Hot Elder Sister and Me

Hi, This is Abhi(24) from Hyd.Here I would like to share my experience with my elder sister priya(32). The story took place when i am 18 and my sis is 26 years of age. My family consists of me,mom, dad, bro and sis. Bro is studying in Bits pilani now.He did most of his schooling and inter in hostel only, so its me and sis who will be at home.I am very reserved person from my childhood, as a result i didn't make many friends. I hardly have 2-3 friends.One day one of my friends brought a sex story in his USB and shared it with me. It was a steamy affair in a bus betweeen two strangers.I liked the story very much.I asked him to get more of such stories. It became a habit to collect a bunch of stories from friend and read and enjoy them. I don't have net at home so i never thought of asking for the source of those stories. After few months I got net at home and to my luck the dektop was place in my bed room other than hall. Then started my journey into the world of incest.I started searching in net for sex stories and that is when i was introduced to this site if I used to read all stories in this site but i donno why i like the stories in incest cateogy very much.In that category too I liked the stories between mom and son, younger brother and elder sister very much. As i said earlier i am very reserved as a result I have very less friend forget about girl friends. While reading those stories i used to imagine the girls in my class, some times teachers of me and aunts in neighbourhood.It went fine for few months finally my sister started coming into my thoughts. I used to read the stories and imagine my sister in one of those characters and used to masturbate and retire for the day.It is my habit for serveral months.My dads mom used to stay at our house for 6 months and my dad's brother's house for 6 months.Now my granny came to stay with us for the next six months. My mom asked my sister to go to my room and give hers to our granny.At first i felt very bad as I am loosing the privacy to ready stories and see some videos in my comp but my sister has a habit of retire early to sleep and get up early.So mostly she will go to sleep by 10PM and if she sleeps onceshe will not wakeup I thought of moving my timetable of erotic activities in net to late night. Now starts the actual part earlier my sister who is in my thoughts is now in my bed room lying in the cot next to mine. After reading those stories I used to go to bathroom and masturbate imagining about my sister. As my sister is staying in my bed room now, she used to take bath in the attached bathroom only so when I go for my bath I used to see her used bra and panty there slowly the things which i read in stories are coming live in my life. The eagerness to fuck my sister is increasing day by day but i was not dared to do anything which will ruin our relationship. After observing her sleep for a couple of months I came to know that she is a deep sleeper so i thought of feeling her slowly. One day after reading an awesome story between bro and sis i couldn't control myself and thought of starting my exploration.It is around 1 am, all are sleeping deeply, silence everywhere. My beautiful sister is sleeping in nighty.I slowly stepped away from my system towards my sister. First i kept my hand on her knee thinking even if she wakes up, it is not a wrong place to touch. Later i kept some pressure on knee itself to make sure that she is really asleep.Then i kept my hand on skin above elbow even then there is no reaction from her then i touched her cheeks still no reaction now i was sure that she is in deep sleep.Now i took some courage and placed my hand on her right hand is shivering as this is the first time I am touching someone there. I am able to feel the raise of her breasts. I couldn't dare to proceed further.I took my hand away and went to relieve myself.After that I couldn't sleep for so much time my heart is beating so fast,my hands are still shivering but something is different,something is good which is encouraging me to go ahead, but I didn't do anything more that day. From that day onwards I started feeling my sister.Day after day I used to place my hand gently more boldly on her breast. Once in a while i used to apply some pressure and used to feel its softness.Few days I used to touch her thighs, used to smell her armpit hairs. My next best feeling came when i touched her pussy over nighty.She has lot of hair there, it was so hot, I can feel the heat.This kind of small explorations went fine for a couple of months. One day she caught me observing her assets whenever she used to move around in the house but she didn't raise that topic before me. That night too i started a similar kind of exploration and it went quite normal as it used to go everyday but later i got to know from my sis that she was awake that day and observed what all I am doing with her. Even after that day she never brought that topic before me but she became a bit strict with me.She stopped sleeping in my room she shared her cot with granny. I was depressed but didn't dare to ask her why she changed her room or anything of that nature. Dad started seeing marriage proposals for sister.I thought i thought it is a permanent full stop to feeling on sister she was married to a software engineer in hyd only.One year passed, she is living happily with her hubby. My mom brought an idea of visiting sanghi temple along with my sis, her hubby and his family(only mom).My brother in law has a santro car.Now we all should go to sanghi temple in that car.My brother inlaw took the driver seat and his mom next to him. Now we 4(me,mom,dad,sis) have to adjust in the back seat of santro. I think god has listen to my,mom and dad took the three seats in the back row of santro.My sister arrived last after locking her house.Now she has to settle on the legs of someone in back row. My mom has some knee pain problems and my dad is also becoming old so sis choose me and she sat on my legs and her back is touching my check.slowly i started to feel the heat from her body. I stared to get the old feelings towards my sister.Slowly I placed a hand on her buttocks which are resting on my knees. I am very careful that she should not notice what i am doing but suddenly a road bump came and we all jumped a bit in that process my hand which was in the side of the buttock came below it she sat directly on my hand.She felt my hand and she rose a bit to allow me to take my hand away but I didn't, she again sat on my hand, this went for 2-3 times, Then she turned and saw me and she came to know that I am doing it wantedly. After i saw that she saw me. I took my hand away.she again sat on my knees but i feel that she is not comfortable as before.I didn't do anything for 5 min, later i kept my hand again to the side of buttock as before now she is feeling every bit of moves she removed my hand using her hand calmly but didn't complain anyone. I took this as advantage and i place it back again this time when she tried to remove my hand but i applied more force and pressed her buttock.she was tensed now but she cannot complain anything to my mom and dad as her hubby and mother in law are also in the same car.I took this advantage and stared feeling the buttocks.she is helpless and continued talking to all in car. I took my hand from side of buttock to stomach.after feeling bare skin on stomach i slowly moved my hand onto breast over blouse. To my bad luck temple came before i started pressing it. I cursed myself and got down the car and had return journey she sat next to her husbad and asked her mother in law to come to back seat. I cursed myself again but she turned back, saw me and gave a smile as if correct thing happened. I was relieved that she was not angry at me. Later when our house approached, my sis also got down the car and said to her hubby that she will stay with us for couple of day and come later. Her hubby nodded and left the place with his mom. I was afraid if my sister is going to complain about the incident to dad, but it didn't happen. The topic didn't come at all. I went to my sister when no one was around her and said sorry for what i did. She said its ok and she know that i am feeling her before marriage also. Then I asked, if you knew that I am feeling you why didn't you stop me? She said: I didn't bring it to your notice because, if i did so then we both will know that you have feelings for me and we cannot be like brother and sister and it is an awkward situation in which there is chance for a wrong to happen hence I didn't warn you, instead I kept you at a distance by sleeping with granny. I said: Thanks sister, One last doubt, she said: tell me I said: then why did u speak to me about the incident now, instead you could have kept me away as you did earlier she said: i was not married at that time and i am afraid so i kept you at a distance. Now that i am married i have nothing to worry about. I said: ok, good night and left the room. I went to my room and lay on my bed and started to rethink about the discussion which happened between me and my sister just now. It striked to me suddenly what she said she said, she is married now and was not worried about anything"what is that anything? Anything is, she not worried now even if something wrong happens between us. I immediately went to her room and asked her the meaning of what she said -- she just smiled and bent her head. I understood that she is ready to offer herself to me.I pulled her toward my groin by keeping both my hands on her buttocks. She is just smiling by bending her head. That’s it that is the start to my sexual journey. I immediately pushed her to a nearby corner where mom and dad cannot see and gave a lip to lip kiss she cooperated well still i was not sure of what happened just now so gave another kiss on lips but this time i had my hand on her breast and pressed it.she didn't object. Now I was sure that my sister was mine. I started lifting her sari there itself she stopped me and said about presence of parents she asked me to come to her room after everyone departed for sleep. At 12.30 in the night i made sure that mom and dad are sleeping and slowly entered my sister’s room.I bolted the door, she was waiting for me, I jumped onto bed over my sister and started a deep lip to lip kiss. I started pressing her boobs like anything she stopped me and said to do it slowly as it is paining. I slowly removed her blouse and took the right nipple’s into my mouth and started pressing the left boob.After sucking her boobs for 15 min I removed her petticoat and started to taste her cunt juices.I licked her pussy in such a way that she came before i inserted my rod into that hole. I ate her pussy for 10 min and then inserted my rod into it was a bit tight at first but after applying her cunt juices over my rod and it pushing it with a bit pressure it entered easily. I fucked her like anything like that night it is a start of our sexual journey. Every week i will ring her atleast once when our parents were not at home.She will take permission from her mother in law saying she is going to her parents house and ill come back after a couple of hours and we will fuck each other in that gap. I still fuck my sister whenever we get a chance. Has reading this story made you horny? Want to sex chat with real life hot women?

Anushka Sharma Figure Size

Born Name: Anushka Sharma
Nick Name: Anu, Nushie
Date of Birth: 1 May, 1988
Place of Birth: Bengalore, Karnataka, India
Sun sign: Taurus
Religion: Hindu
Nationality: Indian 
Education: She studied in Army School and graduated with specialization in arts from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore.
Profession: Actress, Model

Body Statistics

Build: Slim
Height: 5 ft 9 in or 175 cm
Weight: 59 kg or 130 pounds
Measurements: 34-24-36
 Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Shoe Size: 8
Personal Trainer: No


Parents Name : Her father is Col. Ajay Kumar Sharma, is an army officer and her mother Ashima Sharma is a housewife.
Sibling: Her elder brother Karnesh is state level cricketer and now he is in Merchant Navy.
Affairs: Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor(current).
Marital Status: Unmarried
Spouse Name: No


Early Career: She began her modeling career at the Lakme Fashion Week as a model for Wendell Rodricks’s Les Vamps Show and was picked to be Rodricks’s finale model at the Spring Summer ’07 Collection. Since then she has done campaigns for Silk & Shine, Whisper, Nathella Jewelry and Fiat Palio.
Bollywood Debut: Her first acting role was in “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” in year 2008 with Shahrukh Khan, second movie is “Badmaash Company”, third is “Band Baaja Baaraat” and on going. She always do her job perfectly and she is quite famous because of her acting skills.
 “I was only 15. I was told that I should walk just like I walk on the streets and that’s exactly what I did. Trust me it was really bad, but it was a great learning experience for me. I was very very very nervous; I started watching fashion shows and reading on fashion. Then I got really involved in it. And with the help of the models who taught me here I am. Now I think I can walk well on the ramp.”
  • 2009: Best Debut (Female) for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
  • 2011: Best Actress in a Leading Role for Band Baaja Baaraat
  • 2011: IIFA Award for Best Actress for Band Baaja Baaraat
  • 2011: GQ Men of the Year Awards Excellence Award

Anushka Sharma Facts, Hobbies and History

  • Her hobbies are dancing, reading, listening to music.
  • Her favorite movie is Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.
  • First time, she did ramp walk at the age of 15.
  • She was associated with Elite modeling.
  • She has worked with many big brand commercials like Silk & Shine, Whisper, Nathella Jewelry, Fiat Palio and Vaseline.
  • Her favorite actor is Shahrukh Khan
  • She has a great personality, super figure, good looks and confidence.
  • She use Sunsilk for her hairs.
  • She drink lots of water and take natural food.
  • She is also known as chulbuli desi girl.
  • Filmography

    2008Rab Ne Bana Di JodiTani SahniNominated—Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut
    Nominated—Filmfare Award for Best Actress
    2010Badmaash CompanyBulbul Singh
    2010Band Baaja BaaraatShruti KakkarNominated—Filmfare Award for Best Actress
    2011Patiala HouseSimran
    2011Ladies vs Ricky BahlIshika Desai
    2012Jab Tak Hai JaanAkira RaiFilmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress
    2013Matru Ki Bijlee Ka MandolaBijlee Mandola
    2014Bombay Velvet

Sonakshi sinha bra-breast size and latest hot-sex photos

Sonakshi sinha bra-breast size and latest hot-sex photos

Sonakshi sinha one the hottest and sexiest bollywood bebs. Sonakshi sinha's body figure is anough structured to keep boys in night of sleepless. Her born name is sonakshi sinha, and the nick name is SonaBelow is the mesurement of sonakshi sinha's body:
Height:5 ft 6 in or 168 cm

Weight:132 pounds or 60 kg

Bra Size:36D

Breast size:35 inch.

Measurements:35-27-37 in or 89-68.5-94 cm

Sonakshi’s father Shatrughan Sinha (also called “Shotgun”) is very strict and he doesn’t allow her to go on date with any guy. During the shooting of film “Lootera”, Sonakshi went on date with co-star Ranveer Singh on Valentine’s day in 2012, for which she was scolded by her father. By the way, her ex-boyfriend is considered to be Aditya Shroff (ex-owner of Fame Cinemas)

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Khala Kay Ghar May Chodai

Hi friends aap ki sexy Ghazal Ahmed aik baar phir aap logo ki khidmat may hazir hai. Meri pichli dono kahaniyon ko pasand karnay ka bohat bohat shukriya, mujhe umeed nahi thi kay meri kahaniya itni ziyada pasand kee jain gee, aur mujhe puri umeed hai kay aap log meri pichli dono stories ki tarha is story ko bhi zaroor pasand karain gay, ab tak main nay abhi 2 stories is naam se post kar chukki hoon Main Hoon Ghazal. aur Lahore May Mast Chodai. Abhi tak jis nay bhi meri ye dono kahaniya nahi parhi hain main unse request karongi kay wo meri in stories ko zaroor padhain takay aap mere baray may achi tarha jaan lain. Ab main aati hoon kahani ki taraf Aur ye kahani bhi main wahi se shuru karongi jahan main nay apni dosri kahani khatam kari thi, jab main Abbu kay sath Asghar sahib kay ghar se apnay ghar may shift hogay to mere din bohat bor guzarnay lagay, kyun main pichlay kuch months se musalsal chodwa rahi thi aur mujhe yaha aakar mera Ashgar Sahib aur Shabbir se contact toot gaya tha aurr ab main kabhi kabhi hi in dono se chodwa pati thi, kaha Asghar Sahib kay ghar may meri subah shaam chodai hoti thi aurr ab pura pura din bagair chodwaye guzar jata tha. Ye din meri zindagi kay bohat bor tareen din thay aur phir meri Khala kay ghar se shadi ka invitation aagaya, after one week meri cousin Noreen ki shadi thi. Meri Khala Faisalabad may rehti hain. Khala kay 2 hi bachay hain badi Beti Noreen 22 saal ki aur chota Beta Kamran jisi umar 15 saal thi aur sab usay Kami kehtay thay. Pehle to Abbu shadi may janay ko tayyar nahi howe kay abhi abhi main nay yaha join kiya hai agar chotiyan lee to koi problems ho sakti hai, magar phir mere israar par Abbu mujhe is shart par le janay ke liye tayyar hogay kay wo jald hi wapis aajain gay. Dosre din main aur Abbu Faisalabad kay liye nikal paday. Abhi sahadi may aik hafta tha. Mere aanay se Noreen aur Kami bohat khush howay. Khala bhi bohat khush thi mere aanay par. Khalu ko main nay note kiya kay wo bohat kam boltay hain aur wo bohat gussay wali tabiyat kay hain par wo mujhe ghortay rehtay hain. Khalu ki khamosh aur gussay wali tabiyat ki waja se kabhi mere dil may ye baat nahi aai kay Khalu mere baray may bura soch saktay hain. halankay meri jinsi bhook Khalu ka sehatmand jism dekh kar chamak uthi thi magar Khalu ki tabiyat ki waja se main nay khud bhi Khalu se dor rahi. phir Noreen aur Kami bhi Khalu se dartay thay. Ghar may sahadi ki tayariyan chal rahi thi. Abbu sara Din Khalu kay sath hotay thay. Khala nay Noreen ko kamray tak mehdood kar diya tha takay uska roop rang nikhar jay aur main shadi ki tayariyon may Khala ka hath bata rahi thi. Raat may main Kami kay kamray may soti thi shayad Kami ki kam umeri ki waja se Abbu nay bhi mere waha sonay par atraaz nahi kiya tha. 5 din tak to main nay apni jinsi bhook ko bardasht kiya magar phir mujh se raha nahi gaya. Khalu ka ghar double story tha nichay 3 kamray thay jis may aik drawing room aik Khala Khalu ka bedroom aik TV lounch jab kay upar kay hissay may bhi 3 kamray thay jis may aik Kamra Noreen ka aik Kami ka aur aik kamra tha jo is waqt Abbu kay istimaal may tha. Is waqt raat ka 1 baja tha mujhe neend nahi aarahi thi aur mujhe is waqt aik lund ki shadeed khuwaish ho rahi thi. Main nay Kami ki taraf dekha to wo bilkul be sud soraha tha, wese bhi Kami abhi kam umer tha par jab kuch na ho to joo bhi milay kaam chal hi jata hai, mujhe becheni honay lagee to main bekaraar hokar kamray se nikal aai, sab se pehle main nay Abbu kay kamray may jhanka to wo be khabar so rahay thay, phir main nay Noreen kay kamray may jhanka to us kay kamray may bhi andhera tha, main nichay aagai, main Kitchen may ghuss gai aur koi aesi cheez talash karnay lagi jis ko main apni choot may daal sakon, phir mujhe aik mombatti mil gai jis ki lambai 7 inch aur motai 2 inch thi, main nay jaldi se wo utha lee. Phir jab may wapis upar janay lagi to mujhe Khala aur Khalu kay kamray may se halki halki roshni bahar aati hoi dekhai di. Raat kay is waqt kamray may roshni kay honay ka ye hi matlab tha kay andar Khala aur Khalu jaag rahay hain. Main samajh gai kay is waqt kamray may kiya ho raha hoga. Main ahista se kamray kay nazdeek gai to mujhe Khala ki siskariyan bahar aati hoi mehsoos hoi main muskara di aur main nay key hole se aankh laga di. Andar ka manzar dekh kar mere jism may chontiyan si rengnay lagee. Andar Khala aur Khalu bilkul nangay thay. Khalu nay Khala ko bed par litaya howa tha aur unho nay Khala ki tangain utha kar apnay kandhon par rakhi hoi thi aur khud wo pura Khala kay upar jhokay howay thay aur khoob zor o shur se jhatkay maar rahay thay, Khala bilkul gathri si bani hoi thi. Mujhe saaf mehsoos horaha tha kay ab Khala ka jism dhal chukka hai, jabkay Khalu bilkul nojawanon ki tarha sehatmand thay, Khala Khalu kay shandaar jhatkay bardasht nahi kar pa rahi thi aur buri tarha se machal rahi thi aur sisak rahi thi, phir aakhir kaar jab Khala se bardasht nahi hosaka to wo mannat bharay lehjay may boli, bas karo Noreen kay Abba bas ab mujh may tumhara lund bardasht karnay ki himmat nahi hai, main ab budhya hogai hoon mere haal par reham karo ab mujh se aur bardasht nahi hoga. Khalu nay aik karara jhatka maara jis se Khala ki cheekh nikal gai, Khalu hans kar bolay, bas begum sahiba itni jaldi himmat haar gai abhi to main aik baar bhi farig nahi howa. Khala boli, array tum so jawanon kay aik jawan ho magar mera to jism dhal gaya hai ab mujhe bakhs do tum to apni zaroorat randiyon ko chod kar puri kar letay ho bas ab mujhe maaf kardo meri bhudhi haddiyan ye zulum bardasht nahi kar sakti. Khalu bolay, mujhe randiyon ko chod kar sakoon nahi milta, mere lund ki pyaas nahi bhujti randiyon ko chod kar, mujhe to chodnay kay liye koi gharelu larki chahiye. Khala machal kar boli to main aur kiya karon tumhare lund kay liye. Khalu nay kaha, Begum tumne mere liye kisi larki ka intizaam karna hai. Khala nay heirat se kaha, magar main kisi larki ka intizaam kaha se karon? Khalu nay kaha, Begum tum kar sakti ho. Khala phir boli, main kaha se karon tum hi koi larski bata do. Khalu kuch dair khamosh rahay aur phir bolay, tumhara Ghazal kay baray may kiya khayaal hai, jab se wo aai hai mere lund ki khujli usay dekh kar badh gai hai. Khalu ki baat sunkar Khala ki aankhain phaat gai aur wo boli, kiya keh rahay ho Noreen kay Abba Ghazal Noreen se bhi choti hai aur tum uskay Khalu ho kuch sharam karo. Khalu ki baat sunkar mujhe bhi jhatka laga aur meri choot ki khujli kuch aur baadh gai. Khalu kehnay lagay, mujhe pata hai kay Ghazal meri Bhanji hai par wo bohat Sexy hai tumne kabhi uskay jism ko gor se dekha hai kitnay baday baday mammay hai Sali kay aur kitni patli si kamar hai aur chutar dekhay kese gol hain bahar ko niklay howe main jab bhi usay dekhta hoon mera to lund hi khada hojata hai. Khalu kay mou se apni tareef sunkar main muskaranay lagi. Khala tinak kar boli, aay hay tumhara lund to ghadi ko dekh kar bhi khada hojata hai tum to ho hi itnay tharki. Khalu hansay aur bolay, ha main tharki hoon par tum kuch karo warna kisi din mujh se bardasht nahi howa to usko sab kay samnay hi pakad kar chodonga. Khala nay kaha, kesi besharmi ki baatain kar rahay ho ghar may Ghazal ka Baap Ahmed Ali bhi hai, tum shadi tak sabar karo main shadi kay baad Ghazal ko rok longi phir main kisi ki mayyat ka bahana bana kar 3, 4 din kay liye Kami ko lekar kisi rishtay daar kay ghar chali jaon gi phir ghar may tum aur Ghazal hi hogay phir tum usko chod kar apnay lund ki khujli mita lena. Khalu nay kaha, ye to baad ki baat hai par main abhi kese apnay lund ki khujli mitaon, mera lund to abhi aik baar bhi farig nahi huwa aur tum thandi hogi ho. Khala boli, aese main choos choos kar farig kar deti hoon aur tum kuch din sabar karlo. Khala ki baat sunkar Khalu nay apna lund Khala ki choot may se nikaal to main Khalu ka lund dekh kar betaab hogai. Khalu ka lund koi 11 inch lamba aur 3.5 inch mota tha. Khalu Khala kay seenay par beth gay phir unho nay Khala kay dono mammo kay darmiyan apna lund rakha to unka lund Khala kay mou kay upar tak janay laga. Khala nay unka lund apnay mou may le liya uskay baad Khalu nay apnay lund par khala kay dono mammo ko dabaya aur phir wo teezi se apna lund Khala kay mammo ko chodtay howay unkay mou may andar bahar karnay lagay. Mere dil chah raha tha kay Khala ko hata kar khud Khalu kay nichay let jaon aur bolu “li jiye Khalu Jan aap kay lund kay liye aap ki Bhanji ki choot hazir hai jitna chahay isay chodain aur apni pyaas bhujain” par main is waqt andar nahi ja sakti thi par main nay soch liya tha kay main shadi se pehle khud hi Khalu ko moka zaroor dongi kyun Khalu se ziyada main betaab thi unsay chodwanay kay liye. Meri choot may ab bohat jalan honay lagi thi aur mujhe ye jalan mitani thi is liye main waha se hat gai aur Kami kay kamray may wapis aagai. Kami abhi tak bekhabar so raha tha. Main nay light jala di aur apnay saray kapday utaar kar nangi hogai, uskay baad main bistar par let gai aur phir main nay mombatti apni choot may aik jhatkay se ghusa di, mujhe takleef to bohat hoi par main nay fikar nahi kari aur teezi se mombatti ko apni choot may andar bahar karnay lagi. Mujhe mombatti se lund jesa maza to nahi mil raha tha magar phir bhi mujhe kafi lazzat mil rahi thi, lazzat kay maray meri ankhain band hogai aur main Khalu kay baray may sochti hoi lazzat bhari siskariyan lenay lagi. Kafi dair tak main apni choot may mombatti chalati rahi phir jab main farig hogai to main nay apni ankhain kholi phir jab may nay Kami ki taraf dekha to main be sudh hogai kyun kay Kami Jaag raha tha uska nekar utra howa tha aur wo apnay lund ko sehlata howa mujhe dekh raha tha. Pehle to main Kami ko dekh kar ghabrai aur phir jab may nay uska lund dekha to meri aankhon may chamak aagai kyun kay Kami ka lund 15 saal ki umar may bhi 7 inch lamba aur 2 inch mota tha, shayad ye Khalu ka asar tha kay uska lund is umar may bhi itna bada tha. Main boli, Kia dekh rahay ho Kami? Kami nay kaha, aap ye mombatti apni choot may kyun daal rahi thi. Choot ka sunkar mujhe jhatka laga aur main boli, tumhe kese pata kay is ko choot kehtay hain aur ye tum nay apnay lund ko kyun sehla rahay thay. Meri baat sunkar Kami ghabra gaya aur phir wo bola, wo wo Ghazal baji main nay do teen baar Abbu ko apna Lund Ammi ki choot may daaltay howay dekha hai aur jab hi mujhe pata chala tha kay isay choot kehtay hain. Main nay kaha ab ye batao tum nay apni nekar utar kar apna lund kyun bahar nikala hai. Kami phir ghabra kar bola, wo Ghazal Baji jab aap mombatti apni choot may daal rahi thi to mujhe bohat acha lag raha tha is liye mera lund khada hogaya. Main muskarai aur boli, acha ye batao kay jab tum nay apnay Abbu ko unka lund tumhari Ammi ki choot may daaltay howay dekha tha to tumhe kesa laga tha? Ab Kami ki himmat badhi aur wo bola, Ghazal Baji mujhe us waqt bhi bohat maza aaya tha aur mera dil chah raha tha kay main bhi apna lund kisi ki choot may daal du. Main muskarai aur boli, agar main ye bolon kay tum apna lund meri choot may daal do to. Kami meri baat se khush howa aur bola, Ghazal Baji agar aap nay mujhe aesa karnay diya to main aap ki har baat manonga aur jo aap bolo gi main wesa hi karon ga. Main hansi aur boli bas meri ziyada khushamad karnay ki zarorat nahi hai tum apna lund meri choot may daal kar mujhe chod saktay ho jis tarha tumhare Abbu tumhari Ammi ko chodtay hain, magar meri ik shart hai. Kami bola, kesi shart Ghazal Baji? Main boli, meri shart ye hai kay tum apni aur meri ye baat kisi ko nahi batao gay warna main dubara tumhe apnay sath aesa karnay nahi dongi. Kami jaldi se bola, nahi nahi Ghazal Baji main kisi se nahi bolon ga. Main phir boli dosra ye kay ab jesa main bolon tum nay wesa hi karna hai kyun kay tum is kaam may new ho tumhe abhi sab sikhana hoga aur tum nay mere kehnay par amal kiya to tumhe bohat maza aay ga. Kami khushi khushi razi hogaya aur bola, ha Ghazal Baji jesa aap bolo gi main wesa hi karon ga. Main muskarai aur boli, chalo ab tum apnay saray kapday utaar do aur bed par seedhay let jao. Kami nay mere kehnay kay mutabik apnay kapday utaar diye aur bed par chit let gaya. Kami kay letnay se uska lund kisi naag ki tarha khada jhoomnay laga tha. Main nay uth kar Kami ka lund pakad liya aur phir main nay jhuk kar uskay lund ki topi say apnay hont mila diye. Main nay kami kay lund ki topi ka aik taveel kiss liya phir jab main nay apnay hont lund ki topi se hataay to topi kay suraakh se mani ka aik shaffaf katra nikal aaya. Main nay apni zaban se katray ko puri topi par phela diya aur phir main topi ko mou may lekar chossnay lagi. Kafi dair tak main nay lund ki topi ko choosa phir main Kami kay lund ko charon taraf se apni zaban se chaatnay lagi. Kami ka ye pehla sex experience tha, is liye wo apni aankhain band kiye madhosh ho raha tha. Mujhe bohat dino baad lund mila tha is liye main pagalon ki tarha charon taraf se Kami kay lund ko chaat rahi thi phir main nay uska pura lund apnay mou may le liya jo mere galay kay andar tak gaya phir may Kami ka lund daba daba kar mazay se choosnay lagi. Thodi dair baad Kami machal kar bola, uffffffffff Ghazal Baji mujhe bohat zor ka peeshab laga hai aap mera lund mou se nikaal lain. Kami ki baat sunkar main aur josh se Kami ka lund chosnay lagi. Kami bola, aaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhh Ghazal Baji mujh se ruk nahi raha hai uuuuuufffffffffff aur phir uskay lund nay jhatka khaya aur mera mou Kami kay lund se nikalnay wali mani se bhar gaya. Main mazay se Kami ki namkeen mani pee gai. Puri mani peenay kay baad main nay Kami ka lund apnay mou se nikala to wo mani se kharab horaha tha, main nay uska lund chaat chaat kar saaf kiya aur phir main Kami kay brabar may let gai, Kami bola, Ghazal Baji ye mere lund se safaid safaid kiya nikla tha? Main boli, Kami isay mani kehtay hain jab koi Larka sex karta hai to uskay lund se aesi hi mani nikalti hai, main phir boli, ab tum mere puray jism ko chaato pehlay mere honto ka ras chooso phir ahista ahista nichay jakar mere puray jism ko chaato, mera jism bohat betaab horaha hai tum se chatwanay kay liye, ab jaldi karo dair na karo. Kami meri baat sunkar uth kar beth gaya main nay usay apnay upar lita liya aur uskay honto se apnay hont mila diye, main betaabi se Kami kay honto ko choosnay lagi. Pehle shayad Kami ko maza nahi aaya tha phir usko maza aanay laga aur uska lund akad gaya aur wo mere pait may chubhnay laga. Ab kay Kami nay bhi mujhe lipta liya aur wo bhi badi betaabi se mere raseelay honto ko choosnay laga.Ab Kami ko sex ka maaza aaraha tha aur phir usne khud hi sab kaam karna shuru kar diya, pehle wo mere honton ko chomta howa meri gardan tak aaya aur wo meri gardan ko choomnay laga, phir wo aur neechay aaya, ab wo mere baday baday boobs par tha, jab Kami nay pehli baar mere dono boobs ko dabaya to meri aik lazzat bhari siskari nikal gaee, aur main boli aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Kami pyare boaht dino baad mere mammon ko kisi nay dabaya hai ufffffff ab inhain daba daba kar chooso, mere mammo may bohat ras hai tumhe bohat maaza aay ga. Kami nay jhat se mere boobs ko khoob dabana shuru kar diya, mujhe bohat maaza aarah tha par mujh se bhi ziyada maaza Kami ko aaraha tha aur wo puray josh kay sath mere boobs ko daba raha tha, phir usne mere boobs ko choomna aur chaatna shuru kar diya, kafi dino baad kisi kay hath mere boobs ko lagay thay aur main iska pura maaza le rahi thi. 20 minute tak Kami nay mere boobs ko chooma aur chaata, aur phir se mere jism ko choomta howa neechay janay laga, wo mere pait se hota howa meri makhan jesi mulaim choot par aagaya, Kami meri choot ko soung kar bola, Ghazal Baji is may se to bohat achi khusbo aarahi hai, jese makhan ki hoti hai, main siskari le kar boli aaaaaaaaaahhhhh Kami ye makhan tumhare liye hi to hai, ab dair na karo aur meri choot ka sara makhan khaa jao. Meri baat sunkar Kami meri choot par zaban phernay laga, Kami kay zaban phernay se meri choot may gudgudi see honay lagee aur mere puray jism may jese current sa dondnay laga. Phir wo apni zaban se shapad shapad meri choot ko chaatnay laga. Meri mou se tez siskariyan nikalnay lagee thi, mujhe darr howa kay kahi meri siskariyan Abbu ya Noreen tak na pohanch jaain isi liye main nay Kami se kaha, ufffffffffffffffff Kami Darling mere mou se tez siskariyan nikal rahi hai mujhe darr hai kay kahi ye tumhari Behan ya mere Abbu tak na pohanch jaain is liye mere mou ko band kar do, Kami meri choot se sar utha kar bola, kis cheez se band karon aap ka mou? Main sisak kar boli, kisi bhi cheez se pyare koi kapda ho to us se mera mou band kar do, Kami nay aas pass nazar dali to usko meri underwear padi hoi nazar aai to us ne wohi utha lee aur bola, Ghazal Baji is se band kardon aap ka mou? Main nay underwear ko dekh kar kaha, pyare tumhe kuch aur nahi mila? Kami bola, abhi to yehi hai, main boli, acha is se hi band kar do mera mou. Phir Kami nay mera underwear mere mou may achi tarha se thons diya. Underwear ko mere mou may thons kar wo dobara se meri choot ko chaatnay laga aur thodi dair baad hi meri choot nay pani chor diya, Kami nay apna mou meri choot se hataya nahi aur wo meri choot ka pani chaatnay laga. Sara pani chaat lenay kay baad wo phir se meri choot ko chaatnay laga aur meri bekarariya aur badh gaee. Main underwear mou se nikaal kar boli, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Kami ab mujhe aur nahi tadpao aurr ab mujhe chod daalo, bohat dino se taras rahi hoon chodai kay liye, meri baat sunkar Kami uth kar beth gaya, wo mere upar aakar let gaya, usne apnay hath se apna lund meri choot kay sorakh par rakha aur aik jhatka maara, pehle jhatkay may uska lund 4 inch tak meri choot may gaya, mere mou se aik siskari nikli aur main nay khud neechay se apnay chutar ko uchala aur uska pura lund apni choot may le liya, Kami nay phir apna lund topi tak meri choot se nikal aur phir aik jhatkay se usne wapis meri choot may daal diya, mere mou se phir sisikari nikli aur phir Kami khoob zor zor se jhatkay maarnay laga, mujhe bohat maaza aaraha tha aur main buri tarha se sisaknay lagee, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh uuuufffffffffffff pyaray Kami aur zor lagao aaaaahhhhhhhhh ooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mujhe bohat maaza aaraha hai meri jaan uuuuuuuuuuuffffffffffffffffffff, mere mou se phir tez siskariyan nikalnay lagi to Kami nay pass hi pada howa mere underwear utha kar phir se mere mou may thons diya. 5 minute baad hi meri choot nay pani chor diya aur mera jism dheela pad gaya, Kami abhi farig nahi howa tha aur wo jhatkay maarta raha, mujhe maaza aaraha tha aur main maazay se siskariya leti rahi, 10 minute baad meri choot nay phir pani chor diya aur kuch dair baad Kami kay lund nay bhi jhatka khaya aur wo apnay lund ki mani meri choot may chor kar mere upar gir pada. Kami paseenay paseenay hogaya tha, ye uski pehli chodai thi par usne pehli hi chodai may mujhe mutmain kar diya tha. Main nay underwear ko mou se nikal kar phenka aur apni bahain Kami kay galay may daal dee aur usay pyaar se choomnay lagee, Kami bhi mera sath denay laga, hum dono isi tarha letay howe 15 minute tak kiss kartay rahay, phir Kami ka lund dobara se akad gaya aur wo mere pait may chobhnay laga, lund ki sakhti mehsoos kartay hi main nay Kami ko khud par se utaar diya aur phir usko lita kar main uska lund dobara se choosnay lagee, jab uska lund kisi lohay ki tarha sakht hogaya to main nay uska lund apnay mou se nikaal diya, aur phir main bed se utar kar apnay charon hath pairon may dogi style may khadi hogaee, aur Kami se boli, Kami ab tum nay meri gand maarni hai, dogi style mera sab se pasand deda tarika tha chodwanay kay liye. Kami mere peechay aakar gothnon kay bal beth gaya, usne apnay dono haton se meri gand kay labon ko khola aur apna lund meri gand kay sorakh may fit kar diya, main boli, Kami ab khoob zor zor se jhatkay maar kar meri gand maaro, meri baat sunkar Kami nay aik zordar jhatka maara, mujhe Kami se itnay zordaar jhatkay ki umeed nahi thi, pehle hi jhatkay may Kami ka pura ka pura lund meri gand ko buri tarha se cheerta howa jad tak andar ghuss gaya, Kami kay jhatkay kay zor se main halkay se cheekhtay howe gir padi, Kami nay mujhe uthaya nahi aur wo mere upar jhuk aaya aur phir usne khoob zor zor se jhatkay maarnay shuru kar diye, Kami kay jhatkay bohat zordaar thay isi liye ab main nay khud se hi apna underwear utha kar apnay mou may thons liya takay mere mou se cheekhain na niklain. Aik shot kay baad hi Kami ko chodna aagaya tha aur wo badi maharat se meri gand khoob zor se maarnay laga, Kami nay puray 25 minute tak meri gand maari aur phir wo meri gand may hi farig hogaya, main ajeeb se andaaz may padi hoi thi aur bohat thak chukki thi is liye jab Kami nay mujhe chora to main wahi let gaee. Kami nay meri umeed se badh kar mujhe maaza diya tha aur main bohat khush thi. Kami mere pass beth gaya aur bola, kiya aap thak gaee hain Ghazal Baji? Main muskarai aur boli, nahi pyaare abhi nahi abhi to main nay tum se aur maaza lena hai, Kami bola, ha abhi mera bhi dil nahi bhara hai. Main muskara kar boli, pyare to main nay kab mana kiya hai, jo karna hai mere sath karo. Kami wahi mujh se lipat kar let gaya aur mujhe kiss karnay laga. Main bohat pyaasi thi is liye main nay usay subah 5 baje se pehle nahi chora aur is doran Kami kay lund nay 4 martaba aur meri choot aur gand ko seraab kiya.Dosri subah main uthi to bohat khush thi, khush Kami bhi tha par ye waqt aesa nahi tha jo main Kami ko aur moka deti, albatta Khalu mujhe ghor rahay thay, mujhe darr howa kay kahi unhain shak to nahi hogaya hai, phir main ye soch kar mutmain hogaee kay agar shak bhi hogaya hai to mujhe kiya, main to khud unse chodwana chahti thi, Kami din bhar is umeed par mere irad gird mandlata raha tha kay shayad usay phir moka mil sakay mujhe chodnay ka magar din bhar may usay ye moka nahi mil saka, raat may jab main aur Kami sonay kay liye kamray may pohanchay to usne foran hi mujhe pakad liya aur shikayati lehjay may bola, Ghazal Baji aap nay din bhar may mujhe moka hi nahi diya aur main apna lund pakday pakday saray ghar may ghoomta raha, Kami ki baat sunkar meri hansi nikal gaee aur main usay bed tak le aai aur baday pyaar se boli, mere Chodoo Raja kiya tum nay nahi dekha kay din bhar main nay Khala kay sath kaam karwaya hai, ab tum naraz na ho, ye puri raat hamari hai, raat bhar mujhe khoob chodo aur apni shikayat khatam kar do. Ab shikayat karna ka moka bhi nahi tha is liye Kami nay mere kapday utaarnay shuru kar diye, thodi dair may hi kamra meri lazzat bhari siskariyon se gonj raha tha kyun kay Kami nay mujhe kutton ki tarha chodna shuru kar diya tha. Phir 2 din aur guzar gay aur Noreen ki maaiyon ka din aagaya, maaiyon kay din kuch mehmaan aur bhi ruk gay thay is liye Kami mujhe us raat nahi chod paya. Maaiyon kay baad mehandi bhi guzar gaee aur main Kami kay lund kay neechay nahi aasaki, Kami bohat ghussay may tha aur mujhe chodnay kay liye pagal horaha tha par na wo kuch kar sakta tha aur na main. Phir Baraat ka din aagaya, sab ghar walay aur mehmaan marriage lawn may pohanch chukkay thay, main nay shararay kay sath kafi tight blouse pehna howa tha jis mere baday baday mammay saaf numaya horahay thay aur blouse thoda chota bhi tha jis se mera thoda thoda pait bhi dikh raha tha, main bohat se logon ki nigahon ka markaz thi, log mujhe palat palat kar dekhtay thay aur main muskara kar guzar jati thi. Phir jab pakwan house se khana lawn may deliver horaha tha to Khalu apni nigrani may khana kitchen may pohanchwa rahay thay, main kisi kaam se Khalu kay pass aai to mere paon aik taar may ulajh gaya aur main dhadaam se kheer kay taslon par gir padi, mujhe girnay se choth to itni nahi aai thi par mere saray kapday kheer se kharab ho chukkay thay. Meri halat dekh kar Abbu aur Khala bhi mere pass aagay, masla mere kapdon ka tha is liye ye tay howa kay main Khalu kay sath ghar jaon gee aur kapday change kar kay aaon gee, phir jab main Khalu kay sath janay lagee to main nay bohat se logon kay chehre par muskarahat dekhi par main nay un sab ko igrone kar diya. Main Khalu kay sath ghar aagaee aur aatay hi main nahanay kay liye ghussi gaee, abhi main nay apnay saray badan par pani baha kar kheer ko dhoya hi tha kay aik dam se washroom ka darwaza khola aur Khalu bilkul nangay washroom may ghuss aay, Khalu ka nanga badan dekh kar mera dil zor se dhadka par main natak karti hoi boli, array aap yaha kiya kar rahay hain aur aap nay kapday kyun nahi pehnay howe hain? Khalu nay mere kareeb aakar mujhe pakad liya aur bole, Ghazal main bhi tumhare sath nahanay aaya hoon. Main apnay aap ko chorati hoi boli, please Khalu kiya kar rahay hain choriye mujhe main aap ki Bhanji hoon, koi dekh lay ga. Khalu nay mujhe diwaar se laga diya aur bole, yaha koi nahi hai jo dekh lay sirf main hoon aur tum bas ab ziyada natak na karo. Main nay phir khud ko choranay ki koshish kari aur boli, main natak nahi kar rahi hoon, choriye mujhe, main koi aesi wesi larki nahi hoon. Meri baat se Khalu ko thoda ghussa aagaya aur unho nay mere lambay bheegay howe baal kheench liye jis ki waja se mere mou se aaahhhhh nikal gaee, wo bole, Sali Haramzadi mujh se jhoot bol rahi hai, Randi ki Bachi tu nay apnay ye baday baday mammay dekhain hain, 2 saal pehle jab main nay tujhe dekha tha jab to ye itnay baday nahi thay, kiya tu nay in may hawa bharwa lee hai, Sali Madarchod kiya mujhe nahi pata ye itnay baday kyun hogay hain, ye keh kar unho nay phir mere baalon ko kheench kar mere baday baday mammo ko dabaya to main siskari le kar boli, aaaaahhhhhhhh Khalu Jan takleef to na dain, main kahi bhagi to nahi jarahi, jo karna hai pyaar se karain, ab mazeed mera natak karna bekaar tha is liye main nay Khalu ko green signal de diya. Khalu meri baat sunkar muskaray aur bole, ab aai hai na line par, ye keh kar unho nay zor se mere mammo ko daba kar apnay honton ko mere honton se mila diya, main nay bhi apni bahon ko Khalu kay galay may daal diya aur unko apni taraf kheench kar un kay kiss ka sath denay lagee. Kafi dair tak Khalu mujhe wahi khaday mere mammo ko daba daba kar kiss kartay rahay, phir unho nay mujhe apni goud may uthaya aur mujhe lakar kamray may bed par lita diya. Phir Khalu mere upar let gay aur mere honton ko chomnay lagay, Khalu ka akda howa lund meri naaf kay neechay chubh raha tha aur main usay pakadnay kay liye betaab horahi thi. Khalu baday mahirana style may mere honton ka ras choss rahay thay jis mujh par madhoshi chaa rahi thi, mere honton ka sara ras choss lenay kay baad Khalu meri gardan par apni zubar pheernay lagay to meri bekarariyan urooj par pochanch gaee, meri choot puri geeli ho chukki thi aur unkay lund kay liye tadap rahi thi magar Khalu zalim banay mujhe tarsa rahay thay, phir mujh se bardasht nahi ho saka to main bol padi, aaahhhhh Khalu Jan kyun tadpa rahay hain mujhe, mujh se ab bardasht nahi horaha hai please jaldi se mujhe chod daa lain, Khalu par meri baat ka asar nahi howa aur wo meri gardan ko hi choomtay rahay, phir Khalu mere mammo ko dabanay lagay aur main tadapnay lagee, meri choot may aag dehak rahi thi, phir jab Khalu nay mere aik mammay kay nipple ko apnay danton may lekar kanta to mujhe se mazeed bardasht nahi howa aur meri choot nay un choway hi pani chor diya. Mere jhad janay ka Khalu ko bhi ehsaas tha aur wo muskaranay lagay aur bole, bas Ghazal Darling itni hi himmat thi, mujhe sharmindagi to hoi par main boli, ha Khalu jab se aap ka mast lund dekha hai mujhe khud par kaboo rakhna mushkil horaha tha, kitnay din se main nay khud ko roka howa tha, aaj moka mila to aap aaj bhi tarsa rahay hain, meri baat sunkar Khalu chonkay aur bole, tum nay kab dekha tha mera lund? Main kehnay lagee, jab aap 5 din pehle raat may Khala Jan ko chodtay howe mujhe chodnay ki baat kar rahay thay to main nay sab suna bhi tha aur dekha bhi tha, bas jab se hi main aap kay liye tadap rahi thi, aur apni tadap mitanay kay liye mujhe Kami ka sahara lena pada tha, Khalu phir chonkay aur bole, kiya Kami tumhe chod chukka hai? Main muskarai aur boli, ha Khalu Jaan jab aap kay lund nay mujhe pagal kar diya tha is liye mujhe apni halat ko sambhalnay kay liye Kami se chodwana pada tha, par Kami bhi kam nahi hai usne meri khoob cheekhain nikali thi. Mere mou se apnay Betay ki tareef sunkar Khalu fakhar se bole, aakhir Beta kis ka hai. Main naraz lehjay may boli, ha magar aap kay Betay nay to mujhe foran hi chod kar mujhe thanda kar diya tha par aap zalim banay howay mujhe tadpa rahay hain, meri baat sunkar Khalu hansay aur bole, abhi lo meri Jaan, ye to tumhe sex may aur pagal karnay kay liye kar raha tha, phir Khalu meri choot par jhuk gay aur meri choot ko chaatnay lagay, Khalu nay kuch aese wehshi pan se meri choot chati kay meri choot nay phir se pani chor diya, khalu nay meri choot ka sara pani chaat liya phir wo let gay aur unka 11 inch lamba aur 3.5 inch mota lund kisi poll ki tarha tan kar khada hogaya aur kisi naag ki tarha jhoomnay laga. Main jaldi se uth kar beth gaee, main nay Khalu ka shandar lund pakda to wo mere hath may aakar wo kuch aur akad gaya aur mere hath may tadapnay laga, mujhe Khalu kay lund par bohat pyaar aanay laga tha, main nay jhuk kar Khalu kay lund ki topi ka baday pyaar se bosa le liya, phir main apni zaban unki topi par phernay lagee, uskay baad may nay apni zaban se unka lund charon taraf se chaatna shuru kardiya, main unkay tatton se chaatti hoi unkay lund ki topi tak jati phir dosri taraf se chaatti hoi lund kay jad tak pohach jati, mere is tarha chaatnay se Khalu pagal hogay, unho nay mere sar pakda aur apna pura lund mere mou may ghussa diya, Khalu ka lund mere halaq se bhi neechay tak gaya, mujhe aik dam se phanda laga par Khalu zor zor se apna lund mere mou may andar bahar karnay lagay, unka lund mere halaq ko cheelta howa mere mou may andar bahar horaha tha. Khalu kay andar aik wehshi janwar chupa howa tha aur wo is waqt apni wehshat ka hi muzahira kar rahay thay, is tarha kay wehsi panay se mujhe bohat maaza aata hai aur main pura maaza le rahi thi, Khalu 15 minute tak mere sir ko pakday howe apnay lund se mere mou ko chodtay rahay, phir unho nay apna lund mere mou se nikal liya aur bole, Ghazal tumhe sab se ziyada kis style may chodwanay may maaza aata hai, main kehnay lagee, Khalu Jan dogi style mera sab se ziyada pasand hai to aap mujhe dogi style may hi chodiye, mujhe dogi style bohat pasand hai kyun kay is style may lund bohat phans phans kar choot aur gand may jata hai, Khalu nay mere chutar par hath mara aur bole, chalo phir aajo dogi position may, main jhat se bed se utri aur neechay carpet par dogi style may khadi hogaee, Khalu mere peechay aagay, unho nay ghotnoo kay bal beth kar apna lund meri choot kay sorakh may fit kiya aur aik bohat zordaar jhatka maara, Khalu ka ye jhatka bohat zordaar tha, mujhe itnay zordaar jhatkay ki umeed nahi thi, main aik dam se takleef kay maray cheekhti hoi gir padi, meri cheekh sunkar Khalu ko aur josh aaya, unho nay apnay dono hathon se mere dono boobs ko pakad kar mujhe dobara dogi style may khada kiya aur phir jhatka maara, main phir ye jhatka bardasht nahi kar paee aur dobara se cheekhti hoi gir padi, Khalu nay phir mere boobs ko pakad kar mujhe dobara khada kiya, phir wo mere upar chaarh aay aur unho nay mere boobs ko pakday rakha, aur phir unho nay dobara se jhatka maara, main phir zor se cheekhi par Khalu nay mere boobs ko kas kar pakad rakha tha is liye main gir na saki, main ab jhatkay ke zor se gir to nahi paee magar mere badan ko zor ka jhatka laga aur main aagay jhuki to Khalu nay mere boobs to kas kar pakad hi rakhay thay, mere aagay jhuknay se wo kuch aur dab gay, aur dard kay maray main phir cheekh padi.Ab ki baar Khalu rukay nahi aur khoob zor zor se jhatkay maarnay lagay, ye chodai mere zindagi ki sab se takleef de chodai thi kyun kay aik to Khalu ka lund bohat bada aur mota tha aur phir wo jis tarha se mere upar sawaar thay aik to unka pura wazan mere upar tha dosra unho nay mere boobs ko bohat kas kar pakad rakha tha aur phir jhatkay maarnay kay sath sath mere boobs intihai had tak dab rahay thay jis se mujhe teen taraf se dard bardasht karna pad raha tha, aik dard meri choot ka dosra dard meri kamar ka aur teesra dard mere makhan jese mulaim boobs ka jis ko Khalu badi bedardi se daba rahay thay. Main Khalu kay 10 wain jhatkay par hi jhad chuki thi, aaj tak kisi se chodwatay howe main itni jaldi nahi jhadi thi, main buri tarha se cheekh rahi thi, aur Khalu meri cheekhon ki parwah na kartay howe bohat buri tarha se meri chodai kar rahay thay, 5 minute baad may phir jhad gaee, phir Khalu nay apna lund meri choot se nikala to main nay thoda sookh ka saans liya, magar dosre hi lamhe main buri tarha se cheekh padi kyun kay Khalu nay badi be dardi se apna lund meri gand may ghussa diya tha, ab wo kutton ki tarha meri gand maar rahay thay aur main phir se buri tarha se cheekh rahi thi, meri gand ka soorakh meri choot se ziyada tight tha aur mujhe bohat dard bardasht karna pad raha tha. Main paseenay may sharabor ho chukki thi aur Khalu kay wazan se meri kamar dukhnay lagee thi, shayad Khalu ko itni tight choot aur gand kabhi nahi mili thi is liye wo bohat buri tarha se mujhe chod rahay thay, Khalu 20 minute tak meri gand maartay rahay, isi doraan dosre kamray se phone ki bell bajnay ki aawaz aanay lagee, pehle to Khalu nay bell par koi tawajja nahi dee, magar jab bell musalsal bajti rahi to Khalu mere upar se utar gay aur dosre kamray may phone sunnay chalay gay, Khalu kay jatay hi main nay sookh ka sans liya aur wahi par let kar lambay lambay sans lenay lagee, aaj tak 2 ya 3 logon se aik sath ghanton chodwa kar bhi meri ye halat nahi hoi thi jo Khalu nay kuch dair may hi kardi thi, main sochnay lagee kay pata nahi Khalu ka lund kab farig hoga aur wo aik hi shot marain gay ya agla shot bhi lagain gay, phir mujhe shadi ka khayal aaya to main parishan hogaee, chodai may main to bhol hi gaee thi sab hamara shadi hall may intizaar kar rahay hongay. Main nay socha kay Khalu ko bhi is baat ka khayal bhi hai yaa wo bhi meri tarha bholay howe hain. Thodi dair baad kamray may aagay, unka lund abhi bhi wese ka wesa hi akda howa tha, phir jab wo chaltay howe mere pass aanay lagay to chalnay ki waja se unka lamba aur mota lund buri tarha se hilnay laga, Khalu kay lund ki ye halat dekh kar main buri tarha se garam hogaee, Khalu mere pass aay to main nay uth kar unka lund pakad liya aur apnay mou may le liya aur choosnay lagee, Khalu kehnay lagay, Ghazal tumhari Khala ka phone thaa wo poch rahi thi kay itni dair kyun ho rahi hai to main nay bata diya. Khalu ki baat sunkar main aik dam se ghabra gaee aur main nay unka lund apnay mou se nikal diya aur boli, kiya bol diya aap nay, Khalu meri baat sunkar muskaray aur bole, array ghabra kyun rahi ho, main nay bol diya hai kay Car kharab hogaee hai is liye dair ho rahi hai. Khalu ki baat sunkar main nay sookh ka sans liya aur boli, Khalu Jaan aap nay to mujhe dara hi diya tha, Khalu muskara kar bole, magar tum nay hamari baatain sun lee thi jab main tumhara zikar raha tha aur tumhari Khala ko tumhe chodwanay ke liye razi kar raha tha, main boli, ha wo to theek hai par abhi sahi lagay ga kiya, aaj aapki Beti ki shadi hai aur aap mujhe yaha chod rahay hain. Khalu nay jhuk kar mujhe choom liya aur bole, wese Ghazal tumhari choot aur gand bohat tight hai tumhe chod kar bohat maaza aaraha tha, main masnoovi narazgi se boli, ha aap ko to maaza aaraha tha par meri to Maa chod gaee na aap se chodwa kar, Khalu nay hans kar mere boobs ko zor se dabaya aur bole, Meri Jaan abhi main farig kaha howa hoon, abhi to tumhari bohat chodai baki hai, main laad bharay lehjay may boli, lagta hai aap mujhe is kabil hi nahi chorain gay kay main kisi aur se chodwa sakon, Khalu nay hans kar mujhe apni goud may utha liya aur bole, ha Meri Jaan may yehi chahta hoon kay tum mere baad kisi se bhi nahi chodwa sako, ye keh kar wo mujhe lekar bathroom may aagay. Khalu nay mujhe shawar kay nichya bithaya aur khud mere samnay khaday hogay, unka lund bilkul mere mou ki seedh may tha, main nay unka lund mou may lenay kay liye jise hi aagay ki taraf jhuk kar apna mou khola to aik dam se Khalu kay lund se peeshab ki aik tez dhaar nikal kar mere mou may janay lagee, main nay aik dam se ghabra kar apna mou band kar liya, par phir bhi kafi sara peeshab mere halaq se neechay utar gaya, mou band hojanay ki waja se unki dhaar seedhi mere mou se takranay lagee, main peeshab ki dhaar se bachnay ke liye aik dam se let gaee, Khalu nay aagay badh kar apna peeshab mere puray jism par karna shuru kar diya, main boli, Khalu ye kiya harkat hai, meri baat par Khalu phir hans diye aur bole, Janu ye to sex ka aik andaaz hai kaho pasand aaya, main kiya bolti khamosh rahi, udhar Khalu ki peeshab ki moit tez dhaar mere jism ka mezaaj poch rahi thi. Khalu nay puray 5 minute tak mere upar peeshab kiya, phir unho nay shawor khol diya aur phir pani se mera sara jism dhol gaya. Phir Khalu nay sabun uthaya aur mere puray jism par malna shuru kar diya, main bhi Khalu ko sabun malnay lagee, Khalu nay kafi sara sabun meri choot aur gand may andar tak lagaya, phir unho nay mujhe diwar se ulta kar kay laga diya aur phir unho nay mere peechay aakar mujhe thoda sa jhukaya aur apna lund meri choot may ghusa diya, sabun ki waja se unka lund phisalta howa meri choot may pura ka pura chala gaya aur phir Khalu khoob zor zor se jhatkay maar kar meri choot ki chodai karnay lagay. Khalu bohat tezi kay sath jhatkay maar rahay thay, choot may sabun hone ki waja se mujhe jalan bhi ho rahi thi aur dard kay sath ye jalan mujhe bohat maaza de rahi thi, main jo diwar se bilkul lagee hoi thi unkay jhatko ki waja se main diwaar se rigad kha rahi thi, mere baday baday mammay diwar kay sath buri tarha se giss rahay thay, mujhe takleef kay sath sath maaza bhi khoob aaraha tha, aur main apni chodai ko puri tarha se enjoy kar rahi thi, Khalu nay 10 minute meri choot chodi phir unho nay apna lund meri choot se nikal kar usi position may meri gand may daal diya aur phir wo khoob tezi kay sath meri gand marnay lagay. Khalu aadhay ghantay tak bari bari meri choot aur gand maartay rahay, phir jab wo farig honay lagay to unho nay apna lund meri choot se nikala aur mujhe seedha kar kay mujhe ghotnon kay bal betha diya, main nay ghotnon kay bal beth kar Khalu kay lund ki taraf dekha hi tha kay unkay lund se mani aik faowaray ki tarha nikli aur mere chehre se takraai, main to diwaar se lagi hoi thi is liye main apna mou ghoma bhi nahi sakti thi, Khalu nay apnay lund ki sari mani mere chehre par phenk dee, kafi sari mani mere mou may bhi chali gaee thi. Khalu nay phir mujhe nehlana shuru kar diya, nahanay kay baad main jaldi jaldi kapday pehen kar tayyar hoi aur phir hum wapis shadi hall may pochan gay.Hall may barat aachuki thi aur Nikha bhi hogaya tha ab bas khana kholnay hi wala tha, Khala stage kay pass hi khadi thi, main aur Khalu Khala kay pass pohanchay to Khala mujhe dekh kar muskarai aur boli, itni dair kaha laga di yaha to Nikha bhi hogaya hai, main kehnay lagee, wo Khala Jan Car kharab hogaee thi is liye dair hogaee, Khala meri baat sunkar mere nazdeek aagaee aur boli, Car hi kharab hoi thi ya koi aur baat hai, main aik dam se ghabra gaee aur boli, nahi Khala Jan Car hi kharab hoi thi, Khala muskarai aur boli, acha tumhare Khalu nay to mujhe kuch aur hi bataya tha, main aur ziyada ghabraee aur phir main nay Khalu ko dekh kar Khala se boli, kak kiya bataya tha Khalu nay, meri baat par Khalu hans diye, jab kay Khala bhi muskara kar boli, yehi kay tum apnay Khalu kay sath unkay bedroom may thi, ab to mere hatho se tootay urr gay, main nay ghabra kar shikayati nazron se Khalu ko dekh to Khalu hans kar bole, Ghazal wo mujh se jhoot nahi bola gaya aur main nay ghar par hi phone tumhari Khala ko sab kuch sach sach bata diya tha kay hame dair hojay gi is liye wo yaha baat sambhaal lain. Khala nay aagay badh kar mujhe galay laga liya aur boli, Ghazal Beti main tum se bohat khush hoon tum nay meri bohat badi mushkil hal kar di hai, ye jo tumhare Khalu hain na baday hi tharki hain, inki hawis hai kay kam honay ka naam hi nahi leti hai, main to ab bodhi hogaee hoon aurr ab mujh may inka lund sehnay ki himmat nahi bachi hai, tum ye batao kay tumhe ziyada dard to nahi howa, kafi bada aur mota lund hai tumhare Khalu ka, ab main bhi normal ho chukki thi par mujhe Khala kay samnay sharam aarahai thi aur main sharmati hoi boli, ha Khala Jan mujhe dard to bohat howa tha par maaza us se bhi ziyada aaya tha, Khala nay phir mujhe pyar se chimtaya aur mere gaal par kiss kar kay boli, Khush raho meri Bachi. Abhi Khala mujhe pyaar hi kar rahi thi kay pichay se Abbu ki awaz aai, bohat pyar ho raha hai Khala Bhanji may, Abbu ki awaz sunkar main aik dam se ghabra gaee, dil may darr howa kay kahi Abbu nay hamari baatain sun na lee hoon, Khala nay mujhe alag kiya aur Abbu se boli, Bhai Sahib kiya Ghazal meri Beti nahi? kiya main isay pyaar nahi kar sakti? Abbu bhi muskara kar bole, ha ha kyun nahi Ghazal aap hi ki to Beti hai, bhala main kon hota hoon Maa Beti kay pyaar kay beech may aanay wala. Khala kehne lagee, Bhai Sahib aaj se Noreen Beti apnay ghar ki hogaee hai aur mera ghar bohat soona hojay ga, is liye main Ghazal ko abhi janay nahi dongi. Abbu bole, ha ha kyun nahi mujhe kiya atraaz ho sakta hai, aap jitnay din chahain Ghazal ko apnay pass rakhain. Phir aese hi kuch aur baatain chalti rahi aur main nay sookh ka sans liya. Rukhsati kay baad jab hum ghar pohachay to raat kay 3 baj gaye thay, Kami to wese hi neend may doob raha tha is liye wo to foran hi sogaya, ghar may abhi kuch aur mehmaan bhi thay is liye Khalu ko bhi moka nahi mila kay wo mujhe chod saktay. Dosra din bhi musroof guzar gaya aur din may na hi Kami ko koi moka mila aur na hi Khalu ko, is din bhi kafi masrofiyat rahi thi is liye Kami neend se nahi jeet saka aur jald hi sogaya, main bhi bistar par let chukki thi aur phir meri bhi aankh lag gaee, raat 3 baje kay baad kisi nay mujhe jhanjhoda to meri aankh kholi, mujhe jaganay walay Khalu thay, main nay baday pyaar se apni bahain unkay galay may daal dee, Khalu bole, Ghazal mera bohat dil chah raha tha is liye main khud ko rok nahi paya aur main nay tumhe aakar jaga diya, main pyaar se boli, to acha kiya na mera bhi dil chah raha tha, Khalu bole, to phir kaha karain sab kamron may to koi na koi hai, main muskara kar boli, array to yehi chod daaliye na mujhe Kami to badi gehri neend soya howa hai, Khalu meri baat par muskaray aur unho nay jhat se mujhe nanga kar diya, phir unho nay apnay bhi kapday utaar diye aur mere sath hi let gaee, thodi dair tak hum dono aik dosre ko kiss kartay rahay phir Khalu mere upar 69 position may let gay, ab Khalu ka lund to mere mou kay pass tha jab kay meri choot se Khalu ka chehra takra raha tha. 10 minute tak hum dono nay aik dosre ka suck kiya, phir Khalu let gay aur main apni choot may Khalu ka lund le kar unkay upar beth gaee, Khalu nay neechay se khoob zor zor se jhatkay maarnay shuru kar diye, Khalu kay jhatkay bohat zordaar thay aur unkay har jhatkay par main puri uchal jati thi, mere uchalnay se mere baday baday mammay buri tarha se hil rahay thay jis se mujhe to maaza aahi raha tha par Khalu ko mujh se ziyda maaza aaraha tha, maazay kay aalam may mere mou se be ikhtiyaar siskariyan nikal rahi thi, hum dono is position may thay kay na to main Kami ko dekh sakti thi aur na Khalu, phir jab Khalu nay mujhe litaya aur khud uth kar bethay to unki nazar Kami par padi jo jaag raha tha, wo leta howa tha aur usne apna nekar utaar diya tha, ab uska 7 inch lamba aur 2 inch mota lund puri tarha se akda howa tha aur wo hame dekhta howa apnay lund ko masal raha tha. Pehle to Khalu Kami ko jagta howa dekh kar ghabray phir unhain yaad aaya kay Kami bhi mujhe chod chukka hai to wo muskara kar Kami se bole, Beta Kami kiya dekh rahay ho? Apnay Baap ko muskarata howa dekh kar Kami ki himmat badhi aur wo bola, Papa main ye dekh raha tha kay aap to khoob maazay se Ghazal Baji ko chod rahay hain aur aap ka Beta yaha apnay lund ko hasrat se sehla raha hai. Baap Betay kay beech may main nay bolna munasib nahi samjha aur main chup hi rahi. Khalu bole, tum hasrat se kyun dekh rahay ho aao aur aakar apnay Baap ki madad karo, hum dono mil kar Ghazal ko chodain gay. Khalu ki baat sunkar Kami jhat se apnay bistar se utra, usne jaldi se apnay kapday utaaray aur mere bed par chadh gaya, Khalu phir mujhe apnay upar lekar let gay, unka lund abhi tak meri choot may tha, phir Khalu Kami se bole, Beta tum apna lund Ghazal ki gand may daal kar is kay upar let jao, main Khalu kay upar let gaee aur Kami apna lund meri gand may daal kar mere upar let gaya, ab main dono Baap Betay kay bich may sandwich ban gaee thi, phir dono Baap Betay nay aik sath jhatkay maarnay shuru kar diye, bohat dino baad mujhe dono sorakhon se aik sath chodwanay ka moka mila tha is liye main khoob maaza lenay lagee, dono Baap Betay janooni banay howe kutton ki tarha chod rahay thay, bohat dino baad mujhe aesi chodai naseeb hoi thi is liye khoob maazay kay aalam may siskariyan lenay lagee. Dono Baap Betay nay mujhe subah 6 baje tak choda aur Khalu to apnay kamray may chalay gay jab kay Kami mujh se nanga hi lipat kar let gaya aur hum dono nangay hi sogay.Subah 9 baje kay kareeb kisi nay hum dono ko jhanjhor kar utha diya, hum dono ghabra kar uth gay, hame uthanay wali Khala thi, Kami ki to roh hi fanaa hogaee apni Maa ko dekh kar, Khala ghussay se mujh se boli, Ghazal ab aesi bhi kiya besharmi raat may tum nay apni taskeen kari to kam az kam kapday to pehan kar soti koi aur kamray may aajata to, aur tum nay ye lat Kami ko bhi laga dee, abhi is ki umar hi kiya hai, Kami jaldi se utha aur apnay kapday utha kar bathroom may bhaag gaya, main apna sir jhuka kar boli, wo Khala Jan raat 3 baje kay baad Khalu kamray may aagaye thay aur phir jab wo mujhe chod rahay thay to Kami uth gaya, phir Khalu nay Kami ko bhi apnay sath shamil kar liya aur dono nay mujhe subah 6 baje tak kutton ki tarha choda, main chodai kay baad itni thak chukki thi kay kapday pehnay bagair hi sogaee, meri baat sunkar Khala nay apnay mathay par hath mara aur boli, ye Noreen kay Abba pata nahi kab sudhrain gay, abhi Beta sahi se jawan bhi nahi howa aur usko chodai par laga diya, main boli, Khala aap Kami ki umar par na jaain uska lund is umar may bhi 7 inch lamba hai aur wo jab chodta hai to cheekhain nikaal deta hai. Khala nay aik do hattard mere sir par maara aur tinak kar boli, tu chup kar besharam, kese maazay le le kar apni chodaiyon ki baatain kar rahi hai, main hansi aur uth kar Khala se lipat gaee aur boli, meri achi Khala ghussa kyun karti ho, Kami nay aaj nahi to kal kisi na kisi ko to chodna hi thaa na, acha howa jo usne mujhe chod liya, acha hai ghar ki baat ghar may reh gaee, ye baat bahar nikalti to badi badnami hoti, Khala nay phir tinak kar mujhe kosa, ha ha tu to uski taraf dari karay gee, aik sath do do lund jo mil rahay hain chodwanay kay liye, main phir unse chimati hoi boli, to is may buraai kiya hai. Abhi hamari ye baatain chal hi rahi thi kay kamray ka darwaza khola to hum dono nay chonk kar darwazay ki taraf dekha, main abhi tak nangi thi, aanay walay Khalu thay, Khalu ko dekh kar main muskara dee, Khala phir boli, ha aao aao aik tumhari hi kami thi, ye main nay kiya suna hai, kal raat tum nay Kami ko sath shamil kar kay Ghazal ko choda tha, aap nay Kami ki umar dekhi hai bacha hai wo abhi, Khalu muskaratay howe hamare kareeb aagay aur bole, array Begum to is may buraai kiya hai, mard ka bacha agar chodai na karay ga to kiya karay ga? Ye keh kar Khalu nay mujhe Khala se alag kiya aur mujhe lipta kar Khala kay samnay hi mujhe kiss karnay lagay, Khala ghussay se boli, Noreen kay Abba kuch to sharam karo, kuch mera hi lihaaz karo abhi main yaha mojood hoon, Khalu nay mere kandhon par dabaon daltay howe mujhe neechay bitha diya aur bole, to tum kyun ho yaha, tum jao aur baki logon ka dihaan rakho zara main Ghazal se do do hath kar loon, ye keh kar Khalu nay mujhe apnay lund ko choosnay ko bola. Main ne jhat se Khalu ki shalwar ka azarband khol diya aur unka lund bahar nikal liya, phir main nay usay mou may liya aur mazay se kulfi ki tarha chosnay lagee, Khalu aik siskari le kar bole, hamara sher Kami kidhar hai, Khala badbadati hoi boli, wo bathroom may chupa howa hai, aap logon nay to besharmi ki had kardi hai, ye keh kar Khala badbada kar kamray se chali gaee jab kay Khalu nay nay mujhe khada kiya aur apna lund meri choot may daal kar mujhe apni goud may utha liya aur phir unho nay mujhe isi postion may chodna shuru kar diya, itni dair may Kami nay bathroom se jhanka to Khalu hans kar bole, chal aaja Gadhay ki olaad kiya bathroom may chupa howa hai, Khalu ki jhaad sunkar Kami nay apnay dant nikal diye. Phir wo bhi bathroom se bahar aagaya aur usne aakar pichay se apna lund meri gand may dala aur phir dono Baap Betay nay mil kar meri zabardast tareekay se chodai shuru kardi aur kamra meri lazzat bhari siskariyon se gonjnay laga. Hum teenon kamray se 40 minute baad niklay, Abbu nashtay ki table par kuch dosre mehmanon kay sath bethay thay, hum teenon bhi unkay sath shamil hogay. Aaj Valima tha is liye sab hi apni apni tayyariyon may lag gaye. Din bhar Khalu nay to mere sath kuch nahi kiya albata Kami ko ab apni Maa ka darr nahi tha is liye wo jab bhi mujhe akela dekhta ya phir main akeli Khala kay sath hoti to wo kabhi mere boobs dabata kabhi mujhe kiss kar leta kabhi meri choot ya gand may ungli kar deta, jab bhi Kami Khala kay samnay koi harkat karta to Khala sirf mou bana kar reh jati thi aur main muskara deti thi. Valimay may bhi main nay kafi tight suit pehna tha jis se mere baday baday boobs numaya thay aur main kafi logon ki nigahon ka markaz thi aur Kami aur Khalu ka haal bhi is se kam nahi tha, phir jab khana khol gaya to sab hi khanay kay chakkar may lag gaye, Khalu nay ye moka dekh kar mujhe ishara kiya, main unkay pichay pichay Gents Bathroom may aagaee, Kami nay mujhe Khalu kay sath bathroom may jatay howe dekh liya tha is liye wo bhi pichay pichay andar aagaya, Khalu nay Kami ko dekha to mou bana kar bole, Gadhay ki olaad tum har waqt meri jasoosi may hi lagay rehna, Kami apnay dant nikalta howa bola, Papa main bhi aap hi ka Beta hoon, jab aap ko khuwari charh sakti hai to kiya mujhe nahi charhay gee, Kami ki baat sunkar meri hansi nikal gaee, Khalu mujh se bole, Ghazal is waqt sab hi khanay kay chakkar may hain aur mujh se bardasht nahi horaha hai, main muskarai aur boli, mere pyaare Khalu Jaan kuch ghantay aur intizaar kar lain ghar jakar jitna dil chahay mujhe chod lee jiye ga, Khalu bole, nahi jab tak mujh se sabar nahi hoga, wo mujhe liptanay lagay to main boli, Khalu mere suit par nishan padh jain gay, main nay aaj phir Baraat ki tarha sharara aur blouse pehna tha aur usi fitting ka. Khalu nay meri kamar par lagi blouse ki zip khol dee, pura blouse zip par hi tika howa tha, zip kholtay hi wo pura khol gaya aur Khalu nay blouse ko mere badan se alag kar diya, mere shararay may alastic thi is liye Khalu nay wo kheench kar kay utaar diya, ab main sirf underwear aur brazer may thi, kuch dair baad mere badan par brazer aur underwear bhi nahi raha, Khalu nay mujhe diwaar se laga kar meri aik tang utha kar basan par rakh di jis ki waja se meri choot kay lab khol gay, Kami nay foran hi neechay beth kar meri choot ko chaatna shuru kar diya, jab kay Khalu mere boobs ko dabatay howe mujhe kiss karnay lagay. Abhi hame kuch dair hi hoi thi kay bathroom ka dawaza khola aur koi andar aagaya, hum teeno hi ghabra gay, aanay walay 2 Aadmi thay, main to unhain nahi janti thi par Khalu unko jantay thay, wo dono Khalu kay dost thay ( Muraad Sahib aur Shakeel Sahib ), wo dono bhi andar ka manzar dekh kar chonk gay thay, phir Muraad sahib bole, wah Khalid (mere Khalu ka naam Khalid hai) dono Baap Betay mil kar maazay kar rahay ho, Khalu kiya boltay sharminda si hansi se bole, yar wo bas wo main ye, Khalu kay mou se sahi se alfaaz nahi nikal rahay thay. Phir Shakeel sahib bole, array yaar koi baat nahi magar akele akele maazay karna koi achi baat to nahi hai tere yaar dost kiya karain gay. Khalu ab sambhal kar bole, yaar abhi to nahi phir kabhi. Muraad aur Shakeel sahib bhi kareeb aagay aur bole, ye phir kabhi ki baatain theek nahi, ye keh kar wo dono bhi mere boobs ko dabatay howe mere jism ko sehlanay lagay, Khalu bole, yaar aesa na ho jese tum log aay ho koi aur na aajay, baad may wada tum logon ko bhi moka donga, Khalu ki baat dono ko samajh aagae aur un logon nay mujhe chor diya, main nay jaldi jaldi kapday pehan kar apna hulya theek kiya magar mujhe janay se pehle sab ko lipat lipat kar kiss dena pada tha. Pehle Muraad aur Shakeel sahib gay, phir Kami aur uskay baad Khalu, thodi dair baad may bhi bahar nikli to bahar abhi tak khanay ka hangama chal raha tha aur kisi nay note hi nahi kiya kay main gents bathroom se nikal kar gaee hoon, kisi nay note na karnay par main nay shurkar aada kiya. Walimay ka ye hangama raat 2 baje tak chalta raha, phir jab hum sab ghar pohanchay to itnay thak gay thay kay jatay hi sogay. Dosre din nashtay kay baad jo chand aik mehmaan ghar par reh gay thay wo bhi chalay gay, kuch dair baad Abbu nay bhi apna samaan pack kar liya, Khala Abbu se kehnay lagee, Bhai sahib aap to jarahay hain par main Ghazal ko apnay pass kam se kam mahinay do mahinay rakhon gee. Abbu muskaray aur bole, Ghazal aap hi ki Beti hai is ko jab tak rakhna hai apnay pass rakhain main beech may bolnay wala kon hota hoon. Abbu ki baat par Khala aur Khalu muskara diye. Thodi dair baad Abbu apna samaan lekar chalay gay. Abbu kay jatay hi Kami nay Yahoooo ka naara maara aur mujhe pakad kar sofe par lita diya, Kami ki harkat se Khalu to muskara diye jab kay Khala nay mou bana liya. Thodi dair may hi Kami mujhe nanga kar chukka tha, mera nanga jism dekh kar Khalu bhi mere pass aagay aur phir Khalu aur Kami nay apnay apnay kapday utaar diye aur mujh par toot paday, Khala badbadati hoi uthi aur ye kehti hoi kamray se chali gaee kay Noreen kay Abba tum nay to ghar ko Randi khana bana diya hai. Kami aur Khalu par Khala ki baat ka koi asar nahi howa aur wo dono mere jism ko choomtay aur chaattay rahay, thodi dair baad hi wo dono mujhe kutton ki tarha chod rahay thay aur kamra meri lazzat bhari siskariyon se gonj raha tha, phir mujhe chodwatay chodwatay dopehar hogaee, phir jab Khala hame khanay kay liye bulanay aai to bhi dono mujhe chod rahay thay. Khala ghussay se boli, bas ab bas bhi karain aap dono nay to had hi kardi hai, kuch Ghazal ka hi khayal karain, kiya iski halat kharab karni hai. Phir Khalu kuch kehtay main bol padi, rehnay dijiye Khala Jan mujhe kuch nahi hoga aap in dono ko apni hasrat puri karnay dain. Meri baat par Khala badbadati hoi chali gaee kay jab larki hi itni badi chuddakan ho to Mard kese apnay aap ko rokay ga. Khala ki baat par hum teeno hi muskara diye. Aadhay ghantay baad jab hum khana khanay aay to hum nangay hi thay, hum teenon ki halat dekh kar Khala nay kuch nahi kaha aur sir jhuka kar khana khanay lagee. Us din Khalu aur Kami nay mujhe puray din aur raat may bhi 4 baje tak choda. Dosre din Noreen apnay Husband kay sath 1 month kay liye Honey Moon par chali gaee jab kay Khala nay bhi faisla kiya kay wo yaha se chali jain takay Khalu aur Kami puri aazadi se mujhe chod sakain. Khala nay apni aik saheli se baat kari jo Ke Multan may rehti thi aur Khala dosre din apni Saheli kay pass mahinay bhar kay liye chali gaee. Ab ghar may main thi aur Khalu aur Kami, ab dono ko aazadi thi is liye meri khoob chodaiyan honay lagee. Khalu nay apnay waday kay mutabik Muraad Sahib aur Shakeel Sahib ko bhi khoob mujhe chodnay ka moka diya, aur roz Khalu ka koi na koi dost ghar may aajata aur Khalu aur Kami kay sath mil kar meri chodai karta. Aik mahinay kay doraan Khalu nay apnay 11 doston se mujhe chodwaya. Khalu roz apnay kisi aik hi dost ko bulatay thay kabhi kabhi hi aesa howa kay Khalu kay 2 ya us se ziyada dost aik sath ghar aay ho. Albatta mahinay kay 26 wain din Khalu nay apnay tamaam 11 kay 11 doston ko aik sath ghar bola liya tha, wo din meri chodai ka sab se behtareen aur dard wala din tha kyun kay aik sath 13 afraad se chodwa kar meri choot aur gand buri tarha se sojh gaee thi, is aik months kay doraan Khalu nay mujhe kapray pehannay nahi diye thay aur main par puray mahinay bhar tak kapray kay naam par aik dhajji bhi apnay jism par nahi pehan saki thi aur pura mahina main nangay reh kar aur khoob chodwa kar guzara. After one week Khala bhi wapis aagaee to Khalu kay doston ka ghar aana band hogaya, Khalu aur Kami bhi mujhe chod chod kar seraab hogay thay is liye un dono nay bhi mujhe aur rokna munasib nahi samjha aur main one week aur Khala kay ghar may guzaar kar wapis Abbu kay pass Lahore aagee. Main apni ye kahani yahi par khatam karti hoon par meri sexy life yaha khatam nahi hoti hai abhi mere pass aap logon ko batanay kay liye bohat kuch hai.

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