahi thi.. Deep gala our sleevless blouse uski jawan ko bindas dikha rahi thi.. Gora rung, hasmukh chehra, gahri-nashili aankhe, rasile gulabi hont, us par usne apne balo ki 1 latt ko chehre par latkaya tha.. Jo uski khubsurati par 4 chand laga raha tha.. Our uski sex apeel vale havbhav ko our bada raha tha.. Fir chalu huwa intro. Ka round.. Usne girls ki taraf se 1-1 karke naam, add., family detail & occu., last year ka result, jaisi formel bate puchhni shuru ki.. Our is se pahle usne apni detail di.. Unka naam- chandani saxsena, nick name- sweety, our address, edu. Jaisi formal bate batayi.. Fir humne apna intro chalu kiya.. Vaise aap to jante hi hai ki ladkiyo ko sawal-jawab ki kitni khujli hoti hai.. Vaise hi humari class ki har ladki ne apna intro dene ke bad mam se koi na koi 1 sawal jarur puchh rahi thi, unke bare me.. Jaise unki age, family, hoddies, jis se hume bhi pata chalte ja raha tha.. Unke bare me jaise unki age 24 thi. Tabhi agli ladki ne unse pucha mam r u married or single.. To mam ne 2 min shant rah kar boli ki.. I m divorsed. Ladki sorry bol ke baith gayi.. To agli ladki ne pucha ki mam aapke bachche hai.. Is par mam ne kaha ki, nahi. Our request ki, ki is metter par our koi sawal nahi karna.. Our unki halki aankh bhar aayi thi.. But fir vo 5 min me khud ko relax karke vapas freelly bat karne lagi our mahoul fir khushnuma ho gaya.. Fir bell baj gayi our school close ho gaya.. Hum kuchh dost school chutane ke bad bahar kuchh der rukte the.. Our hum vaha bat kar rahe the ki jaise har saal hum apne teacher’s ke khud koi funny names rakhte hai is saal bhi rakhenge… Agle dil sabhi ko har sir, mam ke liye names sochna tha.. Mai to sirf sweety mam ka hi soch raha tha.. Sath me english ki book bhi dekh raha tha.. Usme 1 lession ka naam tha.. Milkmaid women.. Ye padte sath hi mujhe sweety mem ke boob’s yaad aa gaye.. Kya behtarin, gadraye huwe.. The.. Mujhe unke liye naam sujha.. “doodhwali madam”. Jise agle din sabhi ne man liya.. Isi tarah humne economic wali mam jinka nam tha.. Varsha chandolkar, unka nam rakha “chaddi kholkar mam”.
Fir agle din humari studies start huyi.. Pura din katne ke bad last me doodhwali ko dekhna tha.. Vo aayi our padane lagi.. Par meri nazar.. Book par naa hoke.. Unke chehre our nayaab husn par thi.. Humare school me teacher ka dress fix tha.. Mam ke liye saree.. Green color me.. But doodhwali mam ne.. Baki mam se thoda alag tarike se saree pahnti thi… Unke blouse ekdum tight rahte the.. Our normel se thoda jyada deep gale ke.. Jis se unke doodh ka upari hissa our dono doodho ke bich ki line saaf dikhti thi.. Our blouse tight tha to unke doodh blouse ke upar bhi thoda phool kar dikhta tha.. Jis se vo ekdum chodu maal lagti thi… Shayad hi sch. Ka koi aisa sir ya senior stu. Ho jisne doodhwali ke is katil husn ko dekhke chodne ka naa socha ho.. Ya uska lund na khada huwa ho.. Pure period me mai unko hi ghurta raha.. Jub vo board me kuchh likhti to unki gudaz gand.. Samne khadi hoti to unka chikna sapat pet.. Lachili kamar ko dekhta our chhune ka sochta… Jis se mera lund pant me hi pura khada ho gaya tha… Jise mai apne left hand se halka 2 sahla raha tha.. Isi bich bell baj gayi.. Our mam apne chair me baith kar kuchh karne lagi.. Sare ladke-ladki jane lage.. Mere friend ne chalne kaha to mai 5 min me aa raha hu bola usko.. Ab usko kaise batata ki mera louwda pura khada hai.. Jis se pant me tambu ban gaya hai.. Khada huwa to saaf dikhega.. Our samne mem baithi hai jinke samne se hokar hi bahar jana hai.. Fir mai faltu me apni 1 copy nikal ke usme kuchh likhne laga.. Fir 5 min baad mem ka kam nipta to unhone mujhe kaha vicky tum gaye nahi.. (ab mai kya kahta unko ki.. Apke karan mera lund khada ho gaya hai, jo vapas shant nai ho raha hai….) Maine kaha ha mem 5 min ka kam hai.. Tab mem ne ok kaha our apne notes utha kar chali gayi.. Unko gand matkate huwe jate dekh mai relax huwa.. Our apne lund ke supade ko daba ke usko shant kiya… Fir 5 min me mai bahar stand se apni bike nikalne laga to maine dekha ki doodhwali mem bhi apni activa nikal rahi hai.. School lagbhag khali ho chuka tha.. Tab maine socha ki mem ka pichha karke unke ghar ka pata kiya jaye.. To mai unse kuchh dur unke pichhe 2 chalne laga… Fir karib 15-20 minute me ek colony me unka ghar tha.. Jo karib 4 k.m. dur tha.. Mera ghar to our dur tha.. Rasta thoda alag tha.. Par phir bhi maine deside kiya ki mai mam ke ghar ke raste se hi ghum kar aana jana karunga.. Fir us raat maine mam ke naam par pahli bar muth mari… Fir agle din subah sham mai unke ghar ki taraf se hi aata jata tha.. Our humesha unhe raste me cross karta tha our nazre mila kar wish jarur karta tha.. 2-3 week tak yahi chalta raha.. Jis se mujhe pata chala ki mam akele rahti hai.. Our thodi bindas our free mineded type ki hai… Means saree vo sirf schol me pahanti hai.. Baki samay.. Jeans, trouser, scurt, top jaise faishnebal wearing karti hai… Mai unke karib aane ke kisi mouke ke jugad me laga tha.. Fir ek din vo schol off ke bad bhi class me apna kam kar rahi thi to maine bhi apni notebook nikal kar bahane se ruk gaya.. Fir unhone kam niptane ke bad mujhse kaha ki.. Kya kar rahe ho vicky.. Maine bataya.. To unhone kaha ki tumhara ghar kaha hai.. Tum roj ring road se meri colony se jate ho na.. Maine haa kaha…. To usne kaha ki maine dekha hai tumhe kayi baar.. Mera ghar bhi to raste me hi hai.. To maine kaha haa mam maine bhi apka ghar dekha hai.. Is par vo boli ki jab dekhe ho to aana chahiye tha na.. Maine kaha ok mam ab aayunga.. Meri khushi ka to thikana hi nahi tha.. Ungli chahi thi pura hath mil gaya.. Fir us din hum sath 2 aaju baju me chalte huwe gaye.. Vo apne ghar ke pahle ek shop me ruk gayi to mai bye kahke aage nikal gaya.. Fir next day meri kismat ka best day tha.. Huwa yu ki.. Subah mai unke ghar ke thoda pahle ruka taki unke nikalne par sath 2 jayu.. Fir vo apni bike me nikali our jane lagi.. Kuchh dur jane par mai unke bagal me aane hi wala tha ki.. Unke samne jaa rahi 1 car achanak ruk gayi.. Jis se mam khud ko sambhal nahi payi.. Our speed ke karan unki activa car me takra gayi.. Takkar kuch jyada jor ki huyi.. Jis se mam gir gayi… Our unhe kuch jagah chot lagi.. Par unki saree buri tarah se kharab our khicha gayi.. Thodi fat bhi gayi thi…. Par girne ke karan unki saree unki jangh tak upar uth gayi thi… Jo sabki nazro ke samne thi.. Mai turant bikae rek ke unke pas gaya.. Vo dard, ghabrahat our sharma rahi thi.. Par mujhe dekhte hi unhone sukun se mujhe dekha our mera hath pakad liya.. Our unki nangi jangho ki saree ko niche karne ko kaha b’cos vo bike ke niche thi to khud nahi kar pa rahi thi.. Fir kuchh logo ne unki bike uthayi.. Our maine unki pith ko sahara dekar unko uthaya.. Unki gadi buri tarah toot-foot gayi thi.. Jise car wale ne apni galti mante huwe banwane ki jimmedari li.. Maine mam ko hospital chalne kaha to vo chuki mere hath ke sahare.. Our kandho par tik ke khadi huyi thi.. Jinke 1 hath ko mai pakda tha our apne dusre hath se unki kamar ko thama tha.. Vahi lachili kamar jisko dekh kar mera lund funkar marne lagta tha… Kya chikna.. Mulayam badan tha unka… Haaa ye e… Mai sahare ke bahane halke 2 unki kamar ko sahlane laga.. Vo lagbhag muji par tiki thi.. Mere hos chalne ki bat par unhone kaha ki.. Nahi vicky mujhe ghar le chalo… Is par mai ek auto rokne laga to unone kaha ki.. Mai tumhare sahare se tumhari bike par baith sakti hu.. Our dhire chalte huwe ghar pahuch jayenge… Maine ok kaha.. Fir unki bike ko ek samne ke garage me rakhwa kar.. Mai unhe apni bike me bithane laga.. Vo baith to gayi par unki kamar me left side me jyada chot lagi thi..
To vo puri tarah mujhse tik kar baith gayi.. Jis se unke doodh puri tarah meri pith se chipak kar dab gaye… Our mujhe unka mazedar ahsas mil raha tha.. Unhone apna right hand meri thais pe rakha our left hand mere kandhe par our puri tarah apne badan ko mujh par laad di thi… Mai dhire 2 chalte huwe uske badan ke ragad ka mazaa le raha tha.. Jis se mera lund pura masti me aa gaya tha.. Fir mam ka ghar aaya.. Mai unhe pakad ke andar leke gaya our unke bedroom tak le gaya.. Bed par bithane ke bad maine mam se puchha ki.. Kaha chot lagi hai dikhao.. Jyada hogi to mai doctor ko leke aata hu.. Is par unhone apne hath pair ki upri chot ko dikhaya.. Par kamar our chootad ko nahi to maine puchha ki kamar me kaha par.. To unhone kaha ki nahi vaha jyada nahi hai.. Par maine jidd kiya to boli ki mujhe sharm aayegi na… Fir bhi maine kaha ki.. Sharm ke chakkar me jyada taklif bad gayi to.. Is par unhone kaha ki.. Thik hai par pahle mai apne ye gande our fate kapde to badal lu.. Fir maine unke bataye almari se unke kapde nikalne laga.. Unhone gown kaha par maine top-scurt nikala.. Fir maine niche dekha to kuch bra panty rakhi thi unki maine 1 pair utha ke unko dikhate huwe kaha ki ye bhi la du… Vo dekh kar sharm se lal ho gayi.. Our boli.. Nahi usko nahi.. Fir mujhse boli ki tum jara bahar jayo.. Maine kaha ki khud to aap khadi bhi nahi ho pa rahi ho.. Kapda kaise chenge kar payogi.. Is par vo sharm se muskura kar boli.. Mai nahi to kya tum badloge mere kapde.. To maine bhi usi ki tarah muskura kar kaha ki.. Haa mai badal dunga.. Is par vo.. Dhaatt kahte huwe.. Mujhe jane ko boli.. Mai haste huwe bahar room me aa gaya… But darwaza close nahi kiya.. Taki parde ke sahare mai usko kapda badalte dekh saku.. B’cos use touch karke our us se freely thoda mazedar bat karke mujhe lag gaya tha ki agar thoda koshish karu to.. Mam ki bur ko chodne ka mouka pa sakta hu.. Yahi sochte mera lund pura pant me tambu bana kar khada ho gaya tha… Mai parde ke aot se andar jhakne laga.. Dusre hath se apne lund ko sahlane laga.. Mam ne apni saree hata kar blouse khola to mujhe unki white bra me qaid doodh dikhe.. Hhhaaayyyeee….. Kyaa a a bade-bade… Gore… Chuchiya thi… Dekhte hi.. Muh our lund dono me pani aa gaya…. Lund saye saaye karne laga.. Fir mam ne upar top pahan liya.. Our bed ke sahare se mushkil se khadi hokar.. Apni saree utari.. Our petikot bhi niche gira diya… Our vo panty me aa gayi.. Halke blue color ki printed panty me mam ekdum sexy lag rahi thi… Unki gadrayi our chikni janghe puri tarah nangi hokar apna jalwa dikha rahi thi.. Mere badan me current sa doudne laga.. Mann kiya jayu our mam ki gori jangho ko chum lu.. Unhe apni jibh se chatne lagu.. Par…. Uske bad unhone apna skirt ko uthaya our apne 1 pair ko utha ke usko pahnne ki koshish ki.. Par vo dono hath ka use nai kar sakti thi… Bed ko jo pakdi thi sahare ke liye… Par aise me unse skirt pahnte nahi ban raha tha.. To unhone bed ko chhod ke dusra hath jaise hi hataya.. Vo hadbada ke gir gayi….our jor se chikhi… Uuiii maaaa… Mai khush hoke turant andar gaya.. Our bola… Kya huwa… Vo jamin me padi thi.. Skirt uske pair ke panje par fasa tha.. Our puri nangi tang mere samne thi.. Maine use dekh huste huwe kaha… Our apni manmani karo…ab aaya mazaa…. Is par vo boli… Ekto mai gir gayi.. Our tum has rahe ho…. Fir mai use uthane pas gaya to usne kaha ki pahle mujhe 1 chadar to do.. Mujhe sharm aa rahi hai…is par maine kaha ki.. Ab to maine dekh liya hai.. Tab kahe ki sharm.. Pahle upar leto fir mai sub kar dunga… Our maine usko god me utha ke bed par litaya.. Is par mere hath uski jangh par the.. Mast mulayam sexy janghe… Mai thoda jyada jor se usko bed par letaya our apne hath ko uski jangh par ragdta huwe nikala…. Fir usne kaha ki chadar to de do.. To maine kaha ki.. Ab jab mai apko is sexy panty me is hot poss me dekh hi chuka hu to.. Chaliye pahle apni chot to dikha digiye… Taki uska treetmant kar saku… Vo na na karti rahi.. Our maine use karwat me kar ke uski kamar par dekhne laga.. Our apne hath se daba ke pucha yaha.. Usne ha kaha.. Mai apne hath ko uski panty ke upar se hi uski gand par rakh jor se dabaya our puchha yaha bhi.. Vo chikh uthi boli dhire vicky.. Maine kaha ki yaha jyada chot lagi hai shayad.. Our mai uski panty ko thoda niche karne laga to usne apni panty ko pakda par kuch boli nai.. Is par maine uske hath ko apne hath se pyar se sahlate huwe.. Utha ke choom liya… To usne mere hath ko jor se pakad liya… Fir maine uski panty ko jara sa niche karke.. Uski gand ko pyar se sahlaya… Vo sissak uthi… Uski siskari se mujhe himmat mili our maine jhuk kar uski kamar me apne hont rakh diye…. Vo aaaahhhh.. Kahte huwe.. Meri baho ko pakad ke apne upar khich li our jor se mujhe jakad li… Our boli tum bahut badmash ho… Ilaj ka bahana karke mujhe hi bahka diya tumne… Kab se yaha waha choo kar, sahlakar.. Mere tan-badan me aag laga rahe ho., mai uske gale ko chumte huwe bola.. Mam aap ho hi nashili ki koi bhi pagal hoke bahkne ko taiyar ho jayega… Our apke is haseen husn ko ragdne ka mouka koun bewkuf jane dega… Our fir maine apne hont unke rasile hont par laga diye… Our chumne laga.. Vo bhi is kadar mere honto ko chus rahi thi ki jaise kha jayegi… Fir mai dhire 2 niche aane laga.. Uske gale.. Ko fir top ke upar se hi uske chucho ko apne hath se dabane our hont se minjane laga.. Vo mere balo ko sahlati to kabhi sar ko apne doodh par dabati., vo lagatar.. Aaaahhhhh oo o h h h jaisi siskariya le rahi thi… Jis se humara maza badte ja raha tha… Fir maine uske top ko upar uthaya our uske pet ko chumte.. Chat ne laga.. Vo sihar gayi… Oooiii… Naahii.. Fir maine uske top ko utar feka… Ab vo mere samne sirf bra-panty me bed par leti thi.. Mai uth kar uske nayaab husn ko dekhne laga.. To vo ekdum sharma gayi our utha ke mujhse lipat gayi.. Our fir mere shirt ko utarte boli mujhe nangi karke.. Tum kapdo me kaise rah sakte ho.. Our fir maine khud apne kapde utar ke nanga ho gaya…
Mera louwda puri tarah salami de raha tha… Usne sharm se aankh band kar li to maine uske hath ko pakad ke apne lund par rakh diya.. Vo lund ko sahlane lagi.. Fir mai us par jhuk gaya our uski bra ki patti ko apne daat se pakad ke upar khi diya.. Jis se bina bra khole hi uske rasdar boobs mere samne hichkhole khane lage.. Maine un par jhap ta marte huwe.. Ek ko apne muh me bhar liya our dusre ko apne hath me dhar liya… Vo hath se mere sar ko jor se dabati… Boli… Chuso vicky…. Our jor se chooossoo o o… Pura nichod lo inke doodh ko… Haye e e e kitna maza a a aa raha hai…. Mai tezi se uske chucho ki brawn ghunti ko chuse ja raha tha… Uski sihran ke sath meri chusne.. Dabane ki tezi bhi badte jaa rahi thi… Fir mai our niche jane laga… Our uski komal, gadrayi jangho ko sahlate huwe… Chatne laga… Vo masti ne apne badan ko aithne lagi… Fir maine uski choot ko panty ke upar se hi sahlaya…. Our fir apne hont ko uski panty par rakh diya… Uski choot ki khushboo ne mera josh our bada diya.. Uski panty gili ho gayi thi… Maine apne hont se uski puri bur ko jakad liya… Vo jor se chikhti apni gand ko uchhalti.. O o o o aaaahhh.. Mmaaaa…. Kha jayo vickx… Meri chooot ko o o…. Our chato o o o…. Pagal kar do o o o… Fir maine uski panty ko bhi utar di… Uski chhote chhote se baal wali pudi mere samne khul gayi… Jise dekhte hi mai pagla utha… Our uski bur ko apne muh me bhar liya… Our apni jibh se use khodne laga.. Mam ki halat kharab ho gayi… Unhone apne dono hath our pairo se mere sar ko dabaxa… Our chikh uthi maze me…. Ooohhh vicky y y y… Chodo o o o mujhe… Ab sahaa nahi jata… Pel do apna lund meri pyasi bur me…. Pleaseeee vickyyy…. Ab to mera rukna bhi namunkin tha…. Is liye mai uski bur ko chhod uske upar aa gaya… Our use kiss karke… Uske dono pairo ko apne kandhe pe rakh ke… Apne louwde ko uski choot par rakha.. Our apne supade ko uski pudi par ragda… Vo chhatpata rahi thi…. Our apni gand ko uchal kar lund andar lene ki koshish kar rahi thi…. Fir maine apne lund ko uski bur ke ched par rakha… Our ek karara dhakka mara… Jis se mera lund ka supada.. Meri doodhwali madam ki bur me dhas gaya… Our vo aaaaahhh h h…. Ki aawaz ke sath apne badan ko akadne lagi… Uski choot thodi tight thi… Seal pack to nahi thi par bhosda bhi nahi bani thi… Jis se mera supada bilkul fas gaya tha… Maine ek our karara jhatka diya to vo chikh te boli… Dhire vic k y y… Dhire se dalo o o… Dard ho raha hai… Par mai uski bat ko ansuna karke… Apne lund ko ek our jordar dhakka deke mam ki choot ki jad tak ghused diya… Lund ka supada sidhe mam ke bachchedani se takraya… To dono ke muh se eksath aaahh nikla.. Fir maine apne lund ko bahar khich our pura ka pura jor se ghused diya… Vo bhi ab maza lene lagi thi… Fir mai use chodne laga… Abhi 5 minute hi huwa tha ki vo jharne lagi… Par mai usko chode ja raha tha… Tez our tez… Vo bhi niche se apni gand uchhal uchhal kar lund ko jyada se jyada andar khana chah rahi thi… Maine uske dono chucho ko pakda our dhada-dhad uski choot me pelne laga… Our fir koi 10 minute bad mai jharne wala tha to.. Maine mam se puchha ki mai apne lund ko andar hi jhar du kya… To usne kaha ki nahi… Tum apne lundrus ko mere muh me girayo mai 2 saal se pyasi hu… Isko pine ke liye… Fir maine apna lund uski bur se nikal ke uske muh me dal ke chodne laga, our 8-10 dhakko me hi mai uske muh me jharne laga… Vo mere lundrus ko pine lagi par kuch uske hont ke side se bahar gal par bahne laga… Fir mai shant ho gaya.. Our vo bhi 1 bar our jhar gayi thi… Hum vahi pade rahe… Uske baad us din maine usko do bar our choda… Fir to hume jab bhi mouka milta hum bhid jate apne chudayi karykrum me… Apni pyas bujhane…. Karib saal bhar hamare bich chudayi ka rishta raha… So saheliyo kaisi lagi apko ye story mujhe jarur batana 09893014291 par call karke… Our agar koi chupchap maza lena chahti ho to bhi mujhse contact kar sakti hai… Our haa pe mail kar sakti hai.. Ya messenger par bhi chat kar sakti hai… Mujhe aapke rasile reply ka intzar rahega ki apko meri bate kaisi lagti hai… Lund our bur ka pani jharta hai ki nahi. Pad ke… Jaldi reply kariye.. Takecare.. Apka vicky. Bhilai durg, c.g…. Ko 2 ba.. Apna skirt uthaya.. Our apne 1 pair ko utha ke skirt.

Didi Bani Randi

Namaskar doston. aaj main aaapke samne bilkul hi sacchi aur achhi kahani lekar aaya hoon. Aur umeed karta hoon ki aap bhaiyon aur behanon ko meri ye sachhi kahani bilkul pasand aayegi. Is kahani ke kai kiredaar hain, parantu kuch aham kiredar bhi hain. Mere naam Raj hai, aur main 21 saal ka ladka hoon, mere ghar me mere mummi, papa, aur behan rahte hain. Ham ek apartent mein rahte hain, aur mere mummi papa job karte hain. Ghar par meri behan rahati hai, jiski umra 25 saal hai. Meri behan ka figure 34C-24-33 hai aur uska naam nikita hai.
Wo dikhne me bahut hi khubsurat hai, aur sexy bhi. uske figure se hi aapko andaja lag gaya hoga ki wo sex ki ek jannat hai, madira hai aur madira bhi. Main hastmatun ka aaadti hoon, aur lagbhag har din maar hi leta hoon, bathroom to kabhi raat mein apne bistar par hi. Mere ghar me 3 bed room hai, 1 dining aur 1 drawing room hai, 2 attached toilets hain, aur 1 kitchen hai. 1 bedroom me mummi aur papa sote hain, dusre bedroom me main sota hoon, aur tisre bedroom mein meri behan soti hai. Garmiyon ka din tha, aur hum logon ko ek shaadi me kuch dinon ke liye jana tha. Mummi papa shaadi me jane ki taiyaari kar rahe the. Phir achanak jane se 2 din pehle meri behan ne kaha ki wo shaadi mein nahi jayegi kyonki usko kuch apne studies se related projects par kaam karna tha.
To phir mummi papa ne mujhse kaha ki main bhi apne didi ke saath hi rahoon. Main bhi maan gaya. 2 dinon ke baad, papa mummi subah subah 5 baje hi ghar se nikal gaye, aur mujhe aur meri didi ko samjha kar gaye ki theek se rahna, aur ajnabiyon se batein na karna. Main darwaja band kar ke apne kamre mein aa gaya aur didi se bola ki main sone ja raha hoon. Wo bhi mujhse boli ki wo bhi sone ja rahi hai apne room mein. Uske baad main apne kamre mein aa gay aur so gaya. Main 9.30 baje subah utha aur apne kamre se bahar nikla, hamare ghar ki naukrani kaam kar rahi thi aur meri behan kisi se phone se baatein kar rahi thi. Phir achanak meri behan ne phone rakh diya, aur bathroom fresh hone chali gayi. Main bhi fresh ho gaya tha, aur naukrani bhi chali gayi thi. Maine didi se kuch khane ko manga nasta ke liye, to didi ne 2 thali lagai, ek khud ke liye aur ek mere liye. Aur phir hum table pe ek saath baith gaye khane ke liye. Us din didi ne short t-shirt aur half paint pehna tha. Wo maal lag rahi thi. Tabhi achanak didi ne mujhse kaha ki Raj, aaj 1 ladki ghar me aayegi, to maine pucha kaun? To did ne kaha ki uski ek friend hai Priya aur wo yahan par kuch kaam se aa rahi hai aur kuch din tak yahan par rahegi hamare ghar mein.
Phir maine kaha ki theek hai, koi baat nahi. Phir 2 ghante ke baad, call bell baja aur main gate kholne gaya. Maine gate khola to dekha ki ek ladki hai, mujhe laga ki wo priya hi hai, didi ki dost. Maine usse uska naam pucha, to usne apna naam priya bataya. Phir maine unko aandar aane ka ishara kiya. Phir didi bhi aa gayi aur apne dost ke gale lag gayi. Phir, unki dost didi ke kamre mein aa gayi aur apna saman rakha aur phir ham dophar mein khana khaye aur phir main apne kamre mein chala gaya, aur didi aur uski dost priya apne kamre mein. Priya dikhne me khusbsurat to nahi, par sexy aur bold bilkul thi. Tabhi kuch der ke baad mere kamre mein didi aur uski dost aayi. Aur mere samne we baith gaye. Didi ne mujhse kaha ki Raj, Priya ko shopping karna hai, main uske saath market ja rahi hoon, aur kuch der ke baad lautungi.
Phir uske baad wo kapde badal kar bahar chale gaye aur main ghar mein akele tha. Tabhi maine socha ki kyon na ek baar ek shandaar muth mar liya jaye, Priya ke naam, jo ki didi ki dost thi. Maine socha ki priya ke naam ki muth marne ke liye kyon na kuch priya ke panty aur bra ka istemaal karoon. Main did ke kamre mein gaya, aur Priya ka bag khola. Bag dekhkar main to dang rah gaya. Bag mein gandi wali films ke dvd the, kuch gandi magazines thin, aur 8-10 packet condoms the. Mujhe laga ki ye kya hai, tabhi maine ek dvd par Priya ki nangi photo dekhi aur tab mujhe pata chala ki Priya ek randi hai. Mujhe didi par ascharya hua ki Priya didi ki dost kaise ban gayi. Main 5-6 baar muth mar kar apne kamre me aakar let gaya. Karib raatb ko 8 baje didi aur priya ghar par aayi, we dono bahut hi jyada khush lag rahi thi. Raat ko hamne khana bahar se order kiya aur phir ek saath khaya, main baar baar Priya ke taraf hi dekh raha tha aur apni did ke taraf bhi. Khana khane ke baad didi mere room me aayin aur boli ki raj, aaj raat 3 log hamare ghar aayenge aur kuch dinon tak ghar par hi rahenge. To maine pucha ki kaun log? To didi ne jawab diya hai ki wo main kal hi batungi, par plz tum ye baat mummi aur papa ko mat batana.
To maine pucha ki par we log hain kaun? To didi ne mushkura kar kaha ki tumhe sab pata chal jayega mere bhai. Main kuch nahi bola. Phir kuch hi der ke baad ghanti baji aur karib 5 log hamare ghar me aaye. Didi ne un logon ko bahar ke kamre me baithaya, aur khud kitchen me aakar chay banane lagi. To didi se maine pucha ki ye log kaun hai, to didi ne sirf smile diya. Main un logon ke chehre hi dekh raha tha, unme se ek aadmi ki umra karib 25 saal hogi, dusre ki 34, tisre ki 40, chauthe ki 41 aur panchwein ki 45 ke aaspas. Inke paas bahut hi bada bag tha aur kafi saman tha. Phir didi ne mujhe bulaya aur akele me kaha ki raj, aaj ki raat bahut hi hasin hogi, aur aaj uski behan ek randi banne ja rahi hai. Main ghabra kar pucha ki didi tum aisa kyon kar rahi ho, to usne mujhe ek kiss karte hua kaha ki bhai, hawas ke bina zindagi ka maja nahi hai. Maine kaha ki main mummi papa ko sab bata dunga, to didi ne haste hue kaha ki tum mummi papa ko kuch nahi batauge aur agar tumne unhe kuch bataya to main khud mummi papa ko phone karungi aur chilla kar kahungi ki tum meri ijjat lut rahe ho. Main chup ho gaya. Phir didi ne mujhse kaha ki waise agar tum chaho to aaj is hawas mein sarikh ho sakte ho.
Phir didi, priya aur baaki 5 log didi ke kamre mein chale gaye. Kamre mein sabhi log kafi awaz kar rahe the, aur hans bhi rahe the. Main darwaje ke paas gaya to dekha ki inki tayyyiari blue film banane ki hai. Main apne kamre mein chala aaya aur puri tarah nanga ho kar bistar par let gaya. Raat kafi ho chuki thi, karib 12 baj rahe honge, didi ke chickhne ki awaz aayi, maine dekha ki didi apne kamre me se bahar daur ka aa rahi hai, us samay we puri nangi thi, aur uske sarir se kafi badbu aa rahi thi. Wo chikhte hue bathroom mein ja rahi thi: wo chill rahi thi ki ye tumne kya kar diya, aaj main gayi, uh baba, uh.uh.....uh.........ah...ah...... Phir didi kuch 15 minute ke baad bathroom se bahar aayi aur apne kamre mein chali gayi.
Raat bhar unki chudai aur blue film ki shooting chalti rahi. Main subah utha karib 8 baje to dekha ki Priya aur do log nange lete hue the. Didi aur baki ke teen log najar hi nahi aa rahe the. Maine priya ko nange hi jagaya aur pucha ki didi kahan hai, Priya ne mere land par jabardast apne haath se maara aur mujhse gaali dete hue bola ki sala teri didi ab rakhail aur randi ho gayi hai, jake kothe par dekh. Main phir Priya se pucha ki plz bataye ki didi kahan hai, to priya haste hue boli ki acha sale batati hoon, lekin tujhe meri baat manani paregi, usne kaha ki tu mere saath toilet me chal. Main gaya, we toilet ke seat par baith gayi aur jor jor se apne pile pile maal nikalne lagi aur phir usne kaha ki main uski gaand ko chatun, maine waisa hi kiya aur phir usne batay ki didi ek blue film cinema hall mein raat mein 3 baje gayi hai, main turant us cinema hall me gaya to dekha ki didi ek kamre mein 10 logon ke saath leti hui hai, didi ne sharab bhi pi thi.Agali kahani sesh bahgon mein.

Hema Malini Sexy Wallpapers Biography

Hema Malini Sexy Wallpapers Biography

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Swim wear and Bra for Spring

Spring is here, but you know what that means: time for a new bra and swimwear for the spring sale! Here are a few things to consider before you shop online.

A piece or two works Monokini?
Maybe you're torn between buying a piece or two parts costume of a bikini. Of course, some swimwear offers a wide coverage and offers a comfortable fit. But when it comes to swimwear, men, single women into two categories: one-piece costume owners and hot chicks in Bikinis. I do not know about you, but I would rather live in a bikini category along with other hot chicks.

Today, two-piece swimsuits come in different levels of coverage, so you do not wear bikini line to get credit for wearing a bikini.

If you are an average (not a complete bust or full figure) and I would like two-piece bikini to wear, but would much skin showing, one option is a bikini bottom, covering more than the stomach for sale. One example is the ritual Freya Classic Brief Swimsuit 9927, including a tattoo is a 6-inch growth (average growth).

Hot Monokini the moment. My favorite monokini is the speed Freya Underwire Cut Gang of 9584 package, which shattered glass in the aubergine purple, aqua, slate gray, pink and purple. Lower and upper were thin strips of the parties involved. Very sexy!

Cup Size Swimwear
What to do if you want to wear Bikinis, but was not a bikini to fit your chest? Many of the full breasts and full-figured (plus size) women in this problem. points of the triangle to the poor simply do not provide adequate coverage and supports a large bust of a woman.

Fortunately, most new swimwear these days the amount of glass that will allow you to swim tops for sale is a perfect bra size. Most of these swimsuits are sold as separates so you get the right size top and bottom of the body are eliminated.

There swimwear know specifically provide for a full chest and full-figured (plus size) women, for example, Freya, Fantasie, circumstance, Anita, and Miracle Aerin Rose fit. Check out these points if you are a cup size swimwear for the season to buy.

One of my favorite bikini fit full chest and full-figured (plus size) women Monroe Gang bikini panache and showman SW0408 SW0412 Monroe Swim Tie Side hip. They have a fresh, green peas, new stamp on the base of the fleet with a light red trim.

Best copper spring
Four years with new spring bra very prynt flowers, pastel colors and frilly feminine touch and feel.

The average figure of a woman, I guess almost half Affinitas Rose Underwired Games 0121, which is of satin fabric with a floral fragrance of spring pressure. This bra is perfect for spring. Remember respective assignments. Additional bonuses: This bra is cheap, and a few online retailers offering it for only $ 32!

Another great new spring means that a woman bra Pretty Blush Pink Bra 0,212,901 planned. This sexy bra is pink cotton playful bows and flirty eyes trim.

Animal print hot spring. If you are looking for the pressure bra, Elle Macpherson tried to get close attractive bra E72-786. He Ombre pressure animals and firmware, it looks very sexy c.

Blush and several bras average in beautiful pastel colors, at affordable prices in different places are sold.

For a full chest, and full figure woman, my favorite bra spring Lydia Freya Underwire Bra 4404 cast dives. This beautiful bra has a beautiful bouquet of spring flower print in lime, pink and blue Vasilkov, pastel bands have a unique relationship.

Another great spring full breast and bra full-important woman in May 5221 Harlequin Punch balconnet bra, which comes in bright colors and has a beautiful lace cups.

Spring Fashion Bra
This year there will be a driver to look back, Backless, and one way to the shoulder. What you wear a bra with this hip trend? My favorite bra is back athlete Vanity Fair Body Sleeks Flexi Back Front Close Bra Racer as 75,263. It is not only a great racer back bra, you may receive less than $ 30 for an online sites.

Another hot new trend for spring Backless dress or skirt waist. There are several variations of these two styles. One option is to get reliable feedback bra as Valmont Underwire Bra multi-641, a transparent plastic strap back.

For low back dresses and tops, I propose to Lily of France Extreme Options Push Up Underwire Bra 2131415, which comes with a low rear tire contact. And if you have a full skirt and back, I ordered a bra with a back, such as natural bra Shaper 2288, which is the glue of the parties.

In an arm of the fashion, I guess Dominic The Butterfly Bra Multi Convertible 5000, a shoulder belts to build loops, strapless, regular or cross to bear.

What is your favorite bra in the spring? To vote for your favorite bra, lingerie visit the awards website where people from all over the United States vote for your favorite underwear brands.

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