My Beautiful Tuition Teacher Leena Aunty

I am Ak from Bhubaneswar,Orissa and my aunty Leena is also from the same place(name changed).. I am 5feet 8 inches with a 6.5inch snake and my aunty is a beauty queen with a sexy figure of 38-32-34 figure....any guy would love to have her and so was yours truly also. She had long hairs touching her hips, big doe like eyes, straight nose, fair complexion and pointed boobs. Her waist petered out at her tapering ass. When she walked her ass swayed in a frenzy manner. She used to give home tuitions at her home. This was golden opportunity for me. I started taking tuition from her as I wanted to be closer to her. I would daily stay back for few minutes just to talk to her and discuss the subject. All this before the watchful eyes of her husband i.e my uncle. Aunty would slyly smile at me but never openly gave any indications of her liking to me. But somehow I felt she also liked me. Slowly she would tell me many things which would be called her secrets. We got very open in few weeks time. I would on many occasions touch her shoulder or stomach or waist and she never objected. She was very comfortable with me and so was I. We would even crack adult jokes and she would laugh heartily to it and then say, “Naughty boy….” This would fill me with more energy. My obsession for her began growing day by day. I would dream about her. Any boy who passed comment about her would have to face my wrath. One such incidence was complained to her by her neighbor. When I beat up a boy who lives in her flat. She called me and asked, “Why have you beaten Ajay?” I told, “He was telling bad words about you.” She smiled and playfully slapped me saying, “You care for me so much that you can not hear anything bad about me. What did he actually say?” My mouth was sealed………..She again insisted, “Tell me what bad things he said about me?” I replied, “He said that Leena Aunty is a maal, has very nice boobs and ass. He said it will be very nice to suck her breast. I would die to have sex with her. He asked me to help him to have sex with you and in return he would help me to fuck you. I could not tolerate such words so I beat him up. Sorry aunty.” Aunty had tears in her eyes and hugged me saying, “You are so nice to me my baby. You love me so much? I also love you dear. I will always care for you. I will never let you down.” She again hugged me tight and kissed me on my forehead. The above incidence changed our relation for ever. We were very close now and she always showered her love and affection for me. The incidence which I am going to narrate took place few days after that. That day when I went for tuition to her home, I found that her husband wasn’t home, as he had gone to his office..Aunty started tuition as usual and when my tuition finished I was with my aunty all alone..She was looking very sexy that day wearing a tight top and tight leggings.. She asked me playfully, “Tell me what was Ajay saying that day?” I then went near her and started telling again. I found her eyes glowing and a definite secret brewing in her. She said, “You never think of me in that light. You never thought of my breasts and ass? Why didn’t you help him? Don’t you like me?” I said, “Ajay wanted to suck your breast and hug you. You mean can I hug you and suck your breast.” She just nodded her head in affirmation. I went behind her and I caught her from behind wrapping my hand around her tummy which is another thing to die for her..I was getting wild thinking of her. That was the day when I thought I could really fuck her, the woman of my dreams. Seeing me silent she again asked, “Don’t you ever have such feelings for me? How do I look?” I said in her ears, “Yes, I like you aunty. You are very beautiful.” Then I slowly blew air into her ear and rubbed my cheeks on her neckline for which she let a slow sigh and asked, “Why are you doing such mischief. Leave me and go to your home. Your parents would be waiting for you. Stop your cheek tickles me.” She felt like getting tickled and was giggling like a teenager continuously. She started struggling to get out of my hold and asked me to let her do her house hold work..My grip was very hard and she could not escape from it or maybe she was not trying hard to get out of my hug and maybe she was also enjoying my hug.. During her struggle I got opportunity to touch her breasts too. This was raising the animal in me, the sex animal who wanted to fuck her for days. My cock began to raise its head too. I bet she could feel the growing hardness of my cock on her ass. Slowly her struggle was getting weaker and weaker. Sensing the right opportunity I pressed her breasts from behind. She gave out a loud scream. And asked, “What are you doing let me go else I will beat you and tell your parents about your misbehavior.” Then I said "Aunty aaj aap itni khoosurat dikh rahi ho toh baas mujhe chodne ka maan kar raha hai aapko(Aunty you look so beautiful today that I could not hold myself and wish to fuck you)..." Oh my god what have I done tols her in such brazen tone. She will definitely beat me. Suddenly she pushed me back with too much force and stared at me in anger. She slapped me with power and yelled at me, “What is this you rascal? How dare you exceed your limits? What do you think of yourself? Just get out from here or I call the police.” I began shivering due to fear. All my excitement vanished and wanted to cool her down. I didn’t know she would just blow up like that. I fell flat on her feet and asked for her forgiveness, “Sorry…. Aunty sorry please forgive me I won’t do this again. Please don’t get angry with me. I didn’t mean to hurt you or dishonor you. I really love you badly. And whatever happened was due to that love only. I don’t have any bad intention for you. Try to understand me aunty………” Slowly her anger subsided and she said, “Alright stay calm. Don’t cry I won’t do anything. But this is shame thinking about your teacher in such filthy way. I only joked with you and talk with you in friendly manner that doesn’t mean that I will sleep with you or let you touch my breasts and all. You should learn to be within your limits. And above all a woman’s body is her property not to be given in alm to anyone. Besides I am married….got it….try to respect your teacher and a woman in particular. What is the difference between you and Ajay.” Hearing this I began to cry loudly, and I said, “I am sorry for that what happened..I didn’t say anything bad...You really looked very stunning in this dress..Anyone would have fallen for you my aunty. I wanted to tell you this since long but couldn’t dare to.” I felt very bad and hugged her tight. She also felt for me then she shed tears from her eyes. She said, “I am also sorry for treating you so badly. I know you are very young and such things happen to guys in your age. It is natural nothing so bad in it. But I am also helpless. I can’t share my feelings with anyone not even you. My life is full of sorrow.” And she kissed my face, my eyes and my forehead. Her reaction was strange from anger to grief and repentance. By which I understood that her sexual life with uncle isn’t going on I asked what happened why you are crying...Seeking the correct opportunity I hugged her she hugged me back……… She said, "You are so nice and I scolded you. I feel so bad….never in my four years of marriage has your uncle has ever noticed me or has praised me as you have done today. All he is interested is in his office, business and work. He never makes me feel so important as you have done now.” I was surprised and asked, “I never knew you were so unhappy and how is your married life then?” She went on, “He never cares for me or my feelings. He always enters me, cums and sleeps in only 10mins leaving me to masturbate myself. I am fed up of this life.” Oh my God aunty was telling me her darkest secret of her married life. That too in such open manner…….. I said, “Don’t worry aunty. I am here to help you out from it provided you allow me and keep it a secret. I will shower you with all the love and affection tha was missing from your life till date. Just co operate with me.” She was surprised by my reply and said, “What will you do and how will you help me out.” Then I held her hand and pulled her towards me. She did not resist my attempt. I slowly touched her shoulder and started kissing her neck. She closed her eyes and I was sure she won’t stop me now. I got bolder as seconds passed by knowing that she won’t say me anything as she was fed-up of my uncle... So I kissed her lips to which she also reciprocated and started rubbing her hands over my pants. My cock also started raising its head. She could feel the hardness in my cock and began pressing my penis over my pant and I got clue. I also started pressing her marvelous melons..We kissed for almost 30mins like long lost lovers..Exploring each others private part over our attire. I inserted my tongue in her mouth and tasted her sweet saliva. Our tongues were rubbing each other in frenzied madness. I was fondling her breast and nipples. Then she broke the kiss and said "I think ak your penis is much bigger as compared to your uncle's penis and I hope what you will do to me will satisfy me to the fullest.” and she started opening my pant.. I then said "Aunty it is my pleasure to please you and fuck you and satisfy you in the best possible way..I will fuck you till you fall due to exertion." She took out my penis in flash and kissed its head. She squeezed the cock head which was red due to heat of sex. She gave few more jerk to it making me go mad at her. To reciprocate I pressed her nipple making her squeal in pleasure. She then bend down on her knees and kissed the purple head. She licked the tip with her tongue. She opened her mouth and took my entire penis inside. My cock disappeared into her mouth slowly and upon having her lips around my snake I felt as if electric current was passing in my body. I bucked my body forward to insert entire length of my penis in her mouth. Her actions had desired effect on my body and soul. I just kept moaning, “Aaaaaaaammmmmmmhhhhhhhhhaaaaaammmmmmm..Lick me suck my cock aunty………….I like it aunty your mouth is so hot and sexy……….Suck it bitch make me cum..Wrap your mouth around my cock as hot cave.” While she kept on licking it as if it was lolly pop like a slutty bitch with full vigour...She was making sound of sllllllluuurrrrrpppppp ssssssllllllrrrrrrrrrrruupppp...covering my penis with her saliva...she sucked it continuously for 20mins..Then I could take it no more, I felt my ball boiling. Then I said, “Aunty I am cumming………Remove it from your mouth.. Let me cum…..” She didn’t stop sucking my cock and she asked me to release it in her mouth..Hearing this I felt so relieved and I cummed in spurts one after the other. I left out huge load of my sperm into her mouth and of which some spilled out and few drops were stuck to her beautiful red lips... She then said, “Now it is your turn to satisfy me my dear.” I said, “Yes, dear aunty, my dream woman.” I removed her top and found her black bra which was made of net and lace. I removed it also. I kissed her naked nipples which were now erect and hard as black berry. Then I bent down and removed her legging and found she was not wearing panty. I let out a sigh. After seeing my surprised face she said, “I don’t wear panty at home.” Thus I made her naked my self... I lay her on the bed and pressed her left breast and licked her right one like a new born baby. She was moaning in pleasure..after few minutes I did the vice versa for another 30mins...All the time she was just moaning loudly saying "Oh God…….eat it it baby...i love you...drink all my milk..crush my nipples give me love bites...aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....aaaaaaaaaoooooooooohhhhhhhhhh" She was in full mood of sex and play and was calling my name, “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh dear........squeeze my boobs..........lick my hardened nipples..........tweak my aroused nipples........HARDEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR BABY……………..... NOW BITE MY LONG, HARD NIPPLES........UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGG ........BITE HARDEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ..........AAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH !!!” Then I licked her armpits which had salty taste. Her armpits gave perfume smell. She was enjoying my moves and said, “Your uncle never kissed me on my armpits and you are licking it…………Lovely dear” Then I rubbed my hands on her cunt area. She jumped and jerked her body in excitement. I massaged her love hole and inserted my finger into her love hole slowly. It was so hot and wet. I felt my fingers are on fire or in Owen. But she liked my movements and asked, “Dear do it……catch my cunt lips and squeeze it……….press my clit and make me mad……Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh……..aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii… just urinated........not yet wiped my spreading my thighs for you.......come LICK me clean and make me cummmmmmmmmm !!!” My fingers reached the depth of her hole. I began finger fucking her to which she reciprocated well by pressing her thighs very hard on my hands and fingers. I could feel her cunt muscles contracting meaning she was cumming. I bent down and placed my mouth on her lovely hairless cunt and kissed while still finger fucking her. She asked me to insert another finger in her cunt. “ the way you lick meeeeeeee.........yesssssss baby.........lick.......lick.....lick my pussy lips........push your HOT TONGUE deep into my cuntttttttttttt.........oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ........BITE MY CLIT.........CHEW MY CLIT........SUCK MY CLIT.........succcccckkkkkkk you dear”.. This was too much for her and she cummed with a loud scream, “Aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……..I am cccccuuuuuuummmiinnnnnnggggggggggggg…..iiiiiiiiiissssssssssssss.make me feel like a slut make me your bitch….Insert your fingers deeper…Lick my cunt…..suck my cunt baby……..” I did so and kissed and sucked her vaginal lips. She cummed heavily but I kept on finger fucking her while licking her cleanly shaved pussy...I inserted my tongue in her cunt hole. She tasted tangy. Her hole, which was already wet due to my foreplay and her cum was pulsating to my touch. I began licking her clit which was swollen and was hard. I sucked her clit and then bit the tip. My moves were making her hot again and she just kept moaning “Uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh my love chod de isss chut ko....iii looooveee u my ak....Fuck me now my baby." And suddenly she stiffened her pussy walls and let out a gush of love juices in my mouth….She had cummed twice within few minutes. The love juice was very precious to me………My dream woman’s juice….I drank it all and licked her pussy dry just like a dog will do.. She was getting wilder as the moments passed. Now she held my cock and squeezed it. It was as hard as steel. Seeing my rock hard penis she just let out a moan...and said "Ab bardasht nahi hota…..mere raja jaldi ander aja...(I can’t tolerate anymore….just ride me and insert in me." It was an order from my tuition teacher how could I disobey…….I got up on her naked body and kissed her. I rubbed my cock on the entrance of her cunt lips……….I hit with my cock….She caught my cock and placed it on her cunt hole and tried to push from beneath……..Push baby……..tear my love hole….fulfill my cavity…….” I understood this and pushed my body hard. My cock entered her pink pussy in a flash and she screamed aloud.. “Oh god……you motherfucker not so hard you idiot……Keep hitting harder…..yes yes yes yes yes…keep on fucking me like that I will always get fucked by you……Plough the filed left unprotected by your uncle. Give me your seeds…..make me pregnant………….hit me harder ……..harder…. harder.” I increased the speed of my fucking. My cock was running through her hole as if hot knife was cutting butter. I was sucking her nipples and even bit her nipples in frenzy. She was biting my shoulders so hard that she made red marks on it. Fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk fukfuk fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk ……….. The room was filled with the fuck sound of two bodies hitting each other. I was in another world….world of fuck……After few minutes I could feel my balls boiling again…I wanted to flood her vagina with my sperm…..I yelled, “I am cumming my dear bitch……….I want to flood your cunt and womb………….Take my seeds in your womb.” Aunty said, “Cum in my vagina and make me mother of your children. Don’t waste a single drop………quench my thirst. Make me your bitch.” I cummed in spurts…She hugged me tight………..And she also cummed with me. Her third climax in the evening that too in succession…I lay over her with my cock still inside her vagina for few moments. She hugged me tight not letting me remove my cock. I was laying nude over her body with my cock in her hole…….Her movement beneath me was making me horny again. I was hard within 5 minutes. She asked me to fuck her anal hole which was new for me. I had never dreamt of anal fucking but here the opportunity was knocking at my door steps. I turned her over on her tummy in doggy pose raising her ass in air. I was mesmerized by her smooth ass. I kissed the skin. I began licking her ass cheeks. Then I licked her anal hole and inserted my tongue in it. I began lubricating her nether hole. I applied some Vaseline on her hole and on my cock also which was now erect for her ass hole. I placed my cock at her anal entry but it was too small and my cock couldn’t enter. I applied more power and pushed the tip entered in her ass. Now I pushed with more pressure. She began calling me, “MAKE MY ASS MORE LUBRIACTED MAKE ME MORE HORNY SQUEEZE MY BOOBS.........HARDEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR..........UGHUGHUGH .......TWEAK MY HARDENED NIPPLES.........NOW SUCK MY AROUSED NIPPLES....... BITE MY NIPPLES.........UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ........STROKE MY PUBIC TRIANGLE........YESSSSSS SON.......AM SOOOO WET NOW….THEN YOU WILL BE IN BETTER POSITION TO FUCK MY ASS.” I followed her instructions and was able to penetrate her anal hole. And within seconds I was fucking her anal hole. Then I fucked her again for another 40mins....continuously in ass and doggy style rubbing her pussy with my fingers....meanwhile she had cummed once more....I then said, “I feel like cumming again……..” She asked me to cum in her anal hole. I cummed within seconds and filled her ass. My third climax of the evening and she said to control for some more time as she was also getting on verge of another orgasm...Her fourth of the evening…I removed my cock from her ass hole and inserted it in her cunt from behind just like a doggy fucks a bitch. She got happy with my movement and began pushing her ass back to meet my strokes. To sustain my orgasm I slowed my jerks speed and was rubbing her pussy with my palm. She began moaning, “YESSSSSSSSSS DEAR..........STROKE MY PUBIC AREA........NOW FINGER-FLICK MY AROUSED CLIT............AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH..........HARDEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR…..FUCK ME MAKE ME YOUR BITCH……………..I AM YOUR SLUT……………” Then after 5-6 minutes she shouted that she is about to cum so I increased my speed and fucked her and we both cummed together....I felt tired and slept on her for 1 hour..Then we got up took a bath together n I also fucked her there one more time..I went home at 9.00pm. It was memorable fuck of my life. After that we fucked daily when I was in her house for tuition or when she was alone. Until today also I fuck her when she is alone at her home...and she got pregnant now by me but uncle thinks he is the father of the coming child...

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