Desi Mother Son Hindi Story

My name is pushpa and I am the mother of three children. I am normal Indian housewife and I belong to the middle class background. My husband works in the education department. Though I am quite educated but I had to stay home to take care of my children. I have two lovely fair skinned daughters and a handsome son. My son is the eldest of them. In fact I bore him when I was 21 so now when he is 17 I am just 38 years of age. I love my family and we are a happy family only one strange fact is there that the father of my youngest daughter is in fact my own son. he hit me when I he was 16 and then I had pregnancy due to him. Believe it or not but now we live as husband and wife. To know how it happened, read on my real story.
As my husband was a government employee, he often had to go on outstation tours. Earlier my son used to study in boarding but then we withdrew him to take care of the home in absence of his father. In fact when he was 18, he passed his 10th class with very good marks and we decided to have a party at home. We had a good time and all the guests left the home by eleven at night. Now, my son, rinku, was helping me clean the home along with my 14 year old daughter Shipra. We soon arranged everything neatly and then Shipra said that she wants to sleep. She went and started snoring in her room. I also went and quickly changed into my old pink cotton nigh tie with prints of flowers on it. My son rinku was still in the living room. I came out of the bedroom wearing my nigh tie and just panties under it. I was feeling very tired and due to that my nipples had become erect somehow as I could feel them making small tents in my nigh tie. My son looked at me and asked me to sit besides him.
He kissed me lightly on the cheek and said ,” I love you ma, thanks for such a nice party”
“I love you too beta, you can have anything you want from maami. I am always here for my bright son” I kissed him backing saying this.
Then he leapt across and took me in his arms hugging me and pressing against me. I thought he was getting emotional with his mommy but soon I realized it was something else. He was rubbing my back near the flesh of my hips. I got a tingling in my body as he did this is circular motion. his head was rested on my shoulder while his chest pressed on me. I was sure that he could feel my erect nipples digging into his skin through my nigh tie. I was surprised as he pushed his hand down my bottom so that I was now sitting on his hands while he rubbed my buttocks slowly. Suddenly I felt what was I doing and how did I let him do that then for another second I thought he is just doing it under some emotion. But I was wrong. I felt my thigh hitting his huge erection. O my god, my son a big penis. How could he have that big demon inside. Was he hitting on me, his mother. no it can’t be, my own son, lusting after me and feeling me. I withdrew from him in a moment and asked him
“What are you doing rinku?”
“o mommi, I love you so much and feel so attached to you” he gave me an emotional reply holding my hand.
“beta, I love you too but you are also my son and such things don’t happen between a mother and a son.” I replied withdrawing from him.
“No mommi, I love so much that I worship you and I worship your body too mother. There is no woman on earth as beautiful and sensuous as you. Please, mommy let me take care of you. let me tell you how beautiful you really are!” he said moving on to my front and hugging me once again.
I was feeling a bit uneasy by all this .what could my son want from me at this age. After all I am his mother and I bore him. I loved him too and dint wants him to feel bad about it. I asked with a little patience, “what do you want from your mommy rinku”
“o mother! I love you so much. can I feel your body? Will you let me see your sensuous body? mother, you are my goddess, I worship you. I want to worship and feel your body with my hands. please mother”, he begged me as hugged me from the waist.
“ok son, don’t feel bad. I just want you to be happy. that’s all. Ok… I will show you my old used body but just touching, ok. If you try to go beyond then the show is over” I felt a little kinky like a slut about to show off her body.
“o mommy, let me remove your clothes” he quickly put his hands under the hem of my gown and pulled it over my head. now I was just wearing my cotton panties. I covered my big boobies out of shame in front of my son. he quickly reached and removed my hands while I was just looking down.
“holy Shiva, o mother! You have the biggest boobies that I have ever seen. And just look at that big areola. Mammy, you have the longest nipples in the entire world. Can I touch them mommu”, he said as he rubbed his hands on my belly. he used to call me mommu instead of mommy sometimes and I loved it.
“go ahead my son. Touch them and feel them with your hands. Remember you used to feed on them not long ago. take them in your hands my son”, he cupped my humongous chuchies (boobs) and squeezed them.
“o mother! shipra has just taken your body but even her chuchies are not that soft and spongy. Will you let me suck from your unusually long nipples? Will you breastfeed your hungry grown-up son, mommu” he said while kissing me on my neck. I was surprised to hear that he even played with my daughter and was comparing me to her.
“yes my son, see if there is any milk left for you.” As soon as he heard me say this, he quickly latched on to my melons and took the nipple of my left chuchy in his mouth while he played with my right nipple nibbling it with his fingers. He even tries to take half of my boob in his mouth as if he was trying to eat it like a cake. He started biting my flesh with his teeth lapping his tongue all around my areola. My choot (pussy) was getting wet and I could feel the juice in my panty. A spot appeared on them now. while he mercilessly ate my chuchies switching them in between. His hands were now rubbing my ass over the white cotton panty.
“Shiva, Shiva! what are you doing my son? This is so wrong yet it feels so good. Please stop now otherwise I won’t have any control and we might cross the limits.” His hands had gone inside my panty now and were moving to the front ever so slowly.
“no beta no, main tumhari maan tum kya kar rahe ho. Ye galat hai. Ufffffff mere bude badan main kya rakha hai beta” now he left my nipple and placed his head on the slit of my breasts and started licking the slit. He just lapped his tongue there licking the sides of my milk jugs while his hands had reached over my choot (puss) and he was slightly pressing my pubes with the palm. I felt that some juices had started leaking from my horny choot but they were absorbed by my pubes so probably he was just seconds away to touch them. I was on fire too but then he was my son. I regained morality and asked him to stop.
“beta, my dear rinku beta. I love you too but this is no way to show your love to your mother. In fact now we have already exceeded the limits. No one ever touches his mother in her private parts. We have to stop this very instant. O my god, rinku what r u doing…….please stop it” he put his thumbs at the side of my old white cotton panty which was so wet now and pulled it down my knees in no time . he was now rubbing his hands on my choot from behind.
“no mommu, you know how much I love you. I just can’t stop now. I want to prove my love to you. With these melons hanging down, how can you expect me to stop? o mother, you are the most beautiful of all women that I have seen and known. You pearl white skin and you large pinkish brown areolas are making me crazy. I don’t know what to do mommu, just need to feel you mother. Please don’t stop me now” he almost gave a few bites on my chuchies now heaving with passion and love. Then his hands caressed my velvety chootar (ass) and his finger went in my choot a little deep. An electric current went in my body as my son touched his mother’s pussy for the first time. A lot of pussy juice ran down his hand and he started to finger fuck me.
“what are you doing with me rinku? Leave me this very moment otherwise I will loose control. Think of your father. How can you do this with your mother? Let me go rinku” I implored him hanging my lust in the form of caution but deep inside I was loving all this.
He soon started fucking me with two fingers. My pussy was leaking a lot of juices and the sounds of phuch phuch phuch phuch started coming from my pussy making me all the more horny. I wanted him. I wanted my son now. I was a woman blinded with lust and consumed in passion to think of anything else. What if he was my own son and I had given him birth from the same cunt. I became silent now towards him resisting me and let him have a go. He probably knew that my pussy was enjoying and he turned me around and went on his knees to get a whiff of his mother’s fat pussy. The first thing he did was that he smelled the pussy nice and long before teasing it with his nose and finally lapping up his birthplace with his tongue almost biting my clit while he slapped my chootar with his hands.
“o rinku, my baby, what are doing to mommy. are you going to kill me? no son no. this is incest. we can’t do it. we will rout in hell for doing this forbidden thing. Stop it now otherwise I am gone .” he looked up at me and then took my hand and drove me to my kingside bed where his father had taken my cherry and lay me down on my back. He reached my feet and took them in his hands and started kissing my toes.
“Mother let me show you what heaven can be. I know this is wrong and mother is the holiest of all but then you are my mother and all I want to do is to make you mine. I want to enter the same body I came from. I want to fuse into you and make us one forever. Let this unison be the token of my gratitude for bringing me into this world mother. I want to kiss each and every part of your, I mean mine, body.” Then he kissed on my claves and his tongue reached the back of my fleshy thighs and further up he took some bites of my ass before finally finding my mound and he inserted his big tongue into my lower lips white parting the well grown tuft of my pubes. My sucked on my pussy and I was beginning to get delirious. Still, at the back of my mind, I was fighting the taboo inside. How could I let him do it? he is my own flesh and blood. But slowly my thoughts were melting away with the juices oozing out of my hairy choot. he stopped for a second and looked me in the eye and said,
“thank you for letting me know my real mother. Thanks for showing me that wonderful choot of yours which was my birthplace. O mother you look a creature of heaven, a pari, there lying down naked before me. This is what I never thought would happen. I hope I am not living in a dream. O mommu, can I kiss you now.”
I was far too gone to let reason prevail over my sensory enjoyment. I thought let me just forget that he is my son and let him have whatever he wants. I replied in a seductive and hoarse voice,
I don’t know what to say my son. You are saying that your old mother’s body reminds you of angels. I hope that you are not lying to your stupid mommy. I don’t know what to do now. I know it’s wrong between a mother and a son but what can I do. I really love you my son and I would just do anything to please you. After all, taking care of the son is the duty of the mother. What if I go a step ahead and give you more intimacy. I think it is the duty of every mother in the world to make her children feel happy. That’s what I am going to do now, my son. let’s not call it incest since we very much love each other. It’s just that we are crossing some physical boundaries. I know you love me but this unique way of showing your love is making me go crazy. Come my child, don’t waste time now. Kiss the mouth that gave you guidance and come closer now beta.
Saying this I bit my lip and he quickly pounced on my mouth and our tongues started twirling and colliding with each other. We almost had a breathless kiss which we probably didn’t break for more than fifteen minutes. In the meanwhile my son had ravished and mauled my melons like anything. they were painted red with my blue veins clearly showing through the whiteness of my heavy chuchies. he pressed them, nibbled at my teats with his fingers and pulled my nipples to the farthest point and then released them making them erect like two little cocks. He also took great pleasure in fingering my pussy. He was even pulling my daana (clit) some time while fucking my hairy twat with two fingers. I was in seventh heaven while kissing him and hugged him close, he was really trying to get inside my mouth. what a kiss it was. So what it was with my son. I was still his mother and I was showing all my maternity (mamtaa) by letting him do it. What I didn’t realize that soon it would lead to something more sinister. He released his mother’s well sucked mouth with her lipstick smeared to the side of her lips making her look like a real cheap slut.
“mother, o my sweet mother. I owe my life to you. You have given me the real kiss of the goddess today. I am your slave. just order me what you want me to do for you. My god your chuchies are really amazing and they are the best pair of tits in the world. I can never get over playing with them. I want to bury myself there. You kill me with those boobies mommy. I m just too spellbound to do anything now.”
He said with his face turning red with passion and desire.
“I know how much you like my chuchies, son. As I child you used to suckle them for hours. I continued feeding you till you were in 5th class, remember! I had to discontinue as your father disapproved of it in public .but for another year, I remember you used to suckle them everyday. You kept me always full of milk. but now you are using them for pleasure. you know chinu, it’s due to you that my nipples have become that long, u used to pull them and chew them like a bubblegum. Until your sixth class I never wore a bra at home because you had to remove it and it made it problematic since you were restless. it is due to you that they became big and round .look at you, you are mommy’s naughty little teenage plaything. Aren’t you.” I teased him.
“yes I am and you know what you are. You are my melon mommy. With these chuchies I think you should be called just ‘melony’”, I saw the kinky side when I realized my son was talking dirty to me. I went ahead and said,
“beta, you didn’t say a word about my phudi, come on say”, he was surprised when I said puss to him and came back with a reply.
“that’s not your choot mommu, that’s mine too .since I came out of this sexy watery hole some 16 years ago. O momma, I just love you and your momma too. I love each and every organ of your sexy body mommu. You are mine.” and he started kissing me all over again. this was not any normal kiss but this time he was literally biting me with his teeth. I could see his reddish teeth marks on my thighs, breast, and navel and everywhere in my body. God, can anyone be so crazy about his mother. I was red burning hot inside with all lust and now wanted to cross all earthly limits and free him from the thought that I am his mother. So I took a bold step when I said,
“beta! o my rinku! You are making me go mad with all this. There is no going back now. You have inflamed my passions beyond limits now and I am totally consumed in lust now. I feel like a goddess offering my body as a sacrifice on the alter of love. Remember son, it’s just love what we are making here. You should not call it incest. My womb was really blessed to bear you son. I am so happy. Now you can do with me now all you ever wanted to do to a woman. Would you like to cross the final frontier now my son. now come here and don’t waste any time.”
I said as I released his clothes. he was wearing a sky blue VIP frenchie inside and his tool was shaping there. He had a hairy body and probably the hair of my pussy had the same DNA. I quickly removed his underwear too and it sprang like a cobra .it was not particularly long or thick but it was just a cock a teenager would normally have and it was very erect too. I took it in my hand and I stroked it a little. some pre-cum was already oozing from the eye of the cock. I was shaking the cock of my own son. What a slut I was, I thought. He put his mouth again on my fleshy chuchies and took one in his mouth right unto its areola. I was going crazy in my head and I was sweating already. I felt his cock much too erect and I wanted it desperately. Shiva, I wanted my own son’s cock. I wanted him to do it. o my god, what a slut I have been seducing my own son. I was committing a sin and there was no going back. in a few seconds I felt his hands rest on my fleshy white chootar and he was bringing his lund close to my choot. He touched my pussy lips with his phallus and kept is there for a moment. I opened my eyes and looked at him. His eyes were full of love melting into lust as if he wanted to fuse into me .he just kept looking at me and then I couldn’t bear it any longer. I pulled his face on mine and kissed him while he held me by my naked waist and entered his cock into my forbidden hole. I kept looking into her eyes. In a second, I had changed from a mother to a lover. My own son’s cock probed further into my labia entering a forbidden zone. I opened my legs more as I felt the ecstasy of incest run shivers through my body. My god, my own son inside my vagina. now he started stroking me giving me powerful thrusts in between while mercilessly mauling my chuchies nearly came on his cock but he kept giving me orgasm after orgasm while our mouths were locked in filial love and ecstasy. I felt his tongue reach unto the base of my throat my god, he was humping me, fucking me, making love to his very own biological mother. I was mad with lust now and I started screaming loudly,
“o shit, what the hell is happening to me? o my god, Shiva, Krishna, my son is fucking me, he is fucking his mother. Help me lord. Forgive me. I am just doing my duty of making my child happy fuck…chinu…”
“o mother, my heavenly mother, my real mother, I love you and I need you for all eternity. I am the luckiest son to do it with my own sexy momma. Do you have any idea of the sexiness of your chuchies and that fluffy little choot. How come you are so tight mommu when you had three children” he asked me while pinching both my nipples.
“I guess I saved it for you son. You have got the hardest Lund in the world. Do you like it in my choot son. and how does my chuchies taste. Tell me” I rubbed his bare back as he lay on me in a tight embrace. Then our bodies entwined as if trying to become one and reverse the process of evolution. His skin was just as fair as mine and he stroked me harder now, showing his mother all the love he had.
“o mommu, your chuchies just taste like buttermilk. And your choot is my gateway to heaven. Even my sushma maasi cannot equal you. You have the most fascinating pair of sexy titties in the world. To make love to you is beyond my wildest dreams. I never thought that I would taste heaven in you. You are my dream girl and I love you.”
“now stop talking and suck your old momma’s titties” I said as he once again fucked me like a strong bull. This was probably his first fuck and he made the best out of it. Soon he could not control it and shot his wad in my fiery pit where he was born. I had an extreme orgasm too and I think I just fainted. The whole night we slept on each other with his limp cock in my pussy all night. I got up in the morning and went to kitchen to make some breakfast. I was feeling very guilty about the night. Then my son came out in the morning, touched my feet and sat down on the chair on dining table.
“hi mommu darling! Now that we have made love, let’s take our relationship to a new level.”
“what do mean son”
he got up and he came near me. he put his hand in my gown and reached my waist and started caressing my bum and pubic region.
“mommu love, you know what we did was meant only for husband and wife and we are mother and son...” now his hands reached up and grabbed my melons and he started pinching my nipples with his fingers while kissing my neckline while his erect cock was touching my pussy lips from behind.
“mmmmm….hmmmmmmm…aaahh…chinuu…..waht …mmm do ...u ...mean…mmmmmmm”
“I mean my big titted mommujaan my lovely fuck lady my cumslut, my pissy pussy mommy queen my anal whore, my rani, my pallu, my teenu, my parul, my ritu, my rishu, my stuti, my sapna, my rekha, my jyoti, my meenu, my neelam, my sushma, my housing borad waali raani maasi my maasi cum wife cum mommy, I mean lets get married my mommy”
“you have already taken my sheel (chastity) son, now I will do what you say.
Then he jumped in joy. He arranged for the wedding and it was kept secret and it took place in another city. Nobody suspected us of being mother and son. He tied his mangalsutra on my neck and people threw flowers at us. We came back only to find the room decorated with flowers and perfumes.
What a night it was. My own son had married his mother. A few years ago I married his father and then brought his into this world and now he has married me even when my husband is alive. So I have two husbands now. And my new husband is in fact my own son. The cycle has turned around with the son marrying his mother. He suckled my breasts as a child and now he sucks them for his pleasure. As a mother I used to please him with my mamtaa and now I have to please him with my body. He took my hand in his and looked deep into my eyes and said,
“for the first time I am holding your hand as my wife, mother” he said planting a kiss on my neck on mangalsutra.
I wanted to say yes my son, Indeed you are but I just said, “yes, my beloved husband”
“I will do everything what a wife does for her husband. You have each and every right over my body now. Let me touch the feet of my husband, my son”, saying this I bent down and touched his feet. He also touched my feet in return saying that he was seeking blessings of her mother for his wife. In fact, now that his mother is his wife, he can tell her to do household chores and satisfy him in bed.
I came up to him with a glass of milk as the newly brides take it to their husbands. My heart leapt in joy as I felt like a virgin again, feeling shy in front of my teenage son cum husband. He drank the half and gave me the other half. I drank it and then he kissed me thereby exchanging each others milk in our mouths with our tongues flicking each other. Slowly he disrobed me from the wedding dress and left me in just my bra and panty. I had worn a satin red panty that day since red is considered auspicious. he came up close to me and said,
“ma! You look like an angel from the sky. By the way, how did you know that I love laal kachi? You are going to kill me in that sexy little kachi u have my mommy, my booby doll, u r an Aphrodite my queen.”
“Beta, red is not only holy color but also it is the color of passion, of love, my son, I mean my husband” I said with a giggle and looked up to him.
“O ma! My lovely mother from heaven. O my dream girl, I never thought that this day would ever come in my life. I am the happiest and the luckiest son in the world. I have married the same woman who brought me into this world. I love you, mother, more than ever. O Pushpa, my mother wife. You are my goody bua and you have got the sexiest chuchies in the world. O mother, look at the color of your chuchies, aren’t they like my cheek. Let me remove your motherly floral bra. O ma I have always loved these floral patterns in your pink and white bras. I will buy you some more underwear, mom”, he said as he felt the heaviness of his mother’s jugs in his palms over the bra. My mangalsutra was adorned in the center of the valley of my breasts. My heart skipped a beat when he brought his face closer and kissed on the slit of my mounds. He started licking my chuchies on the periphery. His hands reached down over to my ass and started caressing them over my red satin panties. He pressed my velvety chutar with his masculine fingers over the bare panty. The flowers on the panty seemed to be coming alive by the touch of my lovely son, and I felt the first heavenly stirrings in my motherly pussy. The bra was holding out mid air as he released the hooks at the back. His hands were cupping them over the bra. I looked at him straight in the eye and felt a divine lust in his face. He was glowing with a surge of incestuous energy and his whole existence was on fire as he held his mother as his wife from her motherly chuchies over the bra. I was feeling very shy like a kinky teenage girl and for a moment I let the thought go that he is my son. So what if he is. He had every right to do anything to his mother as now I was his wife. He bent his face on the slit of my chuchies and sniffed there.
“o mother do u know how much I like this pond’s smell on ur bras”
“o my raja beta o my husband why don’t u take off this filthy cloth and let my motherhood be bared to you in all its glory. I m sure you will like it just like your father” saying this I shook my chuchies like a club dancer on my sons face. The bra came off on its own and now I was shamelessly slapping my motherly breasts on my sons face. It reminded me of his childhood when I often boob-danced on his face as a child. How his little fingers would then bruise my knockers. This went on until he was well into class 5. sometimes he would come from school and jump straight into mommy’s bed, while me still in my loose nightclothes, he ripped them apart and told me to boob-dance. O, how erotic it was. I think it was then when I saw the seeds of this incest. I was lost in retrospect when the feeling of teeth on my chuchy woke me up…
“o yes, ahan, aaammmmmmm,,uuuuummmmmmm o mera beta mera pati…maan ko maja de na….mmm hai…..kha le na meri chuchy….”
“hai mummy mommu meri patni meri ggody bua…thoda sa boob-dance kar do na.” my son looked me in the eyes with a power I could not refuse. I started humming a lullaby and shook my chuchies on his face... slowly…ever so slowly...and then I slapped them on his cheeks. it was a place where I found bliss. her breasts were all I ever needed. we stayed like that all day and night. we married n lived happily ever after.
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Mera name sameer hai or m panipat(hry)ka rehne wala hu.abhi m Gurgaon me ek MNC me as a HR manager job kar rha hu.meri age 25 saal hai or height 5:10 feet h,skin color fair h,maine apne school or college ki cricket team ko represent kia h islie mera physic bhi athletic bina time waist kie m apko sidhe story pe le chalta hu jo ki aaj se 8 saal pehle shuru hui thi jab m 11th claas me padhta tha.wo meri life ka pehla sex experience tha wo bhi meri class ki economics ki teacher(kanika)k sath.kanika ki age 25 saal thi or height 5:5 feet,rang aisa mano hath lagao to maili ho jae,ras bhare hue gulabi honth jinka ras chusne k lie koi aadmi apni jaan tak bhi de de,kaale lambe kamar tak latakte baal,figure aisa k jise dekh k murde k l@nd me bhi jaan aa jae,perfect figure 35-28-37.hamare school k sare male teacher har waqt kanika ko patane ki sochte rehte or latto ki trah uske ird-gird chakkar kat te rehte. M padhai me shuru sehi intelligent tha or school ki cricket team ka captain hone ki wjah se m apne school me kafi popular tha or apne teachers staff ka favorite tha.yanha tak ki mere 2,3 taecher apni sex secret bhi mujhse share karte the.Kanika hamare school me econimics ki teacher thi or sath hi karnal se kisi professor ki guidence me PH.D kar rhi thi.wo apni family se door karnal me apni friend(Sheetal)k sath P.G me rehti thi.kanika last 6 months se hmare school me pdha rhi thi.hmesha mera pura dhyan study or sports me rhta tha isilie meri koi girlfriend bhi nhi thi jabki hmare school ki bhut si ladkia mujhse friendship karna chati thi par kanika chiz hi aisi thi ki naa chate hue bhi sara dhyaan uski gool gaand or boobs ki taraf chala jata.chalte hue uski gaand jab hilti thi to pure school me halchal mach jati thi. School me popularity ki wjah se kanika mujhe ache se pehchanti thi bt hmari kbhi muskil sehi baat ho paati thi kyuki wo sirf 11th or 12th class ko padhati thi.10th k board exams me mujhe merit mili or maine 11th class me Arts with Economics leli taaki m bhi kanika se daily mil sku,baat karu,or uske samne baith k kbhi uski baal khati gaand or bade bade boobs ko dekh sku.m study me intelligent tha islie jaldi hi m kanika ka favorite student ban gya tha,dhire-dhire time bit ta gya or age me jada diffrence na hone ki wjah se hum ek dusre k najdik aate gae,ab hmara relation teacher student se jada dosti me badal gya tha.ab hum kafi personal baate bhi share karne lge the.ek din jab class me kanika hame padha rhi thi to mujhe uska mood kuch thik nhi lga wo kafi udaas lag rhi thi or school recess Me b wo staaf room me akele udaas baithi thi maine jab wjah puchi to wo reason btane me aana kaani krne lgi mere jada force krne se usne btaya ki uska land lord bina kisi wjah k uske room me aake baith jata h or useke body ko jaan bujh kar kisi bhi bhane se touch karta h,or kal to hadh hi ho gai jab usne nashe me piche se mere hips pe hath mara.itna bolte hi wo mera hath pakad k rone lag gai,aaj pehli baar usne mere hath ko pakda tha mere to puri body me current dood gya tha,or mera lund khada hona shuru ho gya tha bt maine apna dhyan change kia or uska sir apne kandhe pe rakh lia or uske sir ko m apne hatho se sehlane lga.maine uske chehre ko uper uthaya or apne hatho se uske gaalon se aansu saaf krne lga,m life me pehli baar kisi ladki k gaalon pe hath lga rha tha mere to jism me mano jaise hazzaro chitiyan gud gudi karne lag gai ho. Uske hath abhi bhi mere hatho me the use chup karwa k maine kha"maam aap chinta mat kijiye mere uncle k ghar me uper wala portion khali hai to aap wnha pe sift kar sakte ho m aaj hi apne uncle se rent k lie baat krta hu"ye sunkar uske khoobsurat face par thodi khusi si chaa gai or usne dhire se mere gaal pe apne najuk gulab ki pankhudiyo jaise ras bhare hontho se pyari si kiss ki.jaise hi usne mere gaalo pe kiss ki to mere honsh hi uud gae pta nhi mujhme kha se himmat aai or maine bhi badle me uske maathe pe kiss kardi.hamne ek dusre ko smile di or usne mere baalo me apne jaajuk hath firate hue mujhe thanx kha fir m room se bahar aa gya. School se ghar aakar m pura din m kanika k khyalo me khoya rha or uski kiss or uske mulayam hontho k baare me sochta rha.soch soch kar mera lund meri pant se bahar nikalne ko ho rha tha us din maine pehli baar kanika ko bilkul nangi imagine karke muuth mari.Evening me m apne uncle k ghar rent k lie baat karne chla gya,mere uncle k bache bahar job karte the to uncle aunty hi ghar me rehte the so unhone haa krdi ki unka bhi bacho k sath dil lga rhega.agle din m khushi-khusi school gya or kanika ko btaya ki tum mere uncle k ghar reh sakti ho wo bhut khus hui or mujhe thanx kehne sunday ko maine apne friend k sath kanika ka room sift karwa dia ab m bhi bhut khus tha kyunki ab m jab bhi chata uncle aunty se milne k bhane kbhi bhi kanika k pass aa sakta tha.ab hum dono pehle se jada ek doosre k close aa chuke the. Mere semi annual exams bhi najdik aa chuke the but ek important school cricket tornament hone ki wjah se m study pe focus nhi kar paa rha tha mera pura time cricket practice mehi nikal jata tha.hmari cricket team achi thi bt fir bhi hmari team tournament se bahar ho gai.ab mera sara dhyaan dubara study pe aa gya tha bt cricket me busy hone ki wjah se mera economics ka kafi syllabus adhura rah gya tha isilie kanika ne mujhse kha"sameer tumhara economics ka exam 8 din baad h isilie tum school time k baad mere ghar aa jaya kro taaki tunhara adhura syllabus pura ho jae"ye sunkar m bhut khus hua or socha ki syad isi bhane mera kanika ko chodne ka sapna pura ho sochkar m daily uske ghar padhne jata or is trah hmara pura din ek duare k sath bit ta.ab mujhe bhi kanika k behavior se lagne lga tha ki wo bhi meri traf attract ho rhi hai aakhir 2 din baad hi wo sunahra time aa gya jab kanika ki room mate weekend pe apne ghar chali gai kanika school me exams ki wjah se ghar nhi jaa skti thi to wo room par akele hi ruk gai. Saturday ko usne mujhe school me kha ki aaj tum padhne jaldi aa m 4 bje uske room pe chla gya maine door knock kia.kanika baathroom me nha rhi thi so usne andar sehi awaj lgai or ander aane ko kha.wo nha kar bathroom se bahar aai to usne pink color ka gown daala hua tha jisme wo nihayat hi sexy lag rhi thi uske baalo se paani abhi bhi tapak rha tha.use dekhte hi mera dil kar rha tha jaise use abhi baanho me uthalu or bedroom me le ja kar iske ek-ek ang ko chusta rhu.maine khud ko sambhalte hue kanika ko hi kehte hue smile ki to usne bhi smile krte hue hi kha.aaj uski smile me kuch alag hi baat thi. "Sameer tum baitho m tumhare lie tea bna kar laati hu"ye keh kar wo kitchen ki taraf badhi but maine bich me hi unhe tokte hue kha"maam aaj m apko special tea pilata hu aap baithie"itna keh kar m kitchen me chla gya kanika ne laptop on kia or chalne lag gai.m tea bnate hue kanika ko uper se niche tak dekh rha tha uska gowm sirf uski knees tak tha uski chikni gori tange dur sehi chamak rhi thi mera dil kar rha tha abhi ja kar uski tango ko anguthe se lekar uski mulayam chut tak chatnta rhu.m use kitchen se ghoor rha tha or mera lund meri pant fhad kr bahar niklne wala ho rha tha achanak kanika ne mujhe use ghoorte hue dekh lia or mere khade hue lund ko bhi bt fir usne ignore krte hue firse laptop me lag gai fir m kitchen se tea bna kar room me le aya or kanika ko dedi.ab us room me sirf hum dono baithe the ek hi bed pe.pure room me khamoosi pasri hui thi or sirf tea ki chuskiyo ki awaz aa rhi thi bt mera dhyan abhi bhi uske boobs pe atka hua tha usne ek baar firse mujhe pakad lia.maine tea cup ko niche rkh dia fir achanak m uske or najdik aa gya or uske ek hath ko pakad lia.uska hath pakadte hi uske dusre hath se tea ka cup niche gir gya pure kamre me cup k tutne ki awaj gunj gai or wo mere gale se lipat gai maano chandan ki lakdi se saanp lipat gya ho. Hum dono kaamp rhe the,maine dhire se uske sir ko piche se pakda or piche ki taraf khincha uski aankhe bilkul band thi or uski saanso ki awaaz or dil k dhadkan bhut tez ho gai thi fir maine dhire se uske ras bhare gulabi hontho pe kiss ki to usne mujhe or jor se apni banho me bhar lia.ab hum dono k badan bhatti ki trah tap rhe the,maine dhire se apne hontho ko uske hontho pe tikaya or dhire-dhire uske hontho ka ras chusne lga thodi der me hi kanika ne bhi mera sath dena shuru kar dia tha hum dono ek dusre k hontho k ras ko buri trah se chus rhe the ab dhire se maine apne ek hath se uske gown kho piche se khol dia or uske naram mulayam boobs ko dbane lga kanika pure zor k sath mere hontho ko chus rhi thi.fir maine dhire se uske gown ko uske dudhiya badan se alag kr dia or use bed pe lita dia uski ankhe abhi bhi band thi.ab wo mere samne sirf bra or panty me thi.zindgi me pehli baar m kisi ladki ko is halat me dekh rha tha mere to honsh hi ud gae the or mujhse control nhi ho rha tha,m uski chut k sagar me gote lgana chata color ki bra panty me uska dudhiya jism chamak rha tha.fir maine apni jean or t-shirt utar k fenk di ab m sirf underwear me uske sath ja kr let gya.maine uske leg k anguthe ko chumna shuru kia to kanika bistar ko apne hatho se nochne lgi,ab m dhire dhire niche se uske sarir k ek ek ang ko chuste hue uske naram boobs tak aa gya fir maine dhire se uski bra ko uske badan se alag kar dia or uske boobs ko azad kar dia. Kanika ki siskiya badhti hi jaa rhi thi maine uske ek boob ko apne muh me bhar lia or uska ras pine lga kanika k muh se siski nikal gai or usnr mere sir ko piche se pakad k apne boobs me gda lia m lagatar uske boob ko chus rha tha or ek hath uski chut pe fira rha tha uski chut puri trah gilli ho chuki thi.kanika k muhse "aaahhh aaahhhh uuuuhhhh"...awaz badhti hi ja rhi thi,maine dhire dhire ek hath se uski pany ko niche karke uski garm bhatti jaisi gulabi chut se alag kar dia.m lgatar kanika k boobs ko ek ek krke chus rha tha.kanika ne dhire dhire apne hatho se mere underwear ko utaar kar dur fek dia or mere tane hue land ko apne hatho me bhar lia,zindgi me pehli baar kisi ladki ne mere lund ko hath lgaya tha so mere pure sarir me sihren si dod gai or mere muh se siski nikal gai.mera lund bhi puri trah se gila ho chuka tha.maine apne lund ko saaf krna chaha bt kanika ne use se pehle hi mere lund ko apni gale me utar lia,mere pure sarir me kampan ho gai or meri ankhe band ho gai ab usne dhire dhire mere lund ko lollipop ki trah chusna shuru kr dia maine bhi uske baalo ko piche se pakad kar apne lund ko speed se uske muh me ander bahar karna shuru kr dia. Mere jhatko ki speed dhire dhire badhti ja rhi thi or kanika mere lund k ras ko aise pi rhi thi jaise sallo ki pyaasi ho.fir hum dono 69 ki position me aa gae or ek deusre k lund or chut ko chusne lge,m pehli baar kisi ladki ki chut ka ras pi rha tha uske ras ki bhini bhini khushbu mujhe madhosh kar rhi thi.m dhire dhire apni jibh ko uski chut ki gahraio me utar rha tha or wo lgatar mere lund ko apne muh me andar bahar karke chus rhi thi.thodi der k baad maine usko bed pe sidhe litaya or or uski taange uper ki taraf utha di fir maine dhire se uski chut k muhpe apna lund tikaya or use uski garm gulabi chit pe ragadne lga.kanika ki siskiyo se sara room gunj rha tha,maine dhire dhire apne lund ko kanika ki chut me dalna shuru kia dard se kanika jhatpatane lgi pr jldi hi wo normal ho gai fir maine ek jor k jhatke k sath adha lund kanika ki garm kholti chut me utaar dia,uske muhse chikh nikal gai,uski ankho se anshu behne lge,or usne apne naakhun meri kamar me ander tak ghusa die,uska dard badhta hi ja rha tha "pls sameer meri chut fhat jaegi ise bahar nikal lo"maine apna lund uski chut se nikal lia or uske boob ko chusne lga mere lund pe uski chut ko blood lga hua tha or bed pe bhi thoda sa blood gir gya tha tab mujhe pta chla k wo bhi virgin h. m thodi der tak uske hontho ko chusta rha or fir maine dubara uski chut pe apna lund tika dia or kha"jaaneman chinta mat kro m apka pura khyaal rkhunga"itna keh kar maine ek jhatke me apna adha lund uski chut me ghusa dia kanika chinkh padi maine bina parwah kie ek jhatka or lgaya or pura lund uski garm kholti chut me andar tak utaar dia kanika dard se jhatpta rhi thi"uui maa mar gai,pls pls sameer ise nikal lo meri jaan nikal jaegi"m uske honth chusne lga or ek hath se uski boobs dbane lga,thodi hi der me wo narmal ho gai or niche se apni gaand ko hilane lgi m samajh gya tha k wo puri trah se mood me aa chuki hai,to maine bhi aram se se jhatke lgane shuru kar die."Waah meri jaan aaj m tere is jwani ka sara ras nichd k pi jaunga"kanika niche se hi dhake lga rhi thi"m puri trah se tumhari hu jaan tum jo marji karlo".dhire dhire maine apne dhakko ki speed badhadi,sara room "aaahh aaahhh aaahhh faatccchh faatccchh" ki awwaz se gunj rha tha.mujhe pta tha ye mera 1st time hai islie mera sperm jaldi hi nikal jaega.mere dhakko ki speed badhti hi jaa rhi thi or kanika bhi niche se pura zor lga k dhakke maar rhi thi ab use bhi pura mazza aa rha tha.10 minute baad mere sperm se uski chut bhar gai or hum ek dusre ki baanho me simat gae. 15 minute tak m aise hi kanika k uper leta rha fir maine dhire se apna lund uski chut se nikala,mera lund puri trah uski chut me nha chuka tha.fir maine uske hontho pe kiss ki or towel se uski chut or apne lund ko saaf kar dia.uske baad hum bina kapdo k hi ek dusre ki banho me simat kar neend ki gahraiyon me chale gae. Friends ye meri 1st or true story hai pls mere 1st experience pe apne comment jroor de taki m apni life k dusre khoobsoort lamho ko apke sath share kar sku.m

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Height: 5 ft 6 in or 168 cm

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Exercise routine

Day 1: Butt and Legs
  • Wide Dumbbell Squats: 4 sets of 15 reps
  • Squats Thrust Twist: 4 sets of 15 reps
  • Walking Lunges: 4 sets of 20 reps
  • Bosu Ball Squats: 4 sets of 15 reps
  • Medicine Ball Squats: 4 sets of 15 reps
  • Plyometric Squat Jump: 3 sets of 12-15 reps
  • Donkey Kicks: 4 sets of 15 reps each leg
  • Leg Abductors:4 sets of 12-15 reps 
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Day 2: Cardio and Abs
  • Cardio: 30-45 minutes
  • Ab Crunches: 4 sets of 15 reps
  • Bicycle Crunches: 4 sets of 15 reps
  • Reverse Crunches: 4 sets of 20 reps
  • High Knees: 4 sets of 15 reps
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Day 3: Same as Day 1

Day 4: Same as Day 2

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