Losing My Vrginity With My Servant

I'm a 21 year old gay guy, staying in Delhi. What I'm going to tell you, however, happened when 5 years ago, when I was 16 years old and all of it is true. I have not added anything extra since the story itself is erotic enough. I lost my virginity to a servant who worked for us then and still works for us now. I lived with my mother and father, and we had a full-time servant who stayed with us. His name was Ramesh Thakur. He cooked, cleaned, and he also served as a masseur for the family. I had always been a horny boy. Since I spent a couple of years in boarding school, I was aware about sex and also actively watched porn. I loved porn, and I loved masturbation. I had realized by then that I wasn't attracted to girls. I didn't have any idea about gay porn then so I just used to stare at the guys' cocks in straight porn movies. Slowly I discovered gay porn and once I did, my mind began to wander, thinking of all the possibilities, all the things that I wanted to do. I used to fantasize about getting intimate with a couple of friends, but nothing more. My friends and I used to be pretty open about sex. We used to talk about which girls they find hot, what they'd like to do to them and how. One day we were talking generally when I heard one boy mention that our servant was quite notorious for sleeping with women, that he had quite an appetite for sex. He was around 35 years old then and his family lived in Bihar, so I understood that he must need release every now and then. That day, for the first time I properly looked at my servant. He'd been around for over a year but I had never "checked him out", so to speak. Now that I looked at him, I was quite happy with what I saw. He was wearing trousers and a shirt with the top 3 buttons open. He was around 5'10" tall,;had short, tousled and messy hair. Very dark skin, the colour of black coffee. A sharply-angled face with a light stubble and a longish nose. He was slim, must have had a waist of around 30 inches. His arms were different from his slim body: they were thick and muscled with stubby fingers. He had a little bit of hair on his arms and chest. All in all, I liked what I saw. Come to think of it, he was quite handsome. I could understand why many ladies would be willing to sleep with him; I definitely would! The first time the idea of seducing him came to mind when he was giving me a massage one day. He'd lightly brush his hand against my penis while massaging my legs. I thought it was a mistake the first few times but it seemed more deliberate after every touch. I ignored it, however. A few days later when I was talking to my friends, I casually brought up the topic of my servant bedding women. He said, "Yes, he's had sex with practically every single woman in the neighbourhood, even a few married ones! I saw the nearby shopkeer's wife coming out of his room yesterday afternoon, fixing her sari as she came out. Ramesh bhai is so horny that he'll even do a guy if he gets the chance." Now I began to think that there was a real chance of me getting lucky with this handsome desi stud! I began to think of how I'd slowly unzip his trousers, suck his cock and then drink all his sperm. But I had to come up with a way to break the ice, to get him to have sex with me. I was worried he'd shy away from a gay experience. So after a lot of thinking, I figured that he'd love porn since he loves sex so much so I downloaded some porn on my laptop. Most of it straight and a little bit of bisexual porn. One evening, when mom and dad were out, I called him into my room. My laptop was on my bed with porn ready to play. I'd made a playlist so that after a few porn clips, the bisexual part would come on. I showed him the porn and asked him if he'd like to see. He looked really awkward for a second but then he grinned and said, "Aap ye sab bhi dekhte ho sahib?" I was nervous, stammering and didn't really know what to do. So I just stood there while he sat on the bed and watched the porn. Then the bisexual video came on and I was looking at him for his reaction. He didn't react at first, and then exclaimed in wonder, "Ladka log bhi aisa karta hai, ek doosre ke saath!" But then he kept watching. By now I wasn't thinking much. I figured I've gone through with this much, might as well go through with it completely. So I came closer to him and kept my hand on his crotch area. I said, "Dikhaao na mujhe apna." He didn't even seem to hesitate for a second and stood up, unzipped his fly and took out his cock. I was mesmerised, I was feeling slightly dizzy and light-headed, like I was drunk. I didn't even notice properly what it looked like. I took it in my hand and I vaguely remember saying "Kitna bada hai yaar!" Then after just holding it in my hand for a few seconds, I knelt down. He asked me, "Chusoge kya abhi?" I didn't reply and just put it in my mouth. I didn't know what to expect so I just let his meat stay in mouth for some time. It felt unimagineably erotic, having my servant's penis between my lips and on my tongue. It was pretty much tasteless, but the feeling was heavenly! Then when I took his hard rod out of my mouth, I stood up and he said, "Abhi sahib aa jaayenge, kal karte hain." And then he just left. The next day I was unable to concentrate in school. My mind kept drifting to my servant and his rod. As soon as school finished, I literally ran home and then waited impatiently to see if we would be alone at home. My dad called in saying he'd be late and mom soon left to go shopping. We were alone again, and my heart was pounding. I didn't know how to bring it up again with Ramesh, but I needn't have worried. The moment mom left, he entered my room asking me, "Abhi kijiyega sir?" I just nodded, and stammered a weak yes. He came in, sat on a chair and unzipped his fly. He pulled out his cock and now I got a really good look. It was just as dark as his skin, a very dark brown, almost black. His penis was circumsized. I could just about get my fingers around it, it was pretty thick, around 2.5 inches in diameter. It was around 6 inches long, poking out from his bush of pubic hair with a nice mushroom head. I asked him, nervously, if he could take off his trousers. He willingly got up and took them off. I saw these huge balls hanging between his thighs! I was hard instantly and the next moment, he was on the chair and I was on my knees trying to swallow his balls. I could only take one in my mouth at a time. There was a slight musky smell around his crotch and it turned me on even more. I took off the shorts I was wearing and started jerking off in between while burying my face in his scrotum. After getting my fill of his balls, I took his shaft in my mouth again. This time I really enjoyed his cock's round and smooth head. The feel of a hard rod with silky ebony skin over it sliding on my tongue, with the slight bump of a vein occasionally. I started sucking now, bobbing my head up and down on his cock. I was in heaven, again feeling slightly dizzy as if drunk. His cock soon became wet with my saliva. I started to get a warm, thick liquid occasionally on my tongue, which I later realized was precum. I was really enjoying it and slowly sucking on his cock, when suddenly he put his hand behind my head, interlocked his fingers and pushed my head down on his cock. The hard rod slid in and poked my throat, where it hurt slightly. I was uncomfortable but he grabbed my head and started pushing my head up and down at a pretty fast rate. I was choking in between and gasping for air, but he continued. I was beginning to panic now. I could hear the squishing and squelching as his cock flew between my lips, into my mouth and tried to go down my throat too. Mercifully he stopped. I pulled his cock out and just knelt between his legs, taking deep breaths, my own saliva mixed with his precum dripping in long strands from my mouth. His cock stood hard in front of me glistening wet after brutally fucking my mouth. He was panting and looking grim. I wasn't prepared for this animalistic sexual behaviour and didn't know how to react, but I gess I had little choice. He suddenly leaned down and asked me softly, "Gaand doge kya? Zyaada mazaa aayega, aapko bhi." I was scared, unsure of what would happen and immediately refused, and got back to sucking him. He persisted and asked me a few more times to try it once. I finally got too horny and once he suggested it, I couldn't get the idea out of my head of having this rustic, desi man fuck me like he fucked all the other girls. Now all I wanted was to have his meat pushing in and out of my ass, to be in his power, to be his slave, to have him break my ass in. I agreed and he lit up. He asked me to get on all fours, which I did. He spat in his hand and rubbed it on his throbbing pole, obviously too horny to get some other lubricant. He placed his cock head on my asshole and pushed with all his might. His cock popped in and GOD! The horrible pain made me cry out, scream and immediately move forward to get his cock out. I blacked out for a few seconds and I couldn't even breathe normally for some time, the pain was so bad. I gasped, "Nahi, nahi hoga, bahut dard ho raha hai yaar." He just said, "Pehli baar hota hai, phir dekhna kitna mazaa aaega sir." I refused to believe him. I was still coming to my senses, I didn't notice him go and get some oil from the kitchen. He rubbed it on his black cock and I must admit, his cock looked really sexy. Black, thick and covered in oil, I just wanted it inside me right then. I got on all fours again and he tried pushing it in. I was afraid of the pain, and I was right to be. The moment he entered me, I started screaming. "Aaaaahhh, nikaal yaar, maarega kya," I screamed but to no avail. This time, he had grabbed my hips and wasn't about to let me go anywhere. I was seeing stars in front of my eyes when I felt him pull my hips backward with a jerk. I was completely impaled on his black pole and I felt that rod slide up my ass. I felt the burning pain, as his desi cock pushed in, sliding along my rectum, opening my hole wider as it went in. I started thrashing about, the pain was so bad. He must have gotten annoyed since he pulled out then. I was relieved, but only for a moment. He immediately flipped me over on my back in one fluid motion and without warning, jabbed at my ass with his cock. His aim must have been good, because I completely FREAKED OUT! His whole cock, all 6 thick inches went in at once and I literally began crying, screaming like a woman in labour. I had tears running down my eyes, but he was just looking at his rod the whole time, watching it slide into my ass. He slowly pulled out, bent over and roughly pushed his tongue into my mouth. I suppose that was my first kiss. He held still for a while and I began to feel better during that time. But he didn't let that feeling last. He broke the 'kiss', took my ankles in his hands and spread my legs. He pulled out and started pumping his cock in and out. He was fucking me slowly, but it was still hurting like hell. It felt like my ass was on fire, stretched like it had never been stretched before. After a few pumps, he increased his pace. I started crying anew, tears not stopping. I said to him, between sobs, "Please yaar, bahut zyada dard ho raha hai, baad mein karenge, abhi please chhod de." He ignored me and kept on fucking me ruthlessly. I screamed everytime his cock pushed in. I once again pleaded for him to stop, and he said, "Saali randi, itna maza aa raha hai, ab poora karne de." I again began thrashing around and he finally withdrew. He must have been displeased because without even waiting for me to get up, he brought his cock close to my mouth and pushed my head towards it slightly with one hand. I wiped his cock with a cloth and gratefully noticed no shit. Just a little bit of oil and some blood which I assume, came from ass after his rough entry. I started sucking and he once again put his hands behind my head and fucked my mouth. I was gasping for air soon, but I decided that this was still better than having that thick meat in my ass. Soon he started breathing heavily, I heard him say, "Aaaahhh, choos mere lund ko, le muh me." I figured he was about to come, so I tried to pull away. He didn't let me, he pushed my head onto his cock and at the same time, thrust his pelvis forward to push his cock deep. The result was that he started shooting his load down my throat. I began to choke and cough and he pulled out, sperm still shooting from his rod. It all landed on my tongue, in my mouth. It had a salty, bitter sort of taste and I had no choice but to swallow it. Although I didn't like all the roughness, it no doubt felt incredibly erotic and arousing. He kept his cock inside my mouth until it went flaccid and then pulled out. He put on his trousers and said, "Mazaa aa gaya aaj toh." I looked at him, lost for words, feeling really weird. He said, "Jab ye lund aapke gaand mein jaayega na sir, tab aayega asli mazaa." I was unsure how to respond so I pulled on my shorts and went to the washroom to clean up. I was surprised at how sore my asshole was, I even had trouble walking. After this incident, I started experimenting with my anus. Playing around with it, pushing a finger in, slowly two and I started getting more comfortable with it. I was prepared the next time Ramesh and I had sex, and that was a much more pleasurable experience for me. However, that's a story for another time.

Neighbor Aunt and Her Maid Servant

This is Rajesh from Hyderabad. I am narrating my encounter I had with my neighbor Aunt, who was my sex partner earlier, which was already sent to KE for publication. After fucking my beautiful aunt, I fucked her maidservant Latha. This is happened recently on June 20, 2007. The fucking session is arranged by my aunt only. The encounter starts like this. In the afternoon, I returned to my house from my office, since I am not having any work in the Office. While I am reaching my house, I noticed that my beautiful neighbor aunt is stood at their doorstep. I gave a smile to aunt and she asked me to come inside of her house. I went there and sat in the sofa. Nobody is there in the house. She, with a naughty smile, asked me to come to her bedroom. I know her intention that she wants a fuck from me right now. She is a very starved sexy woman. As I entered into her bedroom, she locked the main door and moved along with me. After entering into her bedroom, she caught my hands and placed it on her big boobs and pressing them by placing her hands on my hands. I pressed her boobs and buts vigorously. I also pressed her hot pussy on her saree only. Now she is very hot and her eyes are looks like very much in drunken status. I slowly removed her saree, blouse and she is with her petticoat and bra. I also removed those and now she is in nude before me. This is the second time I am watching this beauty in nude. She took active part, removed my dress, and made me nude in front of her. Both are hugged, kissed, and swallowed saliva of each other. After kissing and pressing each other parts, I made her lie on her marital bed. She parted her legs widely and invited me to ride her. I moved on her and kissed her boobs and all parts of her body. I moved down, parted her legs and pussy lips, licked, and sucked it vigorously. 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She told me that it is extremely possible to watch a live sex, if I fuck her daughter virgin Jhansi or her maidservant Latha aged about 18 years. She confirmed that she had already seduced her daughter to go for intercourse with me. I did not believe that this matured woman seduced her daughter to take fuck from a man that too from me, with whom she had sexual contacts. It took 5 minutes for me to come to normal stage. I convinced aunt that intercourse with her daughter is wrong and against the society, and I can consider fucking her maidservant Latha. Aunt is very happy and making a way to fulfill her desire of watching live sex. She asked me to want for 15 minutes, by that time Latha will come to her house for cleaning. We were chitchatting for 15 minutes. After that, Latha came to her house and moved inside of kitchen. Then I observed her closely. She is medium in color, 5.4’ height with 30-26-34 size. 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Sexy Indian School Girl Mobile Number

First Name: Saniya
Last Name: Bajwa
Gender: Female
Age: 16 Years
Religion: Hindu
Marital Status: Single
Date of Birth: 05.02.1997
 Language: Hindi,English
Occupation: Student
Mobile Number: +91-9744498497
Company: Uninor
Address: Gorakhpur
City/State: Uttar Pradesh
Country: India

Horny mom and son discover heaven

I living in an Indian village named kuch it is situated in northern state of India State name is Gujarat in our culture incest is forbidden sin. But it happens in my life it is changed me all of sexual thoughts in my life. I never thinks it happens in my life. When the situations changed in my life I am 21 and my mom was 44 she is very sexy in that age 5 .7 ft. Height and 82 kg weight with big size boobs and heavy large as cheeks it is jiggling when she walk I looks it jig-jag moves from her back., it is hard on me every time I see that. Just more about my mom, She had a housewife and her skin was wheat colored. She had thick black long hair up to her buttocks, big mouth full of teeth and striking black eyes. Long and well shaped nose and small and sexy lips and cute redden cheeks and above mentioned boobs and structure that anybody looks she his cock will hard on without any sexual thoughts when I turn to mature (I mean sexual feels grown my mind) I Imagined my mom as my sexual partner I masturbates every time in my bathroom or bedroom with her fantasies The first time I saw her naked body was in an unexpected situation one day it was a Sunday My Dad and my sister had gone out of our cousins wedding anniversary. So me and mom alone I am in my room time was 11.30 pm my mom finished her kitchen work and go to take her bath (when she takes bath she sings any movie song slightly ,That is her hobby)I heard her sings from her bathroom I have long last desire to see her naked body. It is time for that. I got up and put on my half pants and T-shirt. I slowly opened my door and peered down the hallway. Mom was obviously already in the bathroom. I could see that the steam that was escaping cracked the door. I slowly walked down the hall as I directed the bathroom I just happened to glance through the crack in the door. There I saw Mom totally nude getting ready to step into the bath. Ho! It is getting blood pressure me my head is shivered with hot blood circulation heart pounding in like a drum beat sound I just stunned. My first look was at her ample butt as she cautiously stepped into the hot water. As she raised her leg, I could see a hint of her pussy lips. My cock suddenly jumped to attention. She turned in preparation to sit and I then saw her big tits with large round pink nipples. My eyes widened and quickly shoot to her hairy bush surrounding her pussy. My cock was pushing the fabric of my sweats to the limits. She slowly sat down in the tub and her lips parted in a deep sigh as she felt the heat engulf her body. Her head titled back and her breasts rose up as her long black hair cascaded over her back. I felt dizzy and confused. This was my own Mom here. But she was naked and she did not know I could see. Yet my cock was hard as a rock. Still watching Mom as she began to wash herself my hand instinctively went under my half pants and I began to stroke. I could see the beads of sweat on Mom’s shoulders as her body adjusted to the heat of the bath. She grabbed a washcloth and soap and began to wash herself. First, she went over her shoulders. Then she cupped each boob and washed underneath. I was feeling so crazy and stroking my cock felt so good that I had not realized that my half pants were now around my ankles. As I watched her breathe heavy and lift her legs up to wash I kicked my half pants completely off. I was stroking slowly but surely to orgasm. I did not want it to go too fast. My head was swimming with the vision of naked Mom as she washed. Accidentally I leaned forward and stumbled though the cracked door. Mom looked up at me holding my rock hard cock with nothing but a T-shirt. Her eyes were shocked at first then angry. “W-W-What are you doing?” She shouted But I was stunned because of her full naked body to facing me Again she shouted “W-w-what do you want?!” "I’m your mother. Go away go this is your mom! Oh! God what is this she cry and take her bath towel with shivering hands and sat on the couch Finally, I returned my normal stage then I suddenly know what is happen here I felt suddenly ashamed for what had happened I ran out of the bathroom and to my room. I quickly dressed and tried to get out the room. There was Mom blocking my way. Her face was flushed. Her bathrobe shut tight covered her body. “you, what I just did was wrong,” she said firmly, “I am going to have to tell your Dad what happened.” “What? What? No. No! Do not tell Dad! Please Mom!” ‘Mummy, I would never do this in future’. I had tears streaming from my eyes. Ok it is by my mistake “Oh god!” She exclaimed “I am so sorry; I have forgotten you at home. Oh my god I am so sorry!” She was crying and was having a hard time looking at me. She told me ‘son this is quite natural, when a boy turn to teenage. Why you will not do this. But do not do this too much. It might be cause of harm to your good health’. He remained silent. ‘Honey, you can finish the job, as you wish. I am leaving. I could not sleep all over that night. Only I was thinking of my mom’s naked body. How I can stop myself, stop thinking of this? I know this is strictly forbidden to have sex with own mom but I am doing lot of forbidden things, this will be a little addition with those-I tried to convince myself. The next day, all are gone to out when mom I and alone mom seemed to be escapist from me. I caught her at lunch and we ate together. Then I went my room to have a nap and at that time, she followed me. ‘Can I have some chat with you, Hon?’ ‘Yap, sure you can’. ‘How longer you are doing this?’ ‘For two years’. ‘Have you ever had sex with any girl?’ I ashamed, ‘No’. ‘Then whom do you imagine when you do this’. I kept silent. She ask again but he remained silent. Then she asked ‘any film actress?’ ‘No’ I replied. ‘Any sports girl’ ‘Nnnn’. ‘Any girl from your friends?’ ‘Nn nnnn nnnnnno’. ‘Then please tell me darling who is in your dream? More than one girl?’ ‘No Mummy, only one. She is not a girl at all, a lady’. ‘Then who is that?’ ‘I am sorry Mom, it can’t be told. I could never tell it’. I became suspicious. ‘Okay my sweet honey, let’s come to an agreement. I would never mind letting her name, whoever she is’. After a long silence my voice banged into my heart ‘its you Momma’. She lost all controls over her and hugged me with her chest and started crying. ‘I am sorry Mom, it hurts you. But I did not want to say. Please forgive your kid’. She could not have any reply but only cry hugging me. Then I stated in a mood of confession that I used to peep in her bedroom when she had started providing services at her home. ‘I can’t think of other ladies as I love only you Momma’. I think these words make her horny ‘I love you my little chocolate, I love you more than my life baby’. Meanwhile she felt that my tool became erected but she did not let me understand that she had felt. She put my mouth to her breast over the blouse ‘suck your Momma’s breast like you did in childhood, suck those, bite on those’. Surprisingly I started unbuttoning her blouse and bra and kissed her huge and hard nipples. I took one in my mouth as much as I can and sucked and tool another in my palm and rubbing. She felt that her pre cum juice licked up to her knees. ‘Suck me baby, suck harder. Bite those. Take me to the seventh heaven. Oh baby, suck, Oh yeah oh God, what a pleasure’. ‘Momma, you taste so good, I had never thought’. ‘Taste me more Hon, more and more’. She caught my giant over my boxer and then pulled down my boxer. ‘Hon, I want to suck your cream roll’. She took my giant into her mouth I suddenly felt her lips wrap around my cock. And sucked artistically. She pulled her lips off my shaft with a pop. “I want you to lick me and get me wet. Then you fill me with your cum.” Sure mom the hairy thing between your legs is swollen again. Is it swollen because you’re thinking about what a mom you’re going to be?" "Yes, baby. Thanks to what you just said, my pussy"s getting ready for some heavy-duty lovemaking." "Can I feel if it’s wet?" "It’s wet honey. Go ahead, you bad boy, you can put your fingers in me. Ohh, that’s nice.”, "Pull your fingers out of mom’s pussy now, darling and see how wet they are." "Ooohh mom," “You’re wet!" “Ooohhh mom. I love it!” "Would like a drink right from my pussy?" 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A tons of load and I drunk all of those and filled my belly with own mom’s juices. I took every drop of her cum. After the orgasm finished she tired with widen her legs I see the juices comes slowly from her lovely hairy pussy that I wish to see many years it is in my front of eye I wouldn’t believe there I was came I licked now and I liked the salty taste flooding my mouth. A few Minuets after We both went to the bathroom and got fresh. Then we lay on bed. She started kissing me on lips and then chest nipples. She told Me Love you so much my son I forgotten you very late no I never fail to spot you to any girl It made me hard-on again. I squeezed her nipples and sucked both. I kissed her belly, naval and again tits. She was moving to the extreme of joy. She untied her bathrobe. She smiled to me ‘Come on hon. You momma is for yours. Please acquire your asset. Come on hon. Destroy me with your massive rod. I cannot wait baby, come on’. She grabbed my giant and placed it on her pussy. I spread her pussy lips and guided my cock head into Her hot wet twat. “Oooooo fuck me good son!” I stroked slowly at first. It made a little pain her but she laughed to see my inexperienced action. ‘Bring it out darling and burry it slowly’. ‘Okay momma’. I took my cock off and again pushed it slowly inside of her wet pussy. She moved her ass to take it completely inside. I started pumping with a slow rhythm and a sweet sound was coming from her wet pussy with my every stroke. ‘Oh, Ah, baby fuck me, fuck me until I die’ she was moaning. It made me more excited ‘take it momma, your little pig is for you momma, take me in full, take darling momma’. She grabbed my ass with her legs I penetrated her deeper and deeper. Once I hit the hilt of her pussy, I started to increase my speed. I reached around to grab her tits as started to fuck her like a wild animal. I started to grunt. She was moaning and squealing. ‘Kick hon. Kick faster, crash my breast, and kill me my sweet flesh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me babe, ffffffffffffffffffuck me’. It took around half an hour. . I quickened my manipulations on her clit because I wanted her to cum before I did and I was going to cum soon. The second I felt her walls clench onto my dick, I heard her scream, "Cum inside me son cum NOW!!" But it is sin I know a son fuck own mother and also cum in her cunt where he came so want to cum in here mouth but how I say to her she is in the top of her orgasm she don’t allow me to back the rod. I slowly stopped and look her eyes she is partly closed her eyes here lips are shivering and murmuring son mmmmmmsoos son fuck me cum in to me I want your seed in my womb oh fuck then suddenly she opened her eyes what son why stop I want you seed in my cunt I Want its hot feels in my inner walls. But mom I like to cum in your mouth Mom. I want you to swallow my sperm I never cum in mouth of girl or Woman. 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Today is my momma’s wedding day I want to present something special to her because her man is not here Now (Sis and Dad gone out for one of our cousins anniversary previously I said that) I am the man of her pussy and whole body. This time a special treat I will give her early morning I waken up and wash the face, brushing and other daily routines done then go to kitchen there is momma-preparing break fast for us. She turned to me and asked me are you had a good sleep honey. Yeh. Mom it is a deadfall sleep long days after thanks a lot momma. Same as me too honey. “Happy anniversary Momma” I grabbed her big tits and kiss her lips like lovers. Oh than my dearest loving son, “What thing you kept me to as wedding day present. It is Surprise momma if you want this time I am ready. Sure, my son honey. Give it me. Ok shut your eyes momma she closed her eyes suddenly I lift her skirt she opened her eyes What you want hone this early morning what the prize you brought to me. Momma that try to shown for you What is my little child you want your momma pussy early morning yeah very need momma OK She lift and remove her dress and grab my hand lead to her bedroom. Then she lay down the bed and widen part her thighs there her heaven door is open for my rod the reddish colored thick lips invite me to fuck my cock is like an steel rod I won’t to wait I remove my underpants and T-shirt then climbed on her body. Oh honey no first fuck first take some outer play then only take it in your momma pussy it is the order to fuck a woman moved down to her pussy its musky smell kick to my head I like the smell of her pussy. I leaned over and licked one lip, then the other. She was so wet already but I had to eat this marvellous thing. Mom began to whimper, anticipating my hunger, her hands found my head and she began to run her fingers through my hair coaxing me to start feeding Her pussy tasted so well. I lapped at it like a kitten and ate it like a starving man. Her writhing form told me that my ministrations were just what she wanted and I had to fight to not grab my pulsing cock. I stuck a finger into her wet hole and then two. I could tell she was close to orgasm so I picked up the pace with my fingers and my tongue. When I felt the first clench of momma pussy, I locked onto her clit. I ran my tongue along her puffy slit, in the process stroking her clit with the tip, and began to lap at her inner thighs slowly licking the every trace of her wetness sticking to her thighs. I could feel the mind-blowing fragrance of her sex. I licked the slick hair covering her cuntlips, enjoying the taste of her juices. I loved eating pussy especially momma pussy tasted heavenly…that’s what I felt…probably because one don’t get a chance to suck his own mommas pussy...or probably it was more forbidden than any other pussy I had licked so far. She screamed, "OH MY GOD!!!! I am cumming, I am cu---mming NOW!!!!! Faster, faster, faster, FASTER!!!!!" I could barely keep my mouth on her as she bucked around. I had to grab her legs and hold on for dear life just to finish the pleasuring I had started. My tongue again travelled back to her pussy lips, sucking her bigger than average clit. Mother squealed with delight. I took her clit between my lips and nibbled at it…mother moaned and her body twisted with delight. Suddenly, her body stiffened…her legs clutched my head strongly…her body quivered with a radiant abandon. Her moan was so loud Finally, after what seemed like hours, she pushed gently on my head. Her cunt pulsated uncontrollably and she filled my sucking tongue with her fresh honey. I greedily sucked every drop of it. She tasted so good that I wanted to continue but. When her orgasm subsided, she body went limp. She released her grip from my head and lowered her legs onto the bed. I withdrew my head and looked at her…my lips were smacked with her heavenly juice, which I was guzzling thirstily. “That’s wonderful” I smiled at her, “Dad is a very lucky man, and I am also” She smiled back at me…breathing erratically…her eyes gleaming with strange glow. Then I told her “Turn mother.” I force her body on her sides and adjusted myself behind her. In the new position, I was facing her back…my cock poking into her anus. My hands slowly travelled to her buttocks, gently squeezing and releasing her tight melons. Her ass cheeks. That is large sized with orange colored I liked her ass cheeks when she walks its Jig –Jag Movement oh how many times I masturbate dreaming about her ass. Now it is fully naked in my eyes front I cannot believe They were taut and spongy. Again, I brought my lips over her one ass cheek and slowly bite it and licked the channel of ass and my tongue taste the salty taste of her anus I like it kissed her ass cheek hard. 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Dost Ki Behan Ko 5 Din Choda

Hello friends today like many of us even I have my own sex experience to share with you all. I hope you guys will enjoy it and this is my true story and small description is here who is what. I have a friend and this story is between his sister Asma and me and now let’s gets directly into story me Hamesha ki tarah friend se milne uske ghar gaya around 11am subah andar Jake maine friend kobulaya to uski sister asma ne bola ki bhaiya nahi hai to maine poocha ki kahan gaya to woh boli ki ghar pe sab ko nizambad gaye hai aur me akeli hu yeh sunke mere mann me pisal gaya maine bola ki kya me andar aa sakta hoon kya woh boli haan aao bhaiya phr maine poocha ki kab aayenge sab to woh boli ki 5 din ke liye gaye hai aur tabhi mujhe laga ki Yeh shayad acha chance hai Asma ko chodne ka phr me bait gaya aur baat karne lage bahot sari baatein kiya humne aur baat baat ne maine asma ko bola ki me tumhe kuch bolna chahta hoon woh boli haan bhaiya bolo to me bola ki pata nahi tum kya sochogi phr woh boli aisa kya hai me kuch nhi sochungi aap bolo phr maine usse poocha ki asma kya tumhe mere pe feelings hai kya woh boli me samji nahi bhiaya to me bola I mean pyar wale feelings to shock hogayi phr boli aap aisa kyun pooch rahe ho to me bola ki yaar ab me tumhe kaise bolo to woh boli aap bolo bhaiya me kuch nahi sochungi to maine usko bola ki asma me tumhe bahot pyar karta hoon yeh baat me tumhe kab se bolna chahta tha lekin kabhi mauka nahi mila aaj mila to bola, woh yeh sunte hi smile kari aur usse laga ki Maine nahi dekha uska smile aur phr boli aap yeh kya bol rahe ho me aap ko bhai manti hoon, to maine bola ki asma me tumse bahot pyar karta hoon aur pyar karna chahta hoon abhi, tum jab 18 saal ki thi tabse mere andar tumhare liye feelings jage woh boli bhaiya aisa nahi hosakta to maine usse poocha ki tumko mere pe feelings nahi hai kya sach bolo apne aap se jhoot Mat bolo pls asma sach bolo, to boli ki haan bhaiya yeh sach hai ki mujhe bi aap se pyar hai lekin yeh nahi ho sakta, aap hindu aur me muslim apna relation nahi ban sakta, aap mere bhai ko jante hona yeh nahi hosakta, to maine bola yaar asma ab tum hi bolo ab hum kya kare me tumhe pyar dena chahta hoon karna chahta hoon pls ab tum bolo me kya karu to woh boli bhaiya hum kuch nahi kar sakte humhare relation nahi hosakta kabhi nahi. Phr me bola ki tikh hai jaisi tumhari marzi aur phr maine bola ki asma kya tum mere liye kuch kar sakti ho to usne poocha ki kya bolke to me bola ki kya tum mere gf ban sakti ho yeh 5din ke liye to woli boli me samji nahi to me bola ki waise bi tumhare ghar me kooyi nahi hai aur 5din baad hi aayenge to tum meri gf 5din ke liye to ban sakti hona, to woh boli 5din Banke kya hoga to maine bola ki yeh 5 din me mein tumhe pyar karna chahta hoon kyunki life me iske baad to kabhi bi nahi kar sakta to yeh 5din to tum meri hoke raho na, woh boli ghar me pata chala to problem hogi to me bolo tum bologi kya to woh boli me kyun bolungi to phr aur kya problem hai asma please yaar asma 5 din meri hojao uske baad yeh baat kisiko pata Nahi chalega woh mana karte karte maan gayi aur boli tikh hai bhaiya me aapki gf banke aapki hoke 5 din aapke saath rahungi lekin kasam khao ki aap kisi ko yeh nhai bologe to maine bola ki me kabhi nahi bolunga, phr hum tv dekhne lage tv dekhte dekhte woh poochi ki aap ko mujme kya pasand hai to me bola your eyes your smile your hair aur me usko same thing Poocha to woh boli everything good nature dominant caring loving etc, phr usne poocha ki aur kya pasand hai mujhe to me bola sab kuch to woh poochi sab kuch kya, to me poocha wat sense u r asking bolke she said in everysense to phr usko bola ki tumhara structure aur i think tumhare figure 32 26 34 hai woh sharmagi aur boli aapka guess sahi hai phr me asma ke Kharib gaya aur bola ki asma ab to tum meri gf ho to ab kya me tumhe touch kar sakta hoon kya to woh boli bhaiya yeh 5din me aapki gf hoon aur aap mujhe apne gf ki tarah kuch bi kar sakte ho lekin haan sirf gf ki tarah yeh bolte hi maine uska hand touch kiya sala current laga tha phr maine apne dono haat uske kamar pe rakke usse apni or keecha aur bola ki kya me Tumhe kiss kar sakta hoon woh apni aankhon se haan boli yeh bolne ke baad maine usse pheli baar kiss kiya, lagbag 20 mins maine uske kiss kiya ur phr usse suddendly deewar pe dakha diya phr maine bina pooche uske boobs be haat rakha yeh dekh ke woh kuch nahi boli aur me apna kaam shuru kardi maine uske boobs ko press karne laga aur kiss karna laga, is Tarah maine karib 2gante tak sirf asma ke boobs aur kiss se khel raha tha, hum dono tired hogaye the aur usne bola ki bhaiya lunch kar lete hai bolke maine bi haan bola aur phr hum lunch karne lagi lunch khatam hogaya aur humne acha khasa break le liya tha phr usne bola ki bhaiya agar maan ko me aapko chance deti hoon abhi aur yeh chance sirf aur sirf ek hi baar dungi Yeh 5 dino me ki aap mujhe kuch bi kar sakte ho bolke to aap kya karoge to maine poocha ki as a gf? to woh boli nahi gf ke saath to aap jo kar sakte the aap ne already kardi to maine bola haan woh to hai to phr poochi ki kya karoge to maine bola yaar lite lo tum kar nahi sakti tum mujhe woh karne nahi dogi to woh boli aap bolo to sahi to maine bola ki agar tum mujhe abhi Chance dogi to me tumhare kapde utarna chahta hoon wohh bi pure, jism pe jitne bi kapde hai woh sab, ekdum nanga karna chahta hoon. tumhe puri tarah se nanga, to yeh sunke shock hogayi lekin control karli aur phr smile kari aur poochi ki haan aap mere sare kapde utaar ke mujhe nanga karke kya karoge yeh sunke me ekdum shock hogaya aur kuch bol nahi paya to Woh boli bhaiya bolo aap mujhe nanga karke kya karoge to maine bola kuch nahi karunga yaar, to woh boli dekho bi nahi kya to me bola dekhunga na asma to woh boli kya dekhoge, to maine bola tumhare nange jism ko jism me kya kya dekhoge, maine bola tumhare boobs tumhare shahreer tumhare boor sab kuch yeh sunke woh sharmagi aur boli aur kya karoge Dekh ke me bola aur kuch nahi phr woh boli phr aap mujhe nanga karke fayada kya hai bolo na bhaiya aap aur kya karoge yeh sunke me samaj gaya ki asma chahti hai ki me usse chodu, phr maine bol diya agar tum chance dogi uske baad to me tumhe chodunga, yeh sunte hi usse laga ki me usse pyar nahi karta aur poochi sach sach bolo aap mujse pyar karte ho na, to maine bola aisa kyun pooch rahi ho to woh boli me thoda shock hoon ki aap Mujhe chodna chahte ho to maine bola yaar asma me tumhe bahot pyar karta hoon, tumhare saath khelna chahta hoon,and infact me tumse shadi karna chahta hoon, shadi ke baad ladka ladki me kya hota hai woh sab karna chahta hoon me aur me to chahta hoon ki shadi ke baad me tumhe har raat chodu zindagi bar,har ek raat nanga karke tumhare boor ki chudayi Karna chahata hoon lekin me janta hoon ki yeh sab me tumhare saath nahi kar sakta,issliye aisa bola maine, bolo kya galat kiya to woh boli tikh hai, to phr maine usko bola ki me tumse ek baat poochu to boli haan poocho, to me bola tum mujse pyar karti hona to phr kya tum mujhe tumhara boor nahi de sakti kya, jo ladka tumhe pyar karta hai uske saath nahi chudvana chahti ho Kya, to woh boli bhaiya me aapko apna maan chuki hu lekin darti hu ki kisiko pata chala kabhi to prob hoga maine bola kuch nhai hoga, phr woh thodi der sochke boli bhaiya aap mujhe nanga kar sakte ho aur mujhe aapke jo mann me aaye woh kar sakte ho to me bola kya tum sure ho kya woh boli haan aap mujhe nanga kar sakte ho, aapki gf honeke nati aapko hak hai Aap mujhe nanga dekh sakte ho me apna sab kuch aap ko dikha sakti hoon yahn tak meri tarah se aapko permission hai uske baad me decision aap pe chodti hoon, maine phr se bola soch lo woh boli me sochne ke baad hi bola, phr kya me uske kharib gaya aur iss baar seeda uske petticoat me se haat dala andar aur uske boobs ke press karne laga bahot maza aarahai tha , Dheere se maine uska neeche ka khol diya aur bola ki kabhi socha nahi tha ki me tumhe apni haaton se nanga karunga, phr maine apna tshirt khol diya phr me usse kiss karte karte uska top aur petticoat dono ek baar nikal diya, asma ab sirt apni panty pe thi, uske boobs kafi bade the, maine ek kadam peech hata aur use upar se neech tak dekha uske boobs ekdum standard The kade aur phr maine uske saamene apne pant khol diya hum dono ab sirf underwear pe the, dono bahot garam hogaye the, maine phr usse pocha ki ab me tumhara panty kholne wala hoon woh boli aapki hoon aap jo chahe woh kar sakte ho, phr me kharib gaya apne dono haat kamar pe rakh ke uske panty ko khol diya, panty kholte kholte maine usske boor ko pheli baar Dekha, ek hole dikha uske legs ke beech me, bahot tension horaha tha, phr me utha aur ek kadam peech aake apni underwera khol diya , mera lund ekdum khada hogaya tha, maine asma ko bina palak japke upar se neech dekhta raha aur woh mujhe, uske baat maine sirf uske boor ko kharib 5mins bina kuch bole uske dekhta raha, woh ekdum chup chap kahdi thi, mujhe Bas control nahi hua aur maine bola ki asma aaj me tumhe chodunga, yeh 5din aur raat mujeh bas rokna mat bas mujhe tumhara boor chahiye phr woh boli bhaiya 5din me aapke saamne nangi rahungi aapka jab mann kare muhe chod sakte ho, aap mujhe kitne bi baar chod sakte ho yeh 5din me aapke saath sovungi yeh sab sunke maine asma ko bahon me nanga liya aur bedroom legaya bed pe lita diya aur bola Asma thanks tum mujhe apna boor chodne derahi ho, aaj pheli baar me ek ladki ko nanga karke chodne wala hoon, me uske lege separate kiya aur dekha ki lal boor mere lund ke intezaar kar rahi hai, maine kabhi bi aaj tak kisi ladki ka boor itne karib se nahi dekha, phr maine apna lund asma ke boor me rakh kar boor ke andar ghosa raha tha, woh bilkul nahi jaraha tha Maine dhere ek jhakta diya aur apna lund bahar nikala aur phr ke zor ke jhatke se boor me lund dal diya. ek min ruka aur phr maine asma ka actual chodayi shuru kiya, asma ke upar soke bi sirf aur sirf mera poora concentration asma ke boor pe hi tha, asma ke boor ko me stroke pe stroke de raha tha aur asma apni poori tarah se apni boor mujhe de rahi thi. asma Mujhe jitna uska boor derahi thi me utna leraha tha, aisa maine khari bina lund bahar nikale 4hrs sirf aur sifr asma ko chod diya, phr maine usse bola asma aaj tum chud gayi ho mere haat, aaj se me tumhe lagatar har din chodunga,phr maine asma ko chodna shuru kiya aur asma chud rahi thi, sperm nikal raha tha who woh boli andar hi dal do aur maine dal diya.iss Tarah maine 5din aur 5raat asma ko choda aur woh mere haat har din har raat chud rahi thi. maine bahot maza kiya 5 din me maine usse lagbag 100 baar choda, din me lagbag 20 lambe lambe shot marta tha, asma ko maine har ek angle me chod chuka tha aur woh bi bahot khush thi, 5din me maine 100 ghante asma ko choda. phr humne thodi baat karne laga woh boli Bhaiya aapne mujhe jo choda me kabhi nahi bhoolungi aapke 100 shots me aapka phela shot mera fav hai ab meri shadi kisi se bi hojaye aur mujhe koyi bi ladka chode mujhe fharak nahi padega. aapke jaisa koyi mujhe chod nahi payega maine bi uske bola ki asma me bhale kitne bi ladkiyon ko chodu lekin tumhare saath yeh 5din 100 shot 100 ghante kabhi nahi Bhoolunga,tumhare jaise boor mujhe nahi milega thanks for everything. aisa hamari sex story khatam hui lekin jate jate asma ne mujhe ek surprise diya wur woh hai uska phn number aur boli bhaiya me aapke saath shadi se ek din phele tak chudna chahti hoon yeh mera number hai aur mera college timings yeah hai aapka jab kabhi bi time mile aur lage ti aaj asma ka phr se Chodna hai to call kardijiye me aapke pass aajavungi apna boor leke chudne ke liye phr maine bola ki me tumhare college ke neech ek falt book karunga aur yeh degree ke 3 saal har din me tumhe chodunga me tumhe call karonga monday thaiyar rehan tab tak apne boor ko samaal ke rakhna.aur haan tumhare ghar walon ko kuch pata nahi chalna chahiye bye tc

Poongavanam Malayalam Kambi katha PDF

The Beautifull collection of Mallu Kadakal Kochupusthakam Malayalam Kambi Katha Pdf pictures and you can get many more Mallu Kadakal Kochupusthakam Malayalam Kambi. Kambi Kathakal: Read with enthusiasm for high satisfaction new malayalam kambi kathakal aunty stories malayalam kambi kathakal download masala stories malayalam free kambikathakal bollywood masala forums malayalam. The next year Ashley comes back again for an another leave and says that he has got back his girl none other than Anna's elder sister to whom he finally reveals his love and she joins him leaving the convent life. He tries to find Rasool, but is not successful .. Malayalam kambi kathakal ,kochupusthakam stories, mallu stories, malayalam thundu kathakal, vedi kathakal , kambi kathakal pdf.The rest of the movie narrates incidents happening around Anna & Rasool, their love for each other and those who are close to them. In the climax, due to some misunderstanding, Anna commits suicide, and this takes a toll on Rasool.

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Malayalam kambi kathakal Poongavanam

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Widwa Sexy Bhabhi Rehana Ki Chudai

Hi, I am Amit Mein Delhi mein rehta hu.aur Delhi ka hi ek 5 star Hotel mai Sales Manager hu. Aur 25 Year ka hu, aur apna Flate maa akala hi rahta hu,abhi mari shadi nahi huya hai, Mein ek jawan aur smart ladka hu. Kuch 6 mahine pehle ki hai, normally mein roz subhe 9:30 am per nikal jata tha aur phir Shayam ko 07:00 pm per ata hu. Mere samna ka flat mai Mr. Sharma rehte hai. He is a Advocate. Unaki ek mast si wife hai Aruna , jo ki unki second(2nd) wife hai sharma ji ki umar koi 40 ka paas hogi aur bhabi ji ki umar koi 25 ka pass hogi, who badi sa pyari si sexy si hai, aur colony ka hi ek school ma Teacher hai. Wo subha 8:00 AM per school jati hai aur 1:00 PM per ghar aa jati hai. Jab who subha school jati hai tho roz mai unko dakta hu, aur who ek baar mujha dakh kar halki si muskan jarur dati hai, pachla ek saal sa aasa hi chal raha tha ek din jab who sobha who school ja rahi thi tho maa apna gate per khada tha aur who apna gata per lock laga rahi thi tabi mari tawal khul gayi aur main tawal ka ander kuch nahi pahna huya tha, who mujha dakh kar halka sa muskarayi aur chali gayi, kuch din tak mara ussa koi aamna samna nahi huya. Phir ek din mara company sa off tha tho maa aaram sa so kar utha aur cigrate pina ka liya bulding sa bahar ja raha tha tho mana dakha ki who bhar jhadu laga rahi hai, kyoki us din unki servent nahi aayi thi, aur usna short T-shart aur short wall jence pahan rakhi thi. Jab who jukh kar jhadu laga rahi thi tho uska mast boobsss clear dikhai da raha tha, main unko dacha tho dakha hi rah gaya, us waqt woh mast lag rahi thi, tabi maa us ko touch karta huya waha sa nikal gaya, aur usna halki si muskan di, tho mujha laga ki kuch kaam ban sakta hai, phir kuch din ka baad ek din mai dophar ko office sa ghar aaya tho bhabi.

Ji apna flat ka bahat khadi thi main unko pucha ki kya huya babhi Ji, tho unhona kaha ki mari flat ki Key kho gayi hai, aur aap ka bhai sahib bhi, kisi company ki ordit ka liya Nanital gaya hai, tho main unko bola ki aap mara flat maa aajaoo mai kuch dar baad kisi chabi wala ko la aauga tab wo mara ghar mai agyi, Hum dono na ek saat mil kar cold drink pi, aur uska baad maa bathroom chala gaya, tabi bhabi ji na T V on kar diya, usmaa main CD per Blue Film laga rakhi thi, TV on kart a hi Bule film on ho gayi, main bathroom sa bahar aaya tho dacha ki bhabi ji film dakh rahi hai, mujha dakta hi boli ki kaisi-2 film dakta ho, main unko sorry bola aur TV off kar diya, phir market sa chabi wala ko la kar unka lock open kara diya, saam ko bhabi ji na mari door bell bajai, aur boli ki Amit Aaj shayam ko kya kay raha ho main kaha ki kuch nahi bas khana kha kar sana hi hai, tho wo boli ki aaj aap khana mara saat hi kha lo aap bhi akala ho aur maa bhi akali hu kuch compaly mil jaygi, main na kha OK, phir main unka flat mai chala gaya, aur wo kitchen mai khana bana rahi thi, mai drawing room mai tha, aur chupka sa unko dakh raha tha, tabi wo pacha mud kar mujha dakhta huya boli ki amit kya dakh raha ho, main kaha kuch nahi.tho unho na kha ki khana sa pehla kuch drinks ho jay, I say OK. Its good Idea mai abhila kar aata hu, tho wo boli ki aap ka bhai sahib ki rakhi hai, mai la kay dati hu, aur unho na Mujha Ek child beer la kar table prt rakh di, main kha ki aap nahi logi tho unhona kha ki mai ya nahi piti hu mai aap sa saat soft drink lugi, aur hum dono na saat mai bath kar kafi saari bata ki, tabi main dhara-2 unsa satna laga aur bilkul unka paas bhat gaya, aur ek haat ko unki baho maa dal diya, tho wo boli Amitttt kya kar raha ho.

Chalo khana thanda ho raha hai, mai bola ki kuch dar batho phir chalta hai, aur phir mai uske sath masti karma laga tha. Masti masti main un ko chal raha tha aur wo mujha kah rahi thi ki amittttt bas karo ya sab thik nahi hai,lakin mai apna kaam sa laga raha.phir wo bhi dhara dhara garam hona lagi, tabi usna mara pant per haat rakha aur mara land san-sann gaya land buri tarha sa bhar nikalna ko tadpna laga, bhabi ji pant ka upper sa mara land ko sahlana lagi, Land bahar nikal na ko bahab ho gaya, aur un hona mari zip khol kar mari pant uttar na lagi, aur mana aapni pant nikal di, aur underwear bhi utar diya, jab unhona mara 8 inch lamba aur 3.5 inch mota land dacha tho wo us per toot padi aur Land ko chusna lagi. Mai bhi use pakadkar kiss karma laga. Phir dhire dhire use chumata raha, jab mujhe ehesas hua ki wo puri garm ho chuki thi to maine usake kapde utarna shuru kiya. Usake kapde utarne ke bad usaki komal najuk jawani dekhkar main thodi der dang sa rehe gaya. Uska figure bilkul Ideal figur tha, uska figure yehi koi 30-28-30 tha. Uske boobs to bade chhote-2 aur gore-2 the. Uski chut pe ek bhi baal nahi tha aur gulabi rangi badi rasili chut thi. Phir maine mere saara kapde utar diye aur use mera lund apane muh me dal kar chus wana laga phir wo mera dick muh me liye 20 minut tak chusati rahi. Woh pehli baar ye sab kar rahi thi kyo ki sharma ji na kabi bhi uska saat aasa nahi kiya tha. Lekin phir bhi kisi tajurbekar ladki ki tarah ye sab kar rahi thi. Uski lund chusai mein hi mera pani nikal gaya. Phir mein uski chut chatne aur chusne laga. To woh chhatpatane lagi. Meine meri jibh uski chut me dal ke use jibh se chodne laga. Ab mera lund phir se lohe ki tarah sakht ho gaya tha ab meine use bed pe lita diya aur mera dick usaki chut par rakhkar dhire dhire andar dalne ki koshish kar raha tha. Lekin wo andar nahi ja raha tha phir thodi der dhire dhire karne ke bad maine uske lip per lip rakh ke use kiss karne laga aur ek jor ka jhatka diya aur pura lund uski chout me andar dal diya. Uske munh se ek chikh nikal gayi lekin mere munh ke andar dab gayi.. Ab mein thodi der uski tight aur rasili chut me mera bada aur mota lund dale huye bina hile dule uske upar pada raha aur uske boobs dabata raha aur use kiss karata raha.

Phir thodi der bad use jab accha lagne laga tab maine jhatke dena shuru kiya. Mein uski bilkul mast chut mein mera bada aur mota lund under-bahar kar ke use chode raha tha aur woh bhi niche se uske kulhe utha-utha ke maze lekar mujse chudwa rahi thi. Uske munh se badi azib si awwazein aa rahi thi. Woh moan kar rahi thi aur muje lalkar rahi thi. Aur zor se chodo apani rani ko. Amitttttttttttttttttttttt aurrrrrrrrrrrrr jjjjjjorrrrrrrrr saaaa karoooo ki puraaaa mazzaaaaaaa aajaya Aaj tumne muje suhagan ka maza diya hai. Ab to mein aur tum roz iisi tarah sa roz kiya karaga, Faad do apani rani ki chut ko,. Uske munh se aisi batein sun ke muje bada ashcharya hua leking takriban 30-35 minut use chodne ke bad maine apna pyar rus usaki chut main dal diya. Phir puri raat hum dona ek dusa saat nanga hi so gaya, aur subah ka 05:00 AM per ek baar usha aur jaburdust thokai ki. Aur phit hum so gaya, 08:00 am per mari need khuli tho phir hum lag jaldi sa frest ho kar anpa -2 kaam per nikal gaya shayam ko milna ka promises kar ka. Phir next shayam ko hamara program start huya. Us raat maine use bathroom me chalne ka ishara kiya. Wo uthakar bathroom maa aa gayi phir mai bhi bathroom aa gayi. Under aa kar maine use piche se jor se pakad kar uske boobs jor jor se dabane laga, us din uske boobs bahot hard the. Usne aankhe band kar di. Mai uske balls ko t-shirt ke uper se dabane laga. Thodi der bad ek hath se uski Capri nikal di uski chut me ungli dal di aur ungli se uski chudai karne laga. Thodi der bad maine uske sare kapde nikalkar bilkul nangi kar diya. Ab wo mere samne bilkul nangi thi. Maine apni pant ki zip khol kar apna lund bahar nikala to wo mera lund dekhkar wo phir pagal ho gayee aur ek hath se jor se mere land ko pakad liya. Apne komal hatho se mere lund ko wo sahlane lagi aur baad me niche baith gayee aur mere lund ko kutiya ki tarah chusne lagi.

Apni juban se wo mere lund ko chat rahi thi. Dhire dhire usne mer lund apne mu me lena suru kar diya.lund bahot hard aur bada tha uske mu me pura nahi aa raha tha. Maine uske bal pakad kar ek jaor ka dhakka lagaya, aadha lund uske mu me chala gaya, uske aankho se pani nikal aaya. Phir dhire dhire jyda se jyda lund wo mu me rakh kar chusne lagi. 15-20 min ke bad khub lund chuswane ke bad maine use ghodi banane ke liye kaha wo apni dono tange mod kar ghodi ho gayee. Is aasan men aurat ko bahut maja aata hai. Mai bhi ghutno ke bal baith gaya aur piche se apna lund uske chut par lagaya aur dono hatho se uske balls pakad kar ek jor ka shot lagaya uske mu se chikh nikal gayee. Mai apna lund uski chut mai aise hi dal kar uske balls dabata raha jab uska dard thoda kam huaa to dhire dhire apna lund under bahr karne laga. Wo dhire se boli ‘aaj meri sari pyas buza do’ mai ne kaha ‘aaj to tuze aise chodunga ki sari umar tu mera lund yad rakhengi’ use hard langauge ka maza aa raha tha . Mai use chode ja raha

Ab wo galiyan dene lagi. Apne husband ko ki uska lund me dam nahi hai , usne kaha ‘tum mujhe mere pati ke samne chodo kam se kam chudai kaise karte hai ye to use pata chal jayenga’ is tarha se mai use bahut tej raftar se chode ja raha tha aur wo badbada rahi thi. Sahi me dosto uski chut ka maja mere lund ko jo aaya na wo kisi me nahi tha . 35 mins tak uski chut ka kuchumber nikalne ke bad maine sara pani faware ki tarah uski garam garam chut me udel diya aur lund ko bahar nikal kar uske munh me de diya mera aur uska jo pani mere lund pe chipka huaa tha use wo icecream ki tarah se chatne lagi. Us rat ko maine use 3 bar alag alag tarike se choda. Uske badd jab bhi hamein moka milta hum ek dusre mein sama jate. Aaj tak meine use kitani baar choda hai yeh muje bhi yaad nahi hai lekin aaj bhi mein use bade pyar aur meje se chodta hu aur woh bhi chudwati hai. Agar koi ladki, bhabi ya koi bhi unsatisfied ladki/aurat agar khud ko satisfied karna chahe to mujhe mere mail ID: “” ya my no. Is
+91 9899295797 par contact kare. Aur Satisfaction ki puri jimmewari aur hamara samband puri tareh secret aur safe rahega.

நர்ஸை ப்ளாவுசை அவிழ்த்து விடுங்கள்

சுமார் இரண்டு மாதங்களுக்கு முன~னர் நடந்த ஒரு சம்பவத்தைக் கூற விரும்புகிறேன~.. நான~ அப்போது விடுமுறையில் வீட்டிலிருந்தேன~. என~ மனவி வயிற்றில் சிறிதளவு நோகிறது என புகார்செய்தாள். வலி பெரிதாக இல்லை. என~றாலும் டாக்டரிடம் காட்டுவது நல்லது என~று நினைத்தோம். நாங்கள் வசிக்கும் வீட்டின~ முன~னால் ஒரு டாக்டர் இருந்தார். இந்த அப்பார்ட்மெண்ட்டுக்குநாம் குடி வந்து சில மாதங்களே னதால் அந்த டாக்டரைப் பற்றி பெரிதாக ஒன~றும் அறிந்திருக்க வில்லை. இருந்தாலும் வயிற்றுநோவை அலட்சியமாக விட்டுவிடாமல் அவரிடம் காட்டும்படி கூறினேன~. நண்பகல் 1.30 மணியளவில் பிரியா, என~ செல்ல மனைவியின~ பெயர் அதுதான~, டாக்டரைப் பார்க்க கிளம்பினாள். டாக்டரின~ டிஸ்பென~சரியின~ முன~ வாசலை நெருங்கியபோதுதான~ வாசலில்இருந்த போர்ட்டை கவனித்தாள். கன~சல்டிங் அவர்ஸ் பி.ப 2.00 மணியிலிருந்து என போடப்பட்டிருந்தது. அவள் அரை மணி முன~னதாகச் சென~றுவிட்டாள். அவள் தயக்கத்தைக் கவனித்த அயலில் நின~ற சிறுவன~ ஒருவன~ டாக்டர் சற்று முன~னர்தான~ உள்ளேசென~றதைப் பார்த்ததாக கூறினான~. சரி, நம் அதிஷ்டம் இன~று முன~னதாகவே டாக்டர் வந்துவிட்டார்.நாம் முதல் ஆளாக டாக்டரைப் பார்த்துவிடுவோம் என~று எண்ணியபடி உள்ளே நுழைந்தாள். வரவேற்பறையில் ஒருவருமில்லை. வெறிச்சோடி இருந்தது. டாக்டரின~ அறையைக் கவனித்தபோது உள்ளே லைட் எரிவது கதவின~ மங்கிய கண்ணாடிக்கூடாக தெரிந்தது. உள்ளே செல்வோமா விடுவோமா என~ற தயக்கத்துடன~ கதவை மெல்லியதாகத் தட்டியபோது முனகல் போன~ற குரல் ஒன~றுகேட்டது. டாக்டர்தான~ உள்ளே வரும்படி குரல் கொடுக்கிறாரோ என~ற நினத்தபடி கதவை மெல்ல திறந்தாள். அங்கே கண்ட காட்சி அதிர்ச்சியைத் தருவதாக இருந்தது. அறையின~ அளவு பெரிதாக இருக்கவில்லை. ஆனால் ஒரு வைத்தியருக்கு தேவையான வசதிகள் கொண்டு அமைக்கப் பட்டிருந்தது. அறையின~ ஒரு பக்கத்தில் பெரிய மேசை ஒன~று போடப்பட்டிருந்தது. அதில் இரத்த அழுத்தம் பார்க்கும் கருவியும் கம்யூட்டர் ஒன~றும் காணப்பட்டன. மேசைக்கு வலது பக்கமாக மடித்துவிடக்கூடிய ஸ்கிரீன~ தடுப்பொன~றும் அதன~ பின~னால் பார்க்கக்கூடியதாக ஸ்ரெச்சர் ஒன~றும் உருளக்கூடிய சிறிய மேசையும் காணப்பட்டன. இடதுபக்கமாக நோயாளிகள் செக்கப் பண்ணும் கட்டில் ஒன~று காணப்பட்டது. அந்த கட்டில்மீது குனிந்து கைகளை ஊன~றியபடி ஒரு நர்ஸ் நின~றிருந்தாள். அவள் வெண்ணிற யூனிபோர்ம் கீழிருந்து மேலே வயிறுவரை தள்ளப்பட்டிருந்தது. அவளுடைய உடலின~ கீழ்ப்பகுதி வெளி யாகி அரைநிர்வாண கோலத்தில் இருந்தாள். அவளுடைய ஜட்டியும் கழற்றிவிடப்பட்டிருந்தது. மார்புப் பகுதியில் பட்டன~கள் அவிழ்ந்து முலைகள் இரண்டும் சட்டைக்கு வெளியே தொங்கிக் கொண்டிருந்தன. வெண்மையான டாக்டருக்குரிய சீருடை அணிந்தஇளவயது ஆண் ஒருவர் அவள் பின~னால் நின~றபடி முன~னும் பின~னும் இடுப்பை அசைந்து தனது சுண்ணியை அவள் புண்டைக்குள் உள்ளேவிட்டு, இழுப்பதும் தள்ளுவதுமாக வேகமாக இயங்கிக் கொண்டிருந்தார்.பிரியாவுக்கு தன~ கண்களையே நம்ப முடியவில்லை. அவர்கள் தன~னைக் கவனிக்கவில்லை என~பதை உறுதிப்படுத்திக் கொண்டாள். டாக்டர் கண்களை லேசாக மூடி அனுபவித்துக் கொண்டிருந்தார். அவர் வாயிலிருந்து இன~பமுனகல் வெளிப்பட்டுக்கொண்டிருந்தது. `பெரிய முலைகள் கொண்ட பெண்கள் என~றாலே எனக்கு கொள்ளை ஆசை என~று காமவிரகத்தில் புலம்பிக்கொண்டு டாக்டர், ஒருகையால் அவளின~ தொங்கிக் கொண்டிருந்த முலைக் காம்புகளை நசுக்கியபடி மறு கையால் அவளின~ மன~மதபீடத்தை தடவிவிட்டுக் கொண்டார். பிரியா மெதுவாக அறையை விட்டு வெளியேறினாள். இருதயம் வேகமாக படபடவென~று அடித்துக் கொண்டிருந்தது. ஒரு புதிய யோசனை மனதை தாக்கவே அவசர அவசரமாக வீட்டுக்கு ஓடிவந்தாள். அணிந்திருந்த நீளக் காற்சட்டையைக் கழற்றி எறிந்தாள். வசதியாக ஒரு குட்டை பாவாடை ஒன~றை எடுத்து அணிந்து கொண்டாள். தடித்த ப்ளவுஸை கழற்றிவிட்டு மெல்லிய மார்போடு ஒட்டி அளவைப் பெரிதாக காட்டும் சட்டை ஒன~றை அணிந்து கொண்டாள். அவள் செயலை அதிசயமாகப் பார்த்துக் கொண்டிருந்த நான~ "`டாக்டரைப் பார்த்துவிட்டாயா, என~ன கூறினார்"` என~று கேட்டேன~. `"இப்போதுதான~ போகப் போகிறேன~"` என~றாள் பிரியா அவள் கவர்ச்சியாக ஆடை அணிவது ஏதோ மாதிரியாக இருந்தது.`"டாக்டர் எல்லாவற்றையும் பார்த்துவிடப் போகிறார், கவனம்"` என~றேன~. "`போங்கள், டாக்டாரிடம் ஒன~றையும் மறைக்கக் கூடாது. தெரியாதா`" என~றபடி கண்ணைச் சிமிட்டிவிட்டு அவசரமாக ஓடி மறைந்தாள். அவள் ஓட்டிய வேகத்தில் குட்டைப் பாவாடை உயர, வெளியே தெரிந்த வழுவழுத்த தொடைகளைப் பார்த்து பெருமூச்சு விட்டுக்கொண்டேன~. பிரியா டாக்டரின~ அறைக்கு ஓடிச் சென~றாள். இம்முறை சற்று பலமாக கதவை தட்டினாள். வெள்ளை உடையணிந்த நர்ஸ் கதவைத் திறந்து வரவேற்றாள். சற்று முன~னர் டாக்டருக்கு கூதியை விரித்த அதே நர்ஸ்தான~. மார்பில் பட்டன~கள் இன~னமும் முழுதாகபோடப்படவில்லை. வீங்கிய முலைகளின~ பிளவு வெளியே பிதுங்கித் தெரிந்தது. களைத்துப் போய்விட்டதற்கு அறிகுறியாக வியர்வைத் துளிகள் அப்பிளவினூடே மினுமினுத்துக் கொண்டிருந்தன."`உள்ளே வாருங்கள்"` என~றாள்."`உங்கள் உடம்புக்கு என~ன?`""`நான~ டாக்டரைப் பார்க்கவேண்டும்"` என~றாள் பிரியா."`டாக்டர் ஒரு அவசர விடயமாக வெளியே சென~றுவிட்டார். இப்போது வந்து விடுவார்".` தன~ நீண்ட தலைமுடியை லாவகமாக பின~னால் தள்ளியபடி தொடர்ந்தாள்."`உங்களுக்கு ஆட்சேபனைஇல்லையென~றால் முதலில் நான~ உங்களை பரிசோதித்து விபரங்களை பதிவு செய்கிறேன~. டாக்டருக்கு மிகவும் உதவியாக இருக்கும்."` என~றாள் மேசையிலிருந்த மவுசை அசைத்து கம்யூட்டரை தயார் செய்தபடி.. அவளின~ கேள்விகள் முதலில் சாதாரணமாகவே இருந்தன. பிரியாவின~ பெயர் வயது போன~ற விபரங்களைக் கேட்டு கம்யூட்டரில் பதிவு செய்தாள். பின~னர் கழுத்தில் இருந்த ஸ்டெதஸ்கோப்பை சரி செய்தவாறே அவளை நோக்கி திரும்பினாள்"`இப்போது சொல்லுங்கள். உங்கள் பிரச்சனை என~ன?"` பிரியாவுக்கு தயக்கமாக இருந்தது."`உடம்புக்கு பெரிதாக ஒன~றுமில்லை. கொஞ்சம் மனதில்தான~ குழப்பமாக இருக்கிறது..."` என~றவள் " `அதாவது... தாம்பத்திய உறவு சம்பந்தமாக கொஞ்சம் குழப்பம்` " என~று இழுத்தாள்."`அப்படியா.. நல்லது. நீங்கள் இங்கு வந்ததும் ஒருவிதத்தில் நல்லதாகப் போயிற்று. எங்கள் டாக்டர் பாலுறவு பிரச்சனைகளைத் தீர்ப்பதில் கெட்டிக்காரர்.`" என~றாள் நர்ஸ்.`"ஆமாம். அதுதான~ நேரில் பார்த்தேனே`" என~று சொல்லவேண்டும் போலிருந்தது பிரியாவுக்கு. அடக்கிக் கொண்டாள். `சரி, உங்கள் பிரச்சனையை தெளிவாகக் கூறுங்கள்` சட்டையின~ நெஞ்சுப் பகுதியில் மாட்டியிருந்த பேனாவை எடுத்தபடி கேட்டாள் நர்ஸ். "`முன~பெல்லாம் கணவருடன~ உடலுறவு கொள்ளும்போது திருப்தியிருந்தது. சுகம் இருந்தது. இப்போதெல்லாம் அது இல்லை. உடலுறவில் இருந்த ஆசை அற்றுப் போய்விட்டது. ஏனோதானோ ஏன~றுதான~ வலுக்கட்டாயமாக ஈடுபடுகிறேன~. எந்த இன~பமும் தெரிவதில்லை`" என~றாள் பிரியா. அடுத்த ஐந்து நிமிடங்கள் அதைப் பற்றி மேலும்பல வினாக்களைத் தொடுத்தாள் நர்ஸ். கேள்விகள் வித்தியாசமாக இருந்தன."`கணவரின~ சுண்ணியின~ நீளம் எவ்வளவு? கணவர் வாயினால் கூதியை முத்தமிட்டு சுவைத்து இன~பம் தருவாரா? கையால் சுயஇன~பம் காணும் பழக்கம் உண்டா? வாழைப்பழம் போன~றவற்றை புண்டைக்குள் நுழைத்து இன~பம் காணுவதுண்டா? வேறு ஆடவர் தொடர்பு உண்டா ? கல்யாணத்துக்கு முன~ இளைஞர்களுடன~ உடலுறவு பழக்கம் உண்டா? வேறு பெண்ணுடன~ இன~பம் அனுபவித்த பழக்கம் உண்டா?`" கேள்விகள் அனைத்தும் தன~ சொந்த திருப்திக்காக கேட்கிறாள் போலிருந்தது. கேட்கும்போது இருக்கையில் நெளிந்து கொண்டாள். தனது புண்டையிலிருந்து வழியும் நீரை ரசிக்கிறாள் எனவும் புரிந்தது. பிரியாவுக்கும் புண்டையில் சுரசுரப்பு ஏற்பட்டு ஆசையுணர்வுகள் அடிவயிற்றில் கோலமிடத் தொடங்கின. முலைகள் குறுகுறுத்து காம்புகள் முறுகித் திரண்டு சட்டையை குத்தி நின~றன.நர்ஸூம் இதை கவனித்து விட்டவள் போல் பிரியாவின~ முலையை அடிக்கடி பார்த்துக் கொண்டாள்."இன~னொரு பெண்ணுடன~ இன~பம் அனுபவித்திருக்கிறாயா" என~ற கேள்விக்கு இல்லை என~ற பிரியாவின~ பதில் அவளின~ முகத்தில் வித்தியாசமான உணர்வுகளை தோற்றுவித்ததைக் கண்டாள் பிரியா."`சரி இப்போது உடம்பைப் பரிசோதிக்க வேண்டும். இப்படி வாருங்கள்"` என~றபடி ஸ்டெதஸ்கோப்பை அவள் நெஞ்சில் வைத்துப் பரிசோதித்தாள். பின~னர் சட்டைக்கு மேலால் தெளிவாகக் கேட்கமுடியவில்லை என~று புகார் செய்துவிட்டு மறைவுக்காக ஸ்கிரீனை இழுத்து மூடியபடி, பிரியாவிடம் சட்டையைக் கழற்றும்படி கேட்டுக் கொண்டாள். பிரியா பிளவுசை கழற்றினாள். அவளின~ அழகிய பருத்து திரண்ட முலைகள் வெளியாகத் தொங்கின. "`ஓ..பிரா அணியவில்லையா."` அவள் முலைகளை வாஞ்சையுடன~ நோக்கினாள் நர்ஸ். `"நானும் பிரா போடும் வழக்கம் இல்லை. என~ யூனிபோர்மே அவைகளை எடுப்பாக தூக்கி வைத்திருக்கின~றன. பிறகெதற்கு பிரா."` என~றவள் யூனிபோர்மின~ மேல் பட்டன~களைக்கழற்றி முலைகளைக் காட்டினாள். பின~னர் அரைகுறையாக பட்டனை மாட்டிக் கொண்டு பிரியாவின~முலைகளில் கைபடும்படியாக ஸ்டெதெஸ்கோப்பை மார்பில் வைத்து சோதித்தாள். "`ஓ.கே. சரியாக இருக்கிறது. ப்ளவுசை போட்டுக்கொள்ளுங்கள்.`" நர்ஸ் கூறியதும் ப்ளவுசை மீண்டும் அணிந்து கொண்டாள் பிரியா. நர்ஸின~ ஸ்பரிசத்தாலும் முலைகளை அவள் காம நோக்குடன~பார்க்கும் விதத்திலும் சிலிர்ப்பு ஏற்பட முலைக்காம்புகள் கெட்டியாகி குறுகுறுத்தன.`உங்கள் ஸ்கேட்டைக் கழற்றுங்கள். கீழே பரிசோதிக்க வேண்டும்.` பிரியா ஸ்கேட்டை கழற்றி நழுவவிட்டாள். காலடியில் விழுந்தது. மெல்லிய பான~டியின~ மறைவில் அவள் இன~பச்சுரங்கத்தின~முக்கோண மெதுமையைப் பார்த்து வாய் பிளந்தாள் நர்ஸ். நர்ஸின~ அடுத்த வேண்டுகோளின~படி பான~டியும் அகற்றப்பட்டது. ஒரு பேப்பரைக் கையில் எடுத்தபடி, "`இதில் உங்கள் புண்டையின~ விபரங்கள் பதிவுசெய்ய வேண்டும்"` என~றவள் பிரியாவை ஒரு ஸ்டூலில் உட்காரவைத்தாள்."`கால்களை அகல விரியுங்கள்"` என~றபடி கீழே குனிந்து இருந்து முகத்தை பிரியாவின~ புண்டைக்கு அருகே கொண்டு சென~றாள். "`கருத்த தடித்த மயிர்கள்` கையில் வைத்திருந்த தாளில் குறித்துவிட்டு `உள் உதடுகள்..ம்கூம்.. மயிர்கள் மறைகின~றன. பார்க்க முடியவில்லை`" என~றபடி எழுந்தாள்"`பிரியா.. கூதி மயிர்களைக் கொஞ்சம் கத்தரித்து விடுகிறேன~." டாக்டர் பின~னால் பார்க்கும்போதும் சௌகரியமாக இருக்கும்`" என~றவள் பதிலுக்கு காத்திராமல் ஒரு கத்தரிக்கோலை எடுத்துவந்தாள்.பிரியாவை பரிசோதனை கட்டிலில் படுக்கவைத்து கால்களை சாதுவாக அகற்றி கூதி மயிர்களை அழகாக வெட்டிவிட்டாள். பிரியாவுக்கு இன~பசுகத்தில் மூச்சு வாங்கியது. `இப்போது தெரிகிறது.` என~று புண்டையை கைகளால் மெல்ல விரித்தவள், "`உள் உதடுகள் சிவந்து வீங்கி உள்ளன. ஈரம் கசிகிறது`" என குறித்துக் கொண்டாள். "`வெப்பநிலை.".` என~றவள் மேசையிலிருந்த உலோகத் தட்டிலிருந்து ஒரு தெர்மாமீட்டரை எடுத்துவந்து பிரியாவின~ புண்டை வாசலை கைகளால் விரித்து உள்ளே நுழைத்தாள். அப்படிசெருகும்போது அவள் விரல்கள் புண்டையின~ உள் உதடுகளில் பட்டும் படாமல் முட்டிச் சென~றன.சில வினாடிகளில் தெர்மாமீட்டரை மீண்டும் எடுத்து கவனித்துவிட்டு `"டெம்பரேச்சர் நார்மலாகத்தான~ இருக்கிறது`" என~றவள் புண்டையை மோந்து பார்த்து விட்டு"`மணம்..ம்கூம்.. ரோஜாப்பூவின~ வாசனை`" என~று எழுதிக் கொண்டாள்."`இப்பொழுது டேஸ்ட்`" என~றுவிட்டு பிரியாவை அர்த்தத்துடன~ நோக்கினாள். காமமயக்கத்தில் திளைத்திருந்த பிரியாவின~ கண்களுடன~ அவள் கண்கள் மோதி சிலிர்ப்பை ஏற்படுத்தின. நர்ஸ்மௌனமாக பிரியாவின~ தேனொழுகும் பிளந்த மாங்கனி புண்டைக்குள் ஒரு விரலை மட்டும் உள்ளேவிட்டு ஓட்டி துழாவினாள். முன~னும் பின~னும் இழுத்து விரலை நன~றாகத் தோய்த்துவிட்டுவெளியே எடுத்து வாய்க்குள் வைத்து சுவை பார்த்தாள். "`டேஸ்ட் குறிப்பிடும்படியாகவில்லை. கை கழுவிய சோப்பின~ சுவைதான~ தெரிகிறது` `கால்களை இன~னமும் கொஞ்சம் விரியுங்கள்`" என~றவள் பிரியாவின~ தொடைகளுக்கு நடுவே கூதிக்கு கிட்டவாக முகத்தைக் கொண்டுசென~று தீவிரமாக ஆராய்ந்தாள். "`உங்களுக்கு ஆட்சேபனை இல்லையென~றால்...."` என~று கூறியவள் பதிலுக்கு காத்திராமல் சடுதியாக பிரியாவின~ புண்டை இதழ்களை பிரித்து பிளவுக்குள் நாக்கை ஓட்டி நக்கத் தொடங்கினாள். பிரியாவின~ மன~மத மொட்டை, உதடுகளைக் குவித்து கடித்து உறிஞ்சி இழுத்து சூப்பிவிட்டாள். காம வேதனையில் பிரியாவின~ முனகல் சத்தமாகஒலித்தது. ஸ்கிரீன~ மறைவுக்கு வெளியே, திடீரென~று கதவு திறக்கும் சத்தம்.டாக்டர் உள்ளே நுழைந்தார். பிரியாவை விட்டு எழுந்திருந்த நர்ஸ் "`உடுப்பை அணிந்து கொள்ளுங்கள். பான~டி அணியவேண்டாம். டாக்டர் பார்க்க வேண்டும்`" என கட்டளையிட்டாள். பின~னர் ஸ்கிரீனுக்கு அப்பால் சென~று டாக்டருன~ இரகசியமாக ஏதோ பேசினாள். பிரியாவை அழைத்து டாக்டருக்கு அறிமுகப்படுத்தினாள்."`உங்கள் பிரச்சனை புரிகிறது. நர்ஸ் ஏற்கனவே தேவையான அளவு பரிசோதித்துவிட்டார். இருந்தாலும் நான~ பர்சனலாக உங்களைச் சோதிக்க வேண்டும் இப்படி மறைவுக்கு வாருங்கள்."` என~று டாக்டர் அவளை கட்டிலுக்கு அழைத்துச் சென~றார். பிரியாவை கட்டிலில் முன~ஓரமாகப் படுக்கவைத்து கால்களைமடித்து அகல விரிக்கச் செய்தார்.`"உங்கள் செக்ஸ் உணர்வு எப்படியுள்ளது என~று முதலில் சோதிக்க வேண்டும். கண்களை மூடுங்கள்`" என~று விட்டு பிரியாவின~புண்டையை கைகளால் விரித்து பார்த்துவிட்டு மெதுவாக ஒரு விரலை ஓட்டினார். பின~னர் நனைந்த ஈரவிரலை வெளியே எடுத்து அதனால் புண்டை மன~மதமேட்டை மெதுவாகத் தட்டினார். விரலால்சுழற்றி வட்டம் போட்டார். பிரியாவின~ உடலெங்கும் மின~சாரக் கிளுகிளுப்பு அலையோடியது. கண்களை மூடி இரசித்தாள். விரக தாபத்தில் பொங்கி நின~ற முலைகள் இரண்டும் என~னைவிடு என~றுப்ளவுசுக்குள் நின~று போராடின. நர்ஸை அழைத்து `"என~ ப்ளாவுசை அவிழ்த்து விடுங்கள். வெப்பமாக இருக்கிறது" ` என~று கேட்டுக்கொண்டாள்.நர்ஸ் அவளின~ ப்ளவுசைத் தளர்த்தி முலைகளை வெளியே தூக்கிவிட்டதோடு அல்லாமல் கைகளால் பதமாக நசுக்கி விட்டாள். முலைக்காம்புகளை கிள்ளிவிட்டு விரல்களின~ நடுவே வைத்து உருட்டினாள். பிரியா காமவெறி தலைக்கேற நர்ஸின~ கவுனைத் தூக்கி அவள் மயிரடர்ந்த புண்டையை தடவ தொடங்கினாள். `உனக்கு அது வேண்டுமா ` என அன~போடு கேட்ட நர்ஸ் கட்டிலின~ மேலேறி கால்களை பிரியாவின~ இருபுறமும் போட்டு புண்டையை அவள் வாய்க்கருகே கொண்டுசென~று நக்க கொடுத்தாள். நர்ஸின~ புண்டையில் வழியும் வழுவழுத்த ஈரத்தை தான~சுவைக்கும் அதேநேரத்தில் தனது புண்டையின~மீது டாக்டரின~ வாய் இறங்கி நாக்கினால் புண்டைக்குள் துழாவுவதை உணர்ந்தாள் பிரியா. நர்ஸின~ பெண்ணுறுப்பின~ வாசனையும் சுவையும் தேவாமிர்தத்தை ஊட்டி விடுவதைப் போல் பிரியாவுக்குத் தோன~றியது. டாக்டர் தனது ஜிப்பை இழுத்து சுண்ணியை வெளியே எடுத்து இருமுறை கைகளால் ஆட்டிவிட்டு பிரியாவின~ கனிந்து விரிந்து போயிருந்த வழ வழ புண்டைக்குள் தள்ளினார். அவரின~ வழைப்பழமும் பிரியாவின~ பலாப்பழமும் சேர்ந்து பஞ்சாமிர்தக் கலவையாயின. டாக்டர் வேகமாக சுண்ணியை இழுத்து இழுத்து அடித்து அமுதம் கடையத் தொடங்கினார். ஆசை வேகத்தில் துடித்த பிரியா குண்டியைத் தூக்கி தூக்கி ஓழ் வேகத்துக்கு ஈடாக ட்டினாள். சிறிது நேரத்தில் சுண்ணியிலிருந்து அமுதம் வழிந்து பாலாறாக புண்டைக்குள் ஓடியது. சொர்க்கத்தின~ உச்சியையே கண்டு திரும்பிய பிரியா டாக்டர் சுண்ணியை வெளியே எடுத்ததும் நன~றியோடு டாக்டாரைப் பார்த்தாள். நர்ஸ் கீழே இறங்கி பிரியாவின~ முலைகள்மீது முத்தமிட்டாள். டாக்டர், "பிரியா, உங்கள் குறைபாடு நிவர்த்தியாகி விட்டது. ஆனால் உங்கள் நிலையில் இன~னும் முன~னேற்றம் தெரிகிறதா என பிரக்டிக்கலாக இங்கு பரிசோதித்துப் பார்க்கவேண்டும். இன~னமும் ஒரிரு தடவைகள் இங்கு வரவேண்டும் இப்போது போகலாம்."` என~றார்.

Enjoying Sex With My Horne Mother

Hello everyone, this is Raju age 25, working in MNC, Chennai, I have been reading Indian sex stories for the past 4 years and now I going to post my real life experience with my mom. My mom is very lovable towards me as I am the only son to my parents and I too like her very much. My view on my mom changed when I came to knew about Incest. This happened when I was 22 and my mom was 43. My mom is very fair, 5’4 feet tall and have perfect body, Her boobs are 38’ d and she has little tummy and that make her more hot. She is 65kg, so her body has enough flesh to arouse a man. I noticed, every man try to see her side boobs when we roaming outside for purchase. I started reading Incest stories, when I was doing PG. I was staying in hostel, so I can see my mom only once in a month. I started think about her and my sexual feelings got aroused; initially I ignored it and avoided bad thoughts about her. Now the time came to visit my home, I went and was greeted by my parents once. I see my mom my sexual feelings again started. She always wears saree, even in night also, as she is a traditional south Indian house wife. Every man likes to hug her and touch her ass. I too felt the same, while taking bath first time I masturbated thinking about her. I started seeing her assets, while walking I will watch her ass and used to see her side boobs in the saree. I stayed there for two days, Saturday and Sunday and I came back to hostel. I started masturbated daily thinking about her and while taking in with her home and I become nude and masturbate by hearing her voice. I become mad on her and 1 month passed again I went to my home. I felt like hug her and I waited for my dad to leave to office once he left, I went to kitchen. She asked me to wait for 2mins as she was preparing breakfast for me. I just went behind her and act like asking what she was preparing and I slightly made my body to touch her. I felt her ass it was like some 1000 volts current passed my body. Then I sat in the chair and while speaking with her and I was watching her side boobs, her boobs are invited me to squeeze and suck and I controlled myself and I said her mom, you looks beautiful she said are you seeing your mom first time and I replied but mom, now a days you are looking so beautiful then we both finished our breakfast and like this my week end was over while leaving I can’t control and I hugged her tightly and said I miss you mom. This is the first time I hug her in my life and my dick got aroused. I felt her boobs on me. She said me too miss you son and said if you are going far away from me only then you have thoughts of hugging me and she said this as a love on me and there is no bad thoughts in it. I was happy to hear this, because after this I can hug her and she won’t restrict me. I went to hostel and her hug disturbed me a lot. I can’t even believe that I hugged my sexy mom who is my dream lady now. I remembered her hug every day and while speaking her in phone, I used to say I miss her and I started calling her 2 or 3 times a day. She also loves to speak with me. My semester exams are over and holidays started. I am going home for 20 days leave. I was very happy, that I am going to be with her for continuously 20 days after my sexual feelings towards her started. I reached home and I hugged my mom. Had breakfast and dad went to office and I used to hug her whenever I had chance and was enjoying her body and one afternoon, while she was preparing lunch, I went behind her and hugged her from back by grabbing her waist. She shocked, but did not ask me to remove my hand. I was speaking with her in the same position for around 5 minutes. I got bulge in my shorts. She said now days you are hugging me frequently and I replied should I not hug you? Mom you can my son and I then kissed her cheeks evening we went for purchase and bought some dresses for her as well as for me. We are tired and slept next day, we just have a look on our newly bought dresses. I wear and showed to her and she also decided to wear her new saree. She went to the room and changed to new saree it was black color. She looks gorgeous. I said mom this saree suits you well, you are looking good she was very happy. I asked her to try another saree. She then removed the new saree, which she wore and I was stunned to see she was only in blouse and petticoat, what a sexy hot lady she is, her waist was amazing and her boobs are such a big. I am unable to control my feelings and I went near to her and made her to stand before dressing table mirror. Mom look at the mirror you are looking awesome. I placed my both the hands on her hip and pinched it, kissed her cheek and neck. I bought one hand on her boobs and hardly pressed my dick on her ass in a way that she can feel my hard erect dick then suddenly she pushed me back and said no Raju what are you doing, this is not right. I said sorry Mom, you have stunning beauty and by seeing you without saree and I can’t control, no men will leave you without hugging by seeing you like this mom, but you are my son. You should not have these thoughts on your mom and she wore the saree and left the room and I felt guilty and ashamed to see my mom’s face. We didn’t speak on that day and I was very sad and slept. Wake up late in the morning, she asked me to have tea, I again asked sorry. She told erase all the bad thoughts and concentrate on your studies but still I can’t, my dick was erect by seeing her. I asked mom, can I hug only once and that should be the last. He thought for some time and said ok and I hugged her hard, her boobs are pressed on my chests, I kissed her cheeks and pressed her ass, she said enough, leave me and I told 5 minutes mom, and again pressed her both the ass, I felt my dick on her pussy area over the dress as, I was not wore underwear, she felt my dick by having my hand on her ass. I asked mom don’t you like this can you feel my hard dick, she replied hmm. She got into the mood, I suddenly removed her saree and blouse and she was in her bra and petticoat. I kissed her boobs, she asked me to stop, but I kissed and pressed her boob and removed her petticoat knot. Petticoat was fallen down, she was only in bra and panties, her things were very soft and there is no hair in it. She pushed me, but she felt ashamed of being in bra and panties before her son. She shouted on me. I said please mom, no one will come to know about this and you too like this but she can’t accept it. I went near her and hugged her and toughed all her back. She tried to push me, and then I inserted my hand in her panties and touched her pussy. It was hairy and rubbed my hand on her pussy. She is not restricting now, closed her eye, I sat down removed her panties completely and started sucking it and her pussy was hairy. She moaned and encouraged me by waving my head. I was sucking for 10 minutes and went to her lips and kissed it and then I removed my dress and her bra. We both are standing nude in the dinner area. I was sucking her boobs and my dick was touching her things. She then caught my dick. I told and my dick was waiting for such a long time to touch by your hand. She smiled and squeezed my dick. Wow what feeling that was. I was in heaven. We then moved to the bed room. I made her lie on the bed and went on her and kissed all over her body. She was enjoying my lips touching all over her body. I made her to turn and went to her ass and licked it and touched her ass hole with my tongue hmmm my tongue was getting squeezed in her tight hole. I placed my cheeks on her ass. She was moaning aaaahhhh and I never be in bed like this. She then came over me and told you aroused my sexual feelings and sucked my dick. I did not think she will do this. She was sucking my cock for 10 minutes and told I was about to cum. She continued sucking and dropped all my cum on her mouth within 5 minutes my dick again becomes red iron and I went to her ass and kissed her asshole, inserted my tongue on her asshole and sucked it. She then kissed my chest and bites both my nipples, came down and kissed my dick and sucked my balls. I told mom, I can’t control anymore, I want your pussy now. She then lied on the bed and came over her and placed my dick on her. My dick kissed my mom’s pussy and I placed my lips on her lips and slowly inserted my dick on her pussy. She was biting my lips because of over enjoyment and after some hard push I made my dick fully on her pussy. I pushed my dick, I was in heaven her face was totally changed, she was in a full sex mood and taking her sons dick in her pussy. I started to thrust her pussy with speed. I was pumping my cock in and out faster and deeper hitting her pussy hard. She was screaming with pleasure. I fucked her for 10 minutes and I told mom, I am about to cum and I want to pour it in your pussy. She told yes my dear son, I too want your cum and I too cuming. I discharged all my cum on her pussy while discharging we both moaned haaaaaa mmmmmmm. We slept there for 30 minutes naked and again we fucked after this incident we used to fuck, whenever I am at my home in the absence of my father. While in the presence of my father, I used to hug her and hit her ass and she too suck my cock. We are fucking till now like husband and wife. She later told, now only she was enjoying the life with me both in bed as well as outside.

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