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This is my story of my sexual awakening and my eventual relationship to two wonderful women, who happen to be mother and daughter! My family lived in a small town in southern Tamil Nadu. My father was the eldest and as is the tradition his sisters after marriage etc. come to house for delivery and then leave when the baby is around 3 months old for their married households… I was the only child for my parents. When I just turned 13 my father’s youngest sister who was 28 years old, who already had a 8 year old daughter, came to live with us while anticipating the delivery of her second child. Since I had a mattress & cot in my room, which was large enough for my Athai used to sleep with me. Her daughter stayed with the father as she had school which couldn’t be disrupted. One day, Athai woke me up in the middle of the night and told me it is time. I alerted everyone took her to the hospital and within hours she delivered a baby girl. It was a shock for me to see the baby so tiny and even more shocking to see my Athai open her top up and breast feed the baby ! After they got back home, the baby and Athai took over my cot. I provided all the help to my Athai, as I used to sleep on the floor in the same room -- Warming up water, giving help to bathe the baby etc. I also liked taking care of that girl and my Athai. Athai noticed this and was very effusive in her praise and affection for me calling what a mature young man I was becoming. After couple of months after birth, one day, overnight her daughter developed a blue color all over her body. We immediately took her to a hospital where the child was diagnosed with severe heart defect with internal walls ruptured and not curable by surgery. The kid breathed her last in my arms at home. I cried uncontrollably, not to mention my Athai. After the last rites were done, Athai expressed to her husband to stay at our house for some more time and then come back. Her husband also agreed and left for Chennai. That night, after I laid my bed out on the floor, Athai now that the kid is not there I can come back to my spot. I moved up to the cot and put my arm around her waist and went to sleep this comforted my Athai and she went to sleep. Early morning I was awoken by my Athai, with tears in her eyes and asking me to get some hot water and cloth. I did that and when given, Athai asked me to close the door. After that she opened up her blouse and pressed with the cloth dipped in hot water all around her breasts. They were shining red in the heat and after some time I saw my Athai expressing milk out of them initially there were tiny leaks and then they stopped. When asked, my Athai replied that now that the breasts are no longer being emptied out they are full of milk for the past 2-3 days and it is aching too much. She resigned and just lied down sideways on the bed, covering her chest with the thin sari. One of her hand was on her side and another on her forehead covering her eyes. She was sobbing uncontrollably. I was in tears on seeing my Athai like this; I don’t know what came over me. I switched off the lights, crept closer to her in the bed. After a quiet minute, slowly lifted up her sari and latched onto her right breast which was on the bed with my lips. I instantly sucked and very thin, warm and sweet milk flooded into my mouth. My Athai became very quiet and didn’t do anything. I slowly got the hang of it and was milking her breast and drinking it steadily emptying it. She must have felt immense relief at that, as she didn’t resist at all. After some time, the milk stopped. When I tried to move away, Athai held my face and positioned another nipple into my lips. The routine continued and I emptied that also. Now, in a very relieved voice she said thank you, nestled my face between her breasts and went to sleep hugging me. I dozed off. Next morning, my Athai looked visibly relieved. The taste of the milk the softness and fullness of her breasts lingered forever in my mouth and mind. I just couldn’t concentrate on anything at school. I was too excited about the future with Athai. That night, after watching my TV I went to bed, as soon as I switched off the light and got on. My Athai turned towards me, without a word spoken opened her blouse and pushed a nipple into my mouth. I drank milk and emptied her breasts, she kissed me on my forehead and then turned away to sleep. I put my arm around her waist and went to sleep. This routine continued for a month and I obediently would empty her breasts. Sometimes, even during the day she would quietly offer her breasts to me. I was in heaven, never losing an opportunity to drink fresh milk from her breasts. Slowly, I would play with her other open breast and though initially she developed Goosebumps, she didn’t resist. I would squeeze them and express milk onto me. One day, she kissed my forehead after I am done. After that she regularly kissed me on my forehead and cheek. One day when she bent down to kiss me on my cheek I turned and instead it became a kiss on my lips. She lingered on my lips longer than she would on my cheeks. These became very slow and deep kisses with her slipping her tongue in as well. That night was the most defining moment in my life. That day it was very hot in the summer, a power cut happened launching the house into total darkness. I got up as it was too warm went out opened all the windows to let the breeze in took of my t-shirt and came to bed in just my boxers. After I lied down, my Athai came and hugged me I was shocked to find her totally nude. I was shell shocked. I slowly kissed her which turned into tongue swapping into our mouths. We were wrestling with tongues. Then my Athai bent down and kissed me on my nipples and sucked on them. This led to indescribably intense feelings in me. My penis began to harden and with pressure it popped out of the hole in front of the boxer. I slipped my hand down my Athai’s body and finally felt the curly bush between her thighs… She asked me to remove my boxers and asked me to get on top of her. With her legs on both sides of my body I slowly lowered myself on her. My Athai grabbed my penis with her right hand. I bent down to kiss her and she positioned my penis on her bush and with both hands grabbed my butt and pulled me in, all in one swift motion. I felt like I was in heaven, with a feeling of a warm velvet cloth around my penis. She slowly gestured holding my waist to pull out and push in. I got the clue and in no time was pumping in furiously. Suddenly, I felt my brain blanking out and something coming out violently with force from my penis. I panted heavily and collapsed on my Athai. She caressed my body and hair and very huskily asked, did I like it. I felt like I was on top of the world. She whispered that “you have been broken in and no longer a virgin boy but a man”. I felt so happy and proud at the moment. We went to sleep and I got up once more that night and this time I positioned my penis and was able to piston in and out of her vagina lot more relaxed. Finally, I spurt out something into her vagina, emptied her breasts and went to sleep very happily. After this every day I would fuck her to my heart’s content. One night I fucked her every hour for eight times. She was completely worn out and mentioned that her husband fucks her once in eight days…! This fuck marathon continued every day for the next 6 months. Over that time her breasts produced less and less milk and eventually went dry. One day when I wanted to fuck her, my Athai declined and said she has to check whether she gets her periods. I didn’t understand why it was important? I was upset, she kissed me and explained to me that now that she is no longer breastfeeding, she will ovulate and if we are not careful she will get pregnant. I understood but was very upset. She laughed and asked me to close her eyes. After a few seconds I was surprised to find warm wet velvet like wrapping around my penis and when I opened my eyes found it entirely in my Athai’s mouth. She sucked vigorously, licked my balls all over and probed my anus hole with her tongue as well. This led to an eruption from my penis which landed all over her face, it was as if a very thin porridge has fallen on her face. She pointed out that I am spurting huge amount of cum, how after our fuck session huge amount will ooze out of her pussy when she went to the toilet. She wiped it with her fingers put it into her mouth and swallowed it all. She said I will let it dry on my skin and wash it tomorrow morning. So for the next three weeks she would regularly suck my penis and introduced to pleasures of getting my butt hole poked as well. Finally, one day when I went to bed I saw her in her panties with what looked like white toilet paper stack in it. She explained that she got her periods and that she wasn’t pregnant!. She was mightily relieved. 5 days after that she didn’t have any pad and for the next one week she fucked blowing my brains out said she wanted to make up for the time lost. After the first week, she said that chances of pregnancy are high and she would blow me or get my semen out with her hands. She said having a condom in the room was risky as my parents would get suspicious. Next month her husband and her chatted and she wanted to move to Chennai with her family, in months’ time. Everyone was happy as to how she had gotten over the grief so well. Boy, if only they knew the real reason. That one month was the most heavenly for me. Since it was our close time together my Athai gave me liberties. I would fuck her every 30 mins in the night and during the day also, we would sneak out get a quickie. After the first week, we resorted to our safe techniques. The couple of days before she was due to leave, we had one intense night, our emotions go the better of us and that night I ended up fucking her 10 times in her pussy. She also completely forgot the safety aspect. She left for Chennai and my life became very dry in the bedroom and started focusing on my studies and did exceptionally well. A month later we got a call from Athai informing my mom that she was pregnant again. We all went to see her and she was glowing with happiness. When we were alone - she said that she couldn’t reconcile to sex with her husband a week after coming to Chennai when she didn’t get her periods, she tested and found her to be pregnant already, with my baby ! She said, after that I just imagined you and fucked your uncle twice. Now I am relieved, I can deliver our baby without any worries… I was extremely happy, every vacation I would go to her house I will fuck her brains out. I also became a very confident young man. Oh yeah, after our baby was delivered (a boy) both Athai and her husband were very happy. I again breast fed my Athai to my heart’s content. Now Athai regularly takes pills as she and her husband don’t want any more babies making things easy for me. I finished my studies in Engineering in Chennai got a very good job. When I turned 26, I expressed a desire to marry her daughter to Athai and after one hell of a fucking session and she agreed. It is very common in our families to marry Athai or Mama’s kid. Now my adventures with Athai continue, in fact before our First night, which happened in Athai’s house she fucked me explaining how there will be lot of pain for her daughter and how I have to be gentle to break her hymen etc. That led to a wonderful experience for my wife, who still thanks me for all the patience and understanding I showed. I am blissfully happy now. Two years into our marriage we decided to get pregnant and my wife delivered a baby girl. Now I breastfeed from her regularly. She fed me breast milk for almost six months after weaning off our baby…. Life couldn’t be happier for me, my Athai and my wife…

Khala ko apnay bachay ki maa banaya‏

Mera naam Zain hai. meri age 23 hai. Main aik achi build wala lambi height wala larka hoon. Main nein last year hee apni graduation complete ki hai. Aur main aaj kal job ki talsh mein hun. Ye kahani meri aur meri unmarried khaala ki hai. Meri khala ka naam Fatima hai aur unki age 54 hogaui hai iss saal. But pata nahi kyun unki shadi nahi hopai aur wo bghair shadi k hee burhapay k qareeb jarahi hain.

Fatima khala ki age to 54 hai lekin wo iss age mein b jitni sexy hain main kya bataun. Gora rang 38 size k breasts. halka sa pait nikla hua moti ass bhaari jism aur agar ye kahun k agar wo married hoteen to un k husband is age mein b unko roz raat ko chodtay to ghalat naa hoga.
main bachpan se hee fatima khala ko buhat pasand krta tha aur jab main buhat chota tha to mujhay yaad hai k wo mujhay apni bahon mein sulalaitee theen jab main un k ghar rukta tha. Fatima khala ki shadi na honay ki waja se wo nana k ghar mein hee rehti theen. maion bachpan se hee khala ko pasand krta tha aur un k sath physical relations bananay k liye 8 saal se bechain tha
ab ata hun main story ki taraf.
ye taqreeban aik maheenay pehle ki baat hai jab main nana k ghar (jo mamu ka ghar b hai) ruknay gaya hua tha. aur main jaise hee ghar puhancha fatima khala mujhay musalsal daikhay jarahi theen mujhe smjh nahi araha tha kuch but acha bhi lag raha tha. main bss smjhnay lga tha k aaj kuch hjonay wala hai.
fatima khala ka jo room hai usi k sath aik chota sa room aur attach hai jo b guest ata hai wo wahan sota hai to mujhay b waheen sona tha.
jab raat hogai sb nein khaana khaalia hum sb table pe bethay tha ahista ahista sb chalay gaye. main aur khaal reh gaye bss. achanak se khala nein mera right hand pakarluia aur sehlanay lageen meri halat kharab honay lage aur wo achanak se upar room mein chali gaeen aur lazmi baat hai k mujhay b usi jaga sona tha main ghabranay laga main jb rom mein gya to andhaira tha mujhay laga k khala sogaeen
jaisay hee main bed pe janay laga khala nein peechay se aa k mujhay pakarlia. aur meri chest sehlanay lageen aur kehnay lageen

 'Zain meri jaan tm kyun apni khala se itna dooor hogaye kyun??? main bachpan se hee tmhare baray honay ka w8 krr rahi hun plzzzz zain apni khala ko apni biwi banalo plzzz zain main tmhari hoon mera jism mera sb kuch tmhara hai. agar khala se shadi jaiz hoti to main tm se ab tk shadi kr chuki hoti zain mje kiss karo, kiss karo mjhy zain'

main apnay hosh khonay laga aur mjhay smjh nahi araha tha k kya karun....
main madhosh honay laga aur aik dam se palta aur khala ko kiss karnay laga.... hum sono 10 min tk kiss arnay lagay aur floor pe lait gaye...

main kehnay laga.... "khaala main ap se buhat pyar krta hun buhat ziada... apko apnay bachay ki maa banana chahta hun.. aap janam dengee mere bachay ko??????"

  khaala mje kiss krnay mein masroof theen aur phir unhonein meri t shirt utaardi aur meri peet sehlanay lageen.....main b hosh kho betha aur khala ko bitha k unki kameez utaar di. wo bss brazier aur shalwar mein theen aur phir unhain lita k unki shalwar b utar di
khala nein meri pant ka button khola aur underwear smait meri pant utardi..

khala k samnay main bilkul nanga laota tha khala khari heen aur apna brazier aur panty utar di aur mujh se poochnay lageeen

"Zain main aaj ki raat tumhari biwi hoon poori raat tmhare sath hun mujhay sari zindagi ka sukkon daido mera jism tumhare hawalay aao jo chaho karlo... main utha aur khala se lipat gaya.
hum dono pooray nangay aik doosray se chiptay huay thay...

main nein apni life mein kabhi koi aurat ya larki nangi nahi daikhi thee aur aaj mere amnay wo b  meri sagi khaala.... main daih k pagal hee hogaya main nein itni haseen aurat nahi daikhi

Khala mujh se kehnay lageen "Zain aur intezar nahi hota bss kardo mujhay ab 45 saal se meri wo jaga pyasi hai... mujhay choddo. mujhay pregnant kardo plzzz zain main tmhare hath jorti hoo mujhay pyar karo."

khala aur main bed pe gaye khala ko litaya main nein aur unki tangain apnay kandhay oe rakheen
yaqeen jano dosto unki choot bilkul tight horahi thee jaise k 16 saal ki larki ki..
main nein apna lund unki choot mein halka sa daala wo laraz utheen aur cheekhany lageen "Zain aaahaaa ahhhhh nikalo plzzz buhat dard horaha hai tumhara itna mota hai aaaah ahstaashsta main shadi shuda nahi hoon plzzz aram se.

main nein 5 second baad air zordaar jhatka maara aur apna 7 inch ka lund poora unki choot mein daaldia. wo itna zor se chillaiii k main kya batauun ansoo nikalnay lagay aur aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh ki awazain anay ageen but ab main nahi ruka aur jhatkay marnay laga 1 min baad unko b buhat maza anay laga aur wo mera sath dainay lageen aur apnay hathon se mere hips ko agay ki taraf kheenchany lageen aur kehnay lageen

"zain aaaaaah aur zor se aaaaah hhhhaaaaahhh ahhhhh uffffff zain main ab tmhari khaala nahi tumhari biwi hooon mujhay khooob karo itna k main kisi qabil na rahun.... meri jaan nikaldo aaaj
aaaahhh zain plzzz aur tez aaaj mujh sezulm ki inteha kardo"

main aur excited honay laga aur sath sath unk 38 size motay mammay choosnay laga buhat maza araha tha mujhay laga k main jannat ka nazara kar raha hu. 20 min krnay k baad main chootnay wala tha main nein khaala se kaha " main chootnay wala hun" wo kehnay lageen " main b zain main b chootnay wali hoon, zain poora paani andar hee daaaldo main tumhare bachay ki maa banna chahti hoon... mujhay apna bacha daido........ aur finally hum discharge gogaye.... main thak k khaala k mammo pe hee lait gaya..... aur thori dair baad jab dobarah jaan aee to hum nein uss raat 5 baar intercourse kia...

aur khaala k andar apna pani 5 dafa dala. aur ab khaal lahore jana wali hain taa k bachay ko janam dain aur yahan aa k sb ko bataingee k unhonein akelean ki wja se bacha adopt kia hai

Meri Behan Randi Nikli

Hy. .mera name golu hai.mai dlhi me rhta hu.or mai ye jo kahani batane wala hu wo bilkul such hai aisa hua hai mere sath..av mai btana shuru krta hu. Meri 2 behan hai ek ruchi jo mere se 1 year choti hai karib 18 ki hogi or ek behan hai mamta jo 29 ki hai.dono apni behan hai. . Mamta didi se mera bhai behan ka relation hi rha jasa hota bt ye sex jo hai koi bhai behan ni dkhta. .bat hai rakchabndhan ke din ka,mai bahar shehr m rhta tha bt es tyohar ko ghar aajata din v aaya tha.mamta didi ki shadi ko 1year hue. .meri didi shuru se hi thodi sexy thi es karan wo sex bhot krti thi. .uska figure kafi madmast ha.didi ka breast ka size to asa hai ki koi b dkhta to pahle unke chuchi pe hi najar jata tha.kafi bada tha..36 karib.or thodi healthy hai.gaand v kafi bada hai.wo adhiktar salwar samij ni to nighty pahane rahti hai..unka chuch bchpan me kai bar dkh chuke the jav nahati rhti thi or ek bar to sirf hum the ghr pe to wo naha kr aayi or pura towel hata di or ek do jhalak dikha kr piche mud gyi or bra panty pahanne tym hm kafi chote the halka halka yaad hai. .bda ajib lga tha didi ka asa dkhkr or didi ka penis ni tha so us tym hme ajib lga tha.bache the so kam jante the.didi sex m thi so mere samne pura khol ke kapda pahni thi. .

Ye bat ko lgta 9 10 year ho rhe hain..av didi kamse kam mere samne to ase ni krti thi. .bt avi v kavi kavi hm jav bed pe rhte lete to di aati or waha pe khada hokr bat krne lgti or mera ek hath unke chut me satte rhta to di or satati. .or dhakke v kisi kisi bahane mar dti to hath mera unke chut m kuch chla jata..mera v tite hojata tha..ek tym di ko rakcha bndhan se 1mnth pahle dkhe the ki ghr m koi ni aaye to dkhe ki di ka kamra andar se lock hai.mujhe smjhte der ni lga ki aaj fir kisi se didi krwa rahi hai.upar chadh kr ventilation se jhake to rum m halki roshni thi or 2 jawan ladka ek 20 ek 23 ke aspas ka didi ko pura nanga kr ke chod rha tha. .or di maje me chudwa rai thi.ek ladke ne apna lund di ke chut me mar rha tha ek di ke gaand me pelne ki koshish kr rha tha bt thoda mushkil lg rha tha.

Or di piche wale ka lund pakad kr apne gaand ke chhed me dalwane ka pryas kr rhi thi..fir jav ni jarha tha or di uska lund chor di to usne ek thapar jar diya gaal pe to didi or maje me chilayi to wo ladka fir ek thapad jor se mara to didi or aaah. .chilayi or uska lund pakad kr fir se apne gaand me dalne ka prayas krne lgi or edhar ek ladke ka lund di ke chut se bahar nikalne ka nam hi ni le rha tha.lagatar dhakke pe dhakka di ke chut ko apne hath se fad fad kr mar rha tha. .didi v kahti fuck me fuck me hard. .aah aah. .ye dkhkr to mera dimag khrav hogya. .

Jaldi se utr kr gya muh dhoya bthrum me chakr typ aane lga to pani piya then thoda relax lga.vishwas hi ni horha tha ki apni didi kisi gair mard wo v 2 2 ke sath ase bf typ sb m 10 15 mint lg gye to fir mai unke kamre ke pas gya to dkha ki gate adha khula ha or andar wo ladke log ni the.shayd sb ko shaq ho gya tha ki mai aagya jaldi jaldi chod kr wo log nikal gye the.jav andar rum me gya to di kambal odhe asi padi thi jase so rhi ha bt nind ni aarha..mujhe to bar bar wai seen ajata tha jav didi ko kase berahmi se 2 ladke thappad mar mar kr pel rhe the or di ko maja se halat khrav mai kuch keh ni parha di natak krte hue boli ki aagye chalo muh hath dho lo khana nikal dti hu.mane kaha o. Thik. .h hai.or waha se wapas muda jane ko to samne sofa pe di ka black bra n panto dono fekathua tha.mai smjh gya ki di nange hai.or choda ha so pura liquid lga ha uske body sb me.fir b mai waha se jhut muth ka natak kr ke bthrum m hath pair dhone lga to didi jaldi se uth kr bra panty pahni or n8y dal li upar se fir bahar ayi.or khana de diya.mujhe khana khila hi nhi ho rha tha.javran shaq na ho mai mamta kahi ki tm khao mai naha leti hu. .aankh lag gyi thi to so gyi so ni kahe thik ha.fir wo apna red bra n blue panty lekr or ek n8y lekr ghus gyi bathrum me..or adhe ghante se jyada der tak nahayi. .saf suf ki.jav tak mai khakr let gya tha. .

Us rat nind ni aayi.2 din tak dimag kharav rha mera. .fir mai ye sochta rha ki shadi ke bad v asa kase kr sakti koi ladki. .dhire dhire saptah bit gya fir 2 week.mai shehar aagya.uske bad pata ni kis kis se chudi.then rakchabndhan aaya or mai ghr didi v thi sb ne rakhi bandha pahle choti behan ruchi ne fir mamta di ne. .fir boli chloi gift hm kahe oh shet bhul gye.a6a bad me dedena mamta ne kaha.mane kaha thik din dopahar tak sb kahi kahi chle gye rakhi bandhne bach gye sirf hum or mamta. .2 bj rha tha.didi salwar samij me thi whit n green ka sadow bana tha.bra pahni thi to pura tite chuchi lg rha tha upar se odhni rakhi dono ek hi kamre me di ke phne pe bar bar kisi ka phn aata wo cut kr fir v aata to wo bahar nikal ke bt krne piche se chupke se jakr sunne lge wo bol rai thi. .ha yar aj to mushkil lg rha aana ghr pe bhai sb aaya hai..fir udhr se wo kuch bola to didi kahi. .ha yar mera v mud bhot kr rha bt kya kre. .fir udhr se kuch bola to ye kahi. .haan yar. .black black hi pahne hai or kuch smjh gye ki andar ki bat kr rhi..fir kahi a6a bad m bat krte or phne cut kr di.mai wapas aakr baith gya wo b aakr samne bath sb bat se mera v tite hogya tha n mud ho rha di ko kahe di apka odhni suite ni kr rha match ni kr kahi kyu hm kahe pata ni.hatao to dkhe.

To wo mera chehra dkh kr hata di. .bs uska chuchi ekdum tite ho kr samij par se hi bahar ki or nikla kahe woow. .kya mast lg rhe av.khadi hona to .to wo khadi kahe didi kahi kya kahe kitna hot lg sun kr wo b smjh gyi ki eska mud ha aj mujhe dkhkr then.kahi odhni rakhna parta hai yar eske wajah se or wo apne dono hath se apne chuchi ko pakad ke v smjhne lge ki ye b tayar hai.fir hum kahe are wai dono to ladki ko hot n sexy bnata didi kahi. .a6a kya mai hot n sexy lgti hu.mane kaha ha. .mamta kahi kase kaha se. .mai kaha pas jakr apka ye bhot bda hai.ese dkhkr or apka ye back v khub solid di v garmane lgi kahi a6a upar se kya dikhta ha andar se hna jaruri ha,hum bole ha or apka hai v or hum hath se unke back ko touch kiye or daba ke kahe jav apka kapde ke upar se hi ye hai to andar se to pata ni kasa hoga. .to di thodi muskurayi or boli.dekhoge. .ham kahe kya? To fir hasi or kahi dkhna hai kasi lgti hu andar se. .to hum bole haan didi dkhna ha plz dikhao na. .

To didi kahi ok bt kisi ko mat btana. .hum kahe ajtak kyakya dkhe hm kuch ni btaye kisi ko. .di smjh gyi ki unka kala kartut dkha ha kavi na kavi.fir mamta kahi ok n wo apna samij nikal di andar m black pahni kahe wow yar kitta bdha ha apka ekdum gulthul kr rha tha.fir apna salwar ka nada kholi or dheela kr ke niche khol di panty v black me tha. .av sirf bra panty me thi.av wo dikha dikha kr chalne lgi.mera mud garma gya etni super hot lg rai thi.hum gye pas me or kahe wow. .kya sexy lg rhi ho. .

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