Fucking Hot Neighbor Shilpa

Hi readers of Indian sex stories. I am big fan of Human Digest and have read almost all stories which inspired me to share my true life experience with u. This is a story about a neighbor named Shilpa. Shilpa is 30 years old, 5”3, 64 kgs, 34-28-36, weatish complexion, black hair, in short a truly sexy and aunt whom anyone would die to fuck. I am 19 yr, old student studying at one of the reputed deemed universities in chennai. Besides studying I like to, make friends, meet people, listen to great music n roam around the city. Here in chennai I had rented an apartment in k.k nagar as my parents were living in hyd. I was a junior at my college in chennai. Earlier to this incident I had fucked a college gal called dipika last weekend.( i’ve posted that story too…name… is “fucking a college girl in chennai”..) Shilpa is very Wheaties in color and I dream of fucking her all the time. Although I’m extremely friendly and frank with her but never had to courage to ask her for sex. About a week back I went to her house (3rd floor..i was staying in 2nd) in the morning at around 10:30 I went to her house to give her the stuff I had bought her since she called me up to get her few things. She was all-alone in the house (her husband had gone to the office and and her 5 yr old son, had gone to a nearby play school). She asked me whether I wanted some coffee n I agreed. She made coffee for me while I was sitting on the stool in the kitchen and admiring her beautiful ass. With the coffee ready, she asked me to come upstairs(duplex flat) and watch tv while having tea as there was nothing else to do. She was wearing black tights and a blue polo neck shirt. As she bent to pick the tv remote from the floor, I saw a complete view of her ass and I was feeling aroused in my pants. She caught my eyes admiring her ass but pretended that she saw nothing and acted normally. Now we were talking and joking with each other while enjoying coffee while the tv was switched on to ''. They were showing some show in which 2 girls were walking on the ramp in bikini. Shilpa looked at me and was like 'look at these girls..'' before she said anything further I said ' yea.. I’m looking at them' and started to laugh. She gave me a naughty smile and said 'wat u looking at ? Huh'. I was like 'aunty what else can I look at, now don’t ask me to get into the details'. She then said 'hmm.. Karthi u have grown up'.. I replied 'I’ve grown up long time back, it’s just that u noticed it now'. Continuing I said ' and shilpa aunty, u haven’t changed.. Ur as pretty as any other girl.. U have done a lot to maintain Haven’t you ?'. She was like 'oh come on, don’t be flirtatious with me, I know u inside out' I was like 'aunty I’m serious'. She replied 'yea and you noticed it now' and started to laugh. I was like 'okay' and told her that yea I have been admiring her for long but never had the courage to tell her. She asked me is there anything else u want to tell me as u are full of courage right now ?. I replied 'yea.. I find u very hot and I’ve many times..... U know what I mean ?' she said 'yea I know... U have many times dash but do u want to convert ur fantasies into reality ?' I replied 'i would love to'. She said 'that you've got it hero'. With that we both smiled and she stood up came close to me.. Sat on my lap and gave me a real tight hug. She asked me how was my experience with that college friend…???? I was shocked to hear this from her. I asked her how did she come to know about it…????? She told me that she was constantly hearing moaning sounds from my flat on that weekend. She even asked me her name…i told that it was dipika…so she gave a naughty smile and said “Ur not a virgin…””i want u to fuck me to the core”i said…”yea I’ll give u the best fuck of ur life” and I moved my finger on her face.. From her forehead till her lips and opened them a bit and started kissing her. She broke the kiss and said lets go to the bedroom, its not comfortable at all over here. I was like as you say mistress. We entered her room and got into bed. I started to take off her clothes one by one while kissing her and my tongue explored her mouth. Within few minutes she was completely naked and we were still kissing like crazy teenage lovers. I held both her boobs in my hand and started to press them. I lay her on the bed, kissed on her neck.. Gave her a love bite and then came down and started to suck her boobs. I moved further down, started to finger her pussy and lick it with my tongue. I kept on doing it for 10 mins when finally she came and felt exhausted and breathless. I lay next to her and kissed her again. She got up after 5 mins, came on top of me and started to undo my shirt while biting my chest, soon after that she removed my pants then and then my boxers !! My dick came out as if it was released from some prison. She started licking my dick and moved her tongue rite down to my balls. She then sucked my dick up and down and took around three fourths of it inside her mouth. Boy I was feeling the pleasure and some after when I was about to come, I removed by dick from her mouth, got up and sprayed all my cum on her boobs. I laid there for a few minutes while she went to the washroom to clean herself up. My dick was all swollen. She came back and lay next to me in my arms. She was like 'karthi you have quite a nice tool(8 inch..dipika measured it for the first time), its hard and I wonder how is it going to be like once it enters my love hole'. I replied 'aunty don’t worry, u won’t have to wait for much long and laughed'. She caught hold of my dick in her hands and started to move it to and fro, she managed her way down and started to suck me again, within 7-8 mins I felt my dick getting hard again. Now the real show began. I got up, made her laid on her back, opened her legs wide, kept them on my shoulders and guided my dick in her pussy, which was already wet and helped in the movement. I started fucking her and gave her some big strokes deep down her pussy and she was moaning and pressing my ass cheeks with the rhythm so as to give her a deep stroke. I fucked her in that position for 10 mins, I then asked her to come on top of me while I will lie on the bed and she can ride me. She got on top of me, guided my dick in her pussy and started to move up and down. I was lying still while she rode on my cock for about 15 - 20 mins, she came and the intensity of her hot juices couldn’t help me hold longer and I come at the same time. I loaded her bag with my hot cream and she lay in my arms while my dick was still in her pussy. We then laid there for quite some time and all this time I was pressing her arse cheeks and slapping them. After some time she got up and said that lets shower together and enjoy once more for the day. We got up and went to the washroom to take a bath. She opened the shower and turned her back against me and started to rub her ass cheeks again my dick. I held her by her waist and moved her more close to me and rubbed my dick against her ass until it was hard again. I told her I that I wanted this time to be doggy style. She bent and held my tool between her legs and guided it into her pussy. I started with the movements and began to pump by rod in her pussy real hard and the sound of my stomach hitting her ass was amazing. I fucked her for 20 more mins before I came. We then showered each other and came out. I told her that I should now get dressed and leave as I had to complete my coll records. She replied that yes u can leave but now u have to come regularly so that we can enjoy ourselves. I kissed her again on her lips and replied how can I not come back to have sex with my dream partner. She smiled and kissed me back on my lips. We both helped each other got dressed and I left after that, but readers it was an amazing experience, an experience for me to fuck my neighbor which I always dreamed about. After this experience we have had sex on three more occasions and I love fucking her.

Rani Mukherjee Hot Navel in Aiyyaa Movie Song


Rani Mukherjee Hot Navel in Aiyyaa Movie Song\

Hema Malini Sexy Hot Pictures Wallpapers Download

Hema Malini Sexy Hot Pictures Wallpapers Download

 hema malini is a kollywood actress and she looks very nice in the saree photos but, we can only say that she is a hot actress aftre seeing her glamourous pictures. hema malini is a very beautiful tamil actress and she has acted in many movies. Your #1 Source for anything and everything on HOT Malayalam Actress. This site provides you with latest Malayalam Cinema Actress Photos, Pictures and Images.
Actress hema malini bio-data:
Name: hema malini
Born: -
Likes: Indian classical music
Height: -
Religion: Hindu
Nationality: Indian
Mother Tongue: Hindi
Weight: -
Hair Color: Black
Occupation: Actress
Marital status: -
Mother: Home Maker
Awards: -
Upcoming Movies: -
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Tuition Teacher Ki Kunwari Choot Fadi

Sabhi  pathako mere khade lund ka salam, mera naam rajesh hain aur main 23 years ka ek handsome ladka hu, mere lund ka size 7 inch hai aur iski ek khasiyat ye hai ki meri topi kuch jyada hi chodi hai.

Jis bhabhi ya kumwari ladkiyon ko apni seal tudwani ho to mujhe mail kare. Main ek company main job karta hu, ab main apni ek sacchi kahani aap logo ko sunane jar aha hu.

Jis makan main mai kiraye par rehta hu waha ek khoobsurat ladki tution padane aati hai, jiska naam kamini name changed haiaur age 19 years hai. Uska figure aisa hai ki koi bhi dekhe to uski chut lene ko tayar ho jaaye.

Uska figure 32 27 34 ka hai, aur uska color dhoodh ki tarah safeed hai, who ek seedhi aur gharelu ladki hai, aur B. tec second year main padti hai, jab se who tution padane aane lagi hai, mai use pehli hi nazar main chodne ki sochne klaga.

Who jaise hi ghar par aati mera lund top ki tarh khada ho jaata, main badi hi muskil se use shant karta, baad main raat ko uske naam ki mutthi maarta tha. Kabhi kabhi main use smile paas kiya karta tha to who bhi halka sa

Muskura deti thi, lekin baat nahi ho paati thi, ek din who late ho gai to main baccho ko padane laga phir achanak main dekha ki who mere peeche aa kar khadi ho gai to main ek dum uth khada hua, to who muskurane lagi, maine

Kaha ki aap late ho gait hi to main baccho se home work sunne laga tha, to who boli aapne theek kiya, ye bacche bahut saitan hai aur home work nahi karte aur phir ek sweet smile di main to khushi k mare phoola nahi sama raha tha.

Us din se meri uske prati kaam wasna aur tej ho gai aur main use chodne ka plan banane laga, aur ek mauka talashne laga. Mere paas mera laptop aur internet ki device bhi  thi jis par main apne office ka kaam karta tha, aur who

Mujhe kaam karte hue dekha karti thi, ek din main apne kamre main computer par kaam kar raha tha, to chutti ke baad bachhe mere paas aakar bole ki uncle apni Mumbai waali photos dikhao, jab main photo dikhane laga

To bacche kamini ko bhi kheech kar mere kamre main le aaye photo dikhane k liye. Phir who mere peeche khade hokar photo dekhne lagi, baad main maine poocha photo kaisi k lagi to who boli bahut acchi hain. Us din mujhe

Bahut accha laga, kyunki main ne uske badan ki khusboo ko bahut nazdeek se mehsush kiya. Akhir who din aa hi gaya jis din ka mujhe kafi samay se intezaar tha, tution waale bacche apne mummy papa k saath apne relative k

Yeha dawat main chale gai aur mujhse keh gai ki wo log sham ko der se aaye ge to madam se kehna ki bacche kal pad lenge. Ye sun kar meri to jaise lotary nikal padi, maine kaha theek hai.

Phir maine plan banaya ki kaise kamini ko aaj choda jaaye, to main paas waale medical par gaya aur neend ki 2 goliyan le aaya aur ek frooti ki bottle bhi le aaya. Phir main bhookhe sher ki tarah apne shikaar ka intezar karne laga

Aur apna laptop khol kaam karne laga, saath main ek nude photo waali site bhi khol lit hi, theek 4 baje kundi khatki main darwaaje ki taraf dekha to mere hosh ud gai, kamini aaj white color ka top aur black color ki lastik

Waali pajaami pehne hui thi, bala ki khoobsurat lag rahi thi who is dress main, use dekhte hi mere burmuda main hulchul se hone lagi, maine badi hi mushkil se use shant kiya. Who ander aayi aur baccho ka darwaja lock hone ki wajah se mujhse boli ki ye log kaha gai

Maine use bataya to who boli theek hai, phir usne poocha kya mai aapka internet use kar sakti hu kuch main chek karne the maine kaha sure kyun nahi, jaldbaji main main nude photo bala page band karna bhol gaya, maine use kaha aap baitho main aapke liye frooti leke aata hu, to woh boli nahi,

Main bas mail chek karke jaati hu, maine us ek minute rukna ko kaha aur jhat se frooti do glass main daali aur uske glass main 2 goli neend ki bhi daal kar hila di, is dauran maine apne kamre ki khidki se dekha ki usne nude

Photo wala page open kar liya tha aur use dekh rahi thi, phir maine socha iska reaction note karu, to main 2 minute bahi khada ho kar dekhta raha, maine dekha uska chehra laal ho gaya tha aur rongte khade ho gai the aur

Apne honth aise chala rahi thi jaise muh ka saara thook sook gaya ho. Phir main ne ek awaj k saath waha pahucha to usne jhat se page down kar diya aur apne mail check karne lagi, main use poocha ki tumhara chehra kyun laal ho raha hai to who boli kuch nahi ye hi.

Phir who boli ki main chalti hu maine mail check kar liye to maine use kaha ye frooti to peeti jaao, to who boli nahi thank you, maine kaha agar aap nahi piyo gi to ye kharab ho jaaye gi, to who maan gai aur jaldi se poora glass pee gai, phir maine use baton main lagane k liye poochne laga tum kaha

Padti ho aur kya padhai karti ho, to who mujhe batane lagi, phir maine use poocha ghar main kitne member hai aur kya katre hai, aise poochte hue main ne use 15 minute tak busy rakhha, phir maine dekha ki gooliyan apna

Asar dikhane lagi, uske chere par pasina aane laga, wo boli mujhe azib sa lag raha hai, mujhe chakkar aa rahe hai, mai chalti hu, maine use kaha agar jyada tabiyat khara hai to thodi der yehi rook jaao, to wo boli nahi mai chali jaaongi, ye dekh mujhe mera plan kahrab hote hue dikha, who uth kar khadi

Ho gai aur darwaaje ki taraf chanlne lagi, ki achanak who ruki aur paas padi charpai par baith gai aur boli mujhe bahut zor ka chakkar aa raha hai, main jaise hi uske paas gaya who girne lagi to maine use sambhale k liye haanth

Badaya, aur uski chikni kamar main haanth daal diya who ab meri ek baaju par thi aur meri ungliyan uske boobs k kinaron nain dhans gai jo ki rooi ki tarah mulaayam the. Phir maine usko check karne k liye khoob hilaya lekin

Who ek dam sunn padi thi, uske gulabhi honth mujhe gulab ki pankhudi jaise lag rahe the, mujhse raha nahi gaya to maine apne honth uske hontho se laga diye aisa karte hi mujhe 440 volt ka jhatka sa laga aur mera lund

Funkaarne laga, phir maine use utha kar apne kamrae main le aaya, aur apne bistar par lita diya, ab main use dekh kar hairan tha kyunki who behoshi main aur jyada sundar lag rahi thi aur uske honth mujhe apni or bula rahe the.

Phir maine apne kamre ki kundi laga li aur uske paas baith gaya, aur dhere se uske boobs par hanth rakkha hanth rakhte hi aisa laga jaise maine kisi rooi k goole ko pakda ho, meri ungliya uske mulayam boobs main dhansi jaa rahi thi.

Phir maine dono hantho se uske boobs halke halke dabana suru kar diye, ab mera 7 inch ka lund mere burmuda main tent bana chukka tha, phir maine apna barunda aur underwear dono ek saath utaar diye. Ab mera lund kisi bhookhe sher ki tarah shikaar ko talash kar raha tha, phir main uske muh ki

Taraf gaya aur uske gulabhi hontho ko kiss kiya, uske baad maine apne tane hue lund ko uske najuk hontho par pherne laga, jiski wajah se mere lund se chikna pani nikalne laga jo ki maine uske honthon par apne lund se lipstick ki tarah laga diya, ab uske honth aur bhi jyada chamkne lage aur mujhe

Utsahit karne lagephir maine uska muh halke se dawaya jiski wajah se who khul gaya, aur maine apna topa uske muh main de diya aur ander bahar karne laga, karib 10 minute aisa karne k baad mujhe aisa laga jaise main jhadne wala hu to main ruk gaya aur apna lund bahar kheench liya.

Ab maine use nanga karne ki sonchi, maine use halka sa utha kar uski top upar kari aur phir utar di, uske baad uski lastik waali pajaami bhi dheere se khiska ke utaar di, ab jo drishya mere same tha usko main bata nahi sakta, usne white color ki jaalidaar bra aur jalidaar panty ka set pehna hua tha,

Jisme se uske aadhe boobs aur chut ki line ki suruaat dikh rahi thi, aisa lag raha tha jaise safeed libaas mai koi pari mere saamne padi ho. Phir mai uske upar aise hi let gaya aur uske sarir ki garmi mehsoosh karne laga, uski  chaati meri chaati se takra rahi thi aur mera lund uski panty se dhaki choot

Ko phaadne ko bechain tha ab maine use behtasha choomna shuru kar diya, uske honth choose ki bajah se aur bhi gulabi ho gai, phir maine uski kamar k neeche haanth daal kar uski bra khool di aur dheere se uske boobs se juda

Kar di ab uske 32 number k doodh aazad the aur hilkar mujhe masalne k liye uksa rahe the, maine bhi unhe nae raaz na karte hue apne haantho mai le liya aur pyaar se sehlaane laga, ye sab lagbhag 15 minute chala, phir

Mujhe raha nahi gaya aur maine uski panty ko dheere se neeche khiskaate hue nikaal diya, ab who mere saamne bilkul nangi padi thi, uski chut par halke halke baal the aisa lag raga thai jaise usne abhi 3-4 din pehle hi baal

Banaye honge, phir maine bina samaya gabaye uski tango ko phailaya to uski kuwari choot mere saamne muh phaila kar apni or bulane lagi, maine ye check karne k liye ki kya who kuwari hai mobile ki torch jalaayi aur dekha ki uski choot k ander beecho bheek ek tanka sa laga tha jo ki uske kunwaare

Hone ka ailaan kar raha tha, ye dekh kar mera lund aur bhi josh main phoolne laga, ab maine bina samaya gawae uski kunwari choot ko apne muh main bhar liya, aur zor zor se chaatne laga, mere chaatne se uski choot ka

Rang aur nikhar gaya, ab who halki se kasmasane shi lagi thi aur uske muh se hali halki shiskiyaan aane lagi, aur who chikna chikna paani choodne lagi, who paani kuch namkin sa tha, ab uski choot bilkul gili ho chuki thi, chaatne

K baad maine apne lund ko sehlaya jo ki ab uski kuwari choot phadne ko bilkul tayaar tha, phir maine apne lund par dher sara thook lagaya aur uski choot k muhane par ragadne laga, ab mere sabr ka bandh chalakne laga aur

Maine apne lund ka topa ander ki taraf dhakka dene laga, lekin koshish bekar gai, kyunki jaisa ki maine aapko bataya tha ki mera topa aage se jyada choda hai is liye who chut k chikne hone k babjood bhi ander nahi jaa raha tha.

Lekin mere upar choot ka bhoot sabaar tha maine jaldi se hair oil ki bottle uthai aur khoob saara tel uski chut main daal diya aur dher sara apne lund par laga liya. Ye sab hote hote 1 and the half hour ho chukka tha, aur mujhe lag raha tha kamini par dawa ka asar halka ho raha tha

Maine samay na gawate hue apna topa uski kunwari chut par lagaya aur ek jordaar jhatka marajis se mere lund ka topa uski choot ka tanka cheerte hue ander ghus gaya aur uski choot khoon ugalne lagi, aur kamini behoshi main bhi tadapne lagi,

Main bhai tham gaya lekin kamini ko hosh aane laga tha, who dard se karha rahi thi, aur 2 minute baad usne aankhein kholi, to isthiti ko bhapte hue hairnaan ho gai, main uske upar chada hua tha aur mera adha lund uski choot main tha

Mere dono haanth uski chuchiyon par the, uska pehla sawal ye tha ki ye tumne kya kiya? Aur mujhe dhakka de kar hataane lagi par mere pakad bhi bahut majboot thi, to maine use samjhate hue kaha ki main tumhe bahut pyar karta hu, is liye tumhare saath ye sab kar raha hu, is par usne karhate

Hue kaha, ye pyaar nahi tumhari kaam wasna hai, jo tum mere sarir se mita rahe ho, aisa kehte hue usne phir muje dhakka dene ki koshish ki, lekin goliyon k asar ki wajah se uske dhakke main koi khaas takat nahi thi.

Who boli main sab ko bata dungi ki tumne mere saath kya kiya hai, to maine samjhaya ki isse uski badnaami ho jaayegi aur koi bhi use shaadi nahi karega, uske gharwaale aur woh muh dikhane k layak nahi rehenge is par

Who kuch sochne lagi, bas mauka paate hi main eek zor ka jhatka diya aur apna poora lund uski choot ki gehraiyon main dhakel diya, jis ki bajeh se who jor se chilla uthi maine teezi se uske honth apne honthon se bheech liye taaki uski awwaz na aa sake, aur apne zhatkon ki speed bada di, ab uski

Ankhon se anshu aane lage, par mere upar bhoot sabaar tha maine jhatke aur tej kar diye aur auske doodh dawane laga, apne aap ko ashaye paathe hue usne ab virodh karna bandh kar diya, maine bhi uske kiss karte hue

Kaha ki main use apni girl friend banaunga, aur use saari khusiyaan dunga, aaisa sun kar who kuch relex hui aur woli kya tum mujhse shaadi bhi karoge, to maine waqt ki najakat samajhte hue haan keh di, to who khus ho

Gai aur is baar use khud mujhe honthon par kiss kiya, ye dekh mera honsla aur bad gaya, aur maine use choodne ki spped aur bada de, ab who mere saath enjoy kar rahi thi, aur karmar bhi chala rahi thi, phir maine use doggy style

Main jhukne ko kaha phir mai usko peeche ki taraf se chodne laga, ab mera lund poore tarha uski choot main ander bahar jaa raha tha aur woh kamukh aawaje nikal rahi thi, maine peeche se uske boobs bhi pakad kar masalne suru kar diye.

Who excitement ki charam seema par this phir uska sarir akadne laga aur who mujhe ruke ko kehne lagi, par main kaha rukne wala tha, main use chodtha raha. Phir mere naza uski gand k cheed par padi jo ki brownish color ka tha aur lund ander bahar jaate hue phailta aur sukadta tha

Ye dekh mera man gand ki taraf akarshit hua, lekin main jaanta tha ki ladi apni gaand kabhi aasani se nahi deti, maine tel ki bottle utha kar dhar sara tel haanth main liya aur uski gand par daal diya, aur gaand sehlaane laga, to

Who boli ye kya kar rahe ho, to maine kaha tumhari gaand sehla raha hu, to who boli kyun,mene kaha tumhe accha nahi lag rha kya to who boli accha to lag raha hai, phir main uski gand sehlaane laga aur dheere se ek ungli usme

Daal di to who kood padi, ye kya kar rahe ho, to maine use kaha kuch nahi dhoke se ander chali gai, who boli ab mat karna mujhe dard hota hai, maine kaha theek hai. Phir main use chone laga who bhi madhosh hone lagi thi,

Phir maine mauka dekhte hai apna lund bahar nikala aur ek hi jhatke mai topa uski gand par laga kar zor ka dhakka mara, dhakke ki bajah se uske haanth charpai par phisal gai aur woh dham se charpai par mere sahit gir

Padi jiki wajah se mera poora lund uski gaand ko cheerta hua pora ka poora ander baith gaya, aur who zor se chilla uthi, maine apne haanth uske muh par rakh kar uska muh band kar diya. Aur yu hi pada raha, kuch der baad usne mujhe haanth hatane ko kaha aur karhate hue kaha, ki tum mujhe aaj

Maar hi daaloge, tumne meri gaand phaad di, phir maine use pyaar se sehlaati hue kaha ki pyaar ki gehraai naapna zarroi tha, to who boli aage se pyaar ki gehrai nahi pata chaki kya. To maine muskuraate hue, lund bahar kheecha aur dowara ander pel diya who kood padi aur boli hato mujhe bahut

Dard ho raha hai maine kaha thodi der ruk jaao sab theek ho jaayega, phir main dheere dheere dhakka marne laga, aur use maza aane laga, ab hume chudai karte hue 1 ghanta ho chuka tha, main teji se uski gand maar raha tha who bhi kood kood kar mere saath de rahi thi, ab mujhe lagne laga ki

Main jhade wala hu to maine use poocha ki lund kaha jhaadu to who boli mere gaand main hi jhaad do, uske itna kehte hi mere lund ka jwala mukhi foot pada aur uska garam garam lawa ne uski gand ko bhar diya. Phir hum

Dono thodi de raise hi pade rahe aur phir, maine apna lund uski gand se nikala, uskne jab mere lund ko dekha to who chauk gai, boli itna bada lund mere choot aur gand main ghusa hua tha tabhi meri jaan nikalne ko tayar thi.

Phir usne mera lund apni panty se poncho, aur apni choot bhi pochi, aur apne kapde pehne lagi, kapde pehne k baad woh mere gale lagi aur boli kabhi mujhe chhod k mat jaana, main tumhare bina ji nahi sakungi.
phir who mere room se jaane lagi lekin dard ki bajah se

Use chala nahi jaa raha tha, who langda k chal rahi thi, ye dekh kar maine apne lund ko sehlaya aur use shabasi di, kyunki aaj usne ek kunwaari chut ko phada tha.

Pados Wali Sexy Teacher Ki Chudai

Hello mera name raj hai. Mein jaipur mein rehta hu,Mein ek jawan aur sundar ladka hu. Meri age 24 yrs hai main B.E. kar raha hun. Mere lund ka size 9 inch lamba or 5.5 inch round yani mota hai Ab aapko jyada bor na karte huye apani kahani pe aata kahani kuch 6 mahine pehle ki hai, normally mein roz subhe 8 baje nikal jata tha aur phir dopeher main ata tha. Mere padosi Mr. Sharma rehte hai. He is a businessmen. Unaki ek mast si wife hai HEENA, jo pass ke ek school main Teacher hai. Wo subha 8:00 AM per school jati hai aur 1:00 PM per ghar aa jati hai. Phir din bhar ghar main akeli reheti thi.ek din mara holiday wala din tha toh main aaram se so raha thaa mom neh mujhe jagaya or bola ki door lock kar lo main office ja rahi hun main neh uth kar door lock kiya or phir soo gaya karib 30 min baad phir door bell baji. Maine door khola aur dekha to HEENA samne khadi thi.main heran ho gaya or soch raha tha ki yeh hot women aaj mere ghar per keyse? 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Hot Elder Sister and Me

Hi, This is Abhi(24) from Hyd.Here I would like to share my experience with my elder sister priya(32). The story took place when i am 18 and my sis is 26 years of age. My family consists of me,mom, dad, bro and sis. Bro is studying in Bits pilani now.He did most of his schooling and inter in hostel only, so its me and sis who will be at home.I am very reserved person from my childhood, as a result i didn't make many friends. I hardly have 2-3 friends.One day one of my friends brought a sex story in his USB and shared it with me. It was a steamy affair in a bus betweeen two strangers.I liked the story very much.I asked him to get more of such stories. It became a habit to collect a bunch of stories from friend and read and enjoy them. I don't have net at home so i never thought of asking for the source of those stories. After few months I got net at home and to my luck the dektop was place in my bed room other than hall. 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Anushka Sharma Figure Size

Born Name: Anushka Sharma
Nick Name: Anu, Nushie
Date of Birth: 1 May, 1988
Place of Birth: Bengalore, Karnataka, India
Sun sign: Taurus
Religion: Hindu
Nationality: Indian 
Education: She studied in Army School and graduated with specialization in arts from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore.
Profession: Actress, Model

Body Statistics

Build: Slim
Height: 5 ft 9 in or 175 cm
Weight: 59 kg or 130 pounds
Measurements: 34-24-36
 Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Shoe Size: 8
Personal Trainer: No


Parents Name : Her father is Col. Ajay Kumar Sharma, is an army officer and her mother Ashima Sharma is a housewife.
Sibling: Her elder brother Karnesh is state level cricketer and now he is in Merchant Navy.
Affairs: Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor(current).
Marital Status: Unmarried
Spouse Name: No


Early Career: She began her modeling career at the Lakme Fashion Week as a model for Wendell Rodricks’s Les Vamps Show and was picked to be Rodricks’s finale model at the Spring Summer ’07 Collection. Since then she has done campaigns for Silk & Shine, Whisper, Nathella Jewelry and Fiat Palio.
Bollywood Debut: Her first acting role was in “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” in year 2008 with Shahrukh Khan, second movie is “Badmaash Company”, third is “Band Baaja Baaraat” and on going. She always do her job perfectly and she is quite famous because of her acting skills.
 “I was only 15. I was told that I should walk just like I walk on the streets and that’s exactly what I did. Trust me it was really bad, but it was a great learning experience for me. I was very very very nervous; I started watching fashion shows and reading on fashion. Then I got really involved in it. And with the help of the models who taught me here I am. Now I think I can walk well on the ramp.”
  • 2009: Best Debut (Female) for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
  • 2011: Best Actress in a Leading Role for Band Baaja Baaraat
  • 2011: IIFA Award for Best Actress for Band Baaja Baaraat
  • 2011: GQ Men of the Year Awards Excellence Award

Anushka Sharma Facts, Hobbies and History

  • Her hobbies are dancing, reading, listening to music.
  • Her favorite movie is Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.
  • First time, she did ramp walk at the age of 15.
  • She was associated with Elite modeling.
  • She has worked with many big brand commercials like Silk & Shine, Whisper, Nathella Jewelry, Fiat Palio and Vaseline.
  • Her favorite actor is Shahrukh Khan
  • She has a great personality, super figure, good looks and confidence.
  • She use Sunsilk for her hairs.
  • She drink lots of water and take natural food.
  • She is also known as chulbuli desi girl.
  • Filmography

    2008Rab Ne Bana Di JodiTani SahniNominated—Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut
    Nominated—Filmfare Award for Best Actress
    2010Badmaash CompanyBulbul Singh
    2010Band Baaja BaaraatShruti KakkarNominated—Filmfare Award for Best Actress
    2011Patiala HouseSimran
    2011Ladies vs Ricky BahlIshika Desai
    2012Jab Tak Hai JaanAkira RaiFilmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress
    2013Matru Ki Bijlee Ka MandolaBijlee Mandola
    2014Bombay Velvet

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