Hot Sex With My Aunty In Cold Bangalore

I am a person about 25 years of age now. As you know that every young person in this world has an urge to have sex in his life. I got introduced to sex very early, but I could not have cream of sex experience until last year. I belong to those category of young boys who fantasize elder women. I really don’t know, what’s there in them, but when ever I feel of having sex with an aunt, my mind goes crazy.. The story I am narrating now is of the wonderful sex period of about 8 months that I had with my dearest aunt Chitra (name changed). Chitra was beautiful women at her age of 36, a little dark in color. The invaluable assets of this lady were her big melons, her fantastic pussy and her soft skin. I never ever dreamt in my life that I could get in to a sex encounter with this woman. We live in Bangalore in a colony where the homes are built on a row. Adjacent to our home the is a house and after that on either end there are around 4 to 5 sites free. Our neighboring home is owned by a person who stays in another big home in another part of the city; hence his home was occupied by tenants. Last year on Feb 2007, the tenants who stayed there for almost 2 years vacated the home. After about a month’s time, Chitra came for rent in this home. Chitra aunt was a divorce and was working an MNC as a admin. Since I used to go early to office and return late, it took some time for me to get introduced to my new neighbor. But meanwhile Chitra had built up good friendship with my family (Dad and Mom). She used to come to my home to learn some cooking and also teach north Indian cooking to my mom. One Sunday morning, when my mom was having a chat with Chitra aunt outside the home, the landline phone rang, and I had to get up from my bed to pick the call. I came to my hall and picked the call and it was from one of my relative, who wanted to convey some message to my mom regarding their daughter's marriage. I put the call on hold and went out to call my mom. When I went out, my mom introduced me to Chitra aunt. I was really surprised to see such a wonderful woman standing in front of me with sexy attire (she was wearing a sleeveless nightly). I was speechless when she smiled and said "hi" to me. All the hairs on my body stood straight. As I am a friendly fellow, I started my conversation of what she did and so on. She felt very comfortable with me and in the meantime my mom came there and I went inside my home to sleep again saying bye to my new beautiful neighbor :) . After that first visit, we somehow met each other at least once a day and shared smiles and a short talks. This went on quite sometime. I really treated her as a good friend and as she was elder to me, I called her aunty, for which she did not oppose. This also helped since my parents trusted our relationship. Once there was a marriage function in our native place, and my parents had to mandatory attend it. Since my parents were very close to those relatives, they left 2 days prior to the event and also said me that they would come back after a week’s time. So it was me and our home to be left alone for a week’s time. It was a Friday night and my parents were ready to leave from our home, while going out of the gate, my mom called Chitra aunt and asked to take care of me, since sometimes I am careless about bolting the doors and gates, for which Chitra aunt happily agreed and wished a good journey for my parents. I dropped my parents in the bus stand and came back to my home. While opening my gate, it sounded and suddenly Chitra aunt came out of her home. I saw her and she asked me "oh! Its you. Good. Did you leave ur dad n mom to bus stand?" I replied “Yes aunty, they also got in to the bus", Chitra Aunt: "So what’s the program tonight" (Since the next day was Saturday) for which I said, “noting special, I would watch some TV channel and sleep". She smiled at me and wished me good night. I too wished her and got in to my home. I opened my laptop and browsed this site and started reading some stories. I got really excited and when I thought of having real sex, Chitra aunt came in to my mind. I could not read anymore, since I had just seen Chitra with a white colored sleeveless nighty, which clearly showed her body shape and also I coud see from my window that her TV switched on, which simply meant that Chitra Aunty was watching TV and hasn't slept. My mind was thinking of all possible ways of getting in to her home, but my inner conscious reminded me that she is my mother's friend. I was literally struggling, and then suddenly the door bell rang. I was confused as who could come home now at night 11:00PM? . I opened my door and to my surprise, it was my Chitra Aunty. Looking at my enlarged eyes, Chitra Aunty smiled and said that she is not getting sleep, since she saw light in my home; she just wanted to spend sometime talking to me. We went in and sat opposite to each other and started talking. The talk started about why my parents went to the native, and then the talk went on marriages and divorces. While talking to her I observed her sexy body as she was sitting close to me. She used to bend, when she was bursting to laugh, giving me a clear sight of her cleavage. I was really enjoying the moment and my dick started to elevate. I was not sure if she had observed that. Since the discussion was deep and was interesting without my knowledge, I suddenly asked her "Aunty, if I haven't heard wrong, you have been divorced to your husband right?". Her face now turned pale and she replied "yes". I asked her sorry for asking that question at this time. She smiled at me and said, even if I would have not asked the truth wouldn’t change. She then started an other topic and we started discussing on it. When I looked at the clock it just hit 01:00PM and I was surprised that we have spent two hours of talking. She wished me good night and she went back to her home. I was disappointed, since I was planning to try out something after the talk, later to satisfy my urge, I went to my bathroom and masturbated twice. I came back from there and slept. The next day was a memorable day in my life. I never expected such things to happen with me at all. I was in deep sleep at that time, since I slept late, suddenly I heard someone ringing our door bell. It was around 09:30 and it was my Chitra aunty again. She came with a towel ,nighty and inner wears in her hand wearing the same white sleeveless nighty and asked me " Arun, sorry to disturb you, yesterday while going to office I forgot to turn on the water tap to my sump (underground tank), hence I don’t have a dip of water in my home, could I use your bathroom and take my bath". I could just say "YES" and went back to my bed. She went in and after sometime, she shouted and came out. I got up from the bed and rushed towards her. God!!! She was just in her inner wears and nothing else. I looked her top to bottom and asked her of what happened, she said that she found a cockroach in the bathroom and it ran over her. I went in a found the cockroach and threw it out of the home. She then thanked me and went in for bath. My urge to have sex with her doubled now. But I could do nothing, since I feared if she would say it to my parents :( . Chitra aunty came out of the bathroom dressed with a sky blue nighty (again sleeveless) and thanked me. I smiled at her and let her go out. I finally decided to write an email to her about my problem and my desire towards having sex with her. I right away opened my laptop and composed a mail regarding my desire towards having sex with her, I aslo ended the mail with a note saying " Since you are well educated and a good woman, I request you to understand my feelings towards you and I kindly request you not to disclose this email / message to my parents at any case". It might be at noon 12:00PM, again my door bell rang, and I saw Chitra aunty standing there with a Tiffin box. She came inside and served food for both of us. We had food and later she said that she has a practice of having a nap in the afternoon, sometimes in her office she does a quick nap in her cubicle itself and laughed. I showed her the way to my bedroom and she went towards it. Standing at the entrance of the door she asked me "Arun, please come and sit besides me, lets talk for sometime. I really enjoy talking to you" I went in to the bedroom with her. She half laid on the bed with two pillows and started to talk to me. To my surprise, she started her conversation with some sex incident that happened in her office. The discussion went on and she suddenly held my palms and asked "From when are you having this desire about me?" I was just shocked listening to it. I could not utter a single word. She continued saying “Its been 4 years now that I had sex and I was really looking for a good mate, but was afraid of the after effects. If I would do it with an unreliable person, then unnecessarily I will get in to trouble, I was looking for a good reliable partner to satisfy my sex needs. I have seen you before you were introduced to me and hence came in front of you with such attire that you get fantasized to me. I wore sleeveless nightly to impress you, I came the other night to talk to you so that you would initiate something, hence I bent as much as possible that you see my breasts, I came to your home for bath with a cockroach in the soap box just to show you my body and impress you. Today I read your mail, and I could not stop, hence came to you my love. I love you Arun. Chitra aunt is all yours, use her the way you want" she ended this with a wonderful French kiss. I was completely lost. I held her neatly with my arms and then started responding to her kisses. She was very passionate that she kissed me for a long time and then kissed me all over my face. I too responded with equal number of kisses and then I slowly started un hooking her nighty buttons. I then removed her nighty and she was in front of me lying with just a bra and a pantees. I started to kiss her from toe to her head in a passionate way and she started to moan like "Aaah Mmmmh Uuuhh Arunnn. Love you honey, kiss me, fuck me…….." I then bit her bra from my mouth and pulled it up, now there I had the huge two assets of my sexy Chitra Aunt. I kissed it, then licked vigorously and then sucked her nipples. She held my head with her fingers and moaned out of pain and pleasure. I bit her nipple and sucked it for about 10 mins. In the meantime, she put her hand inside my pants and started stroking my dick. I was in heaven my friends…. That feeling can only be felt, cannot be imagined. WoW!!!. Then she removed me T-Shirt and slid my pants along with the underwear down making my whole body visible to her. I too pulled her pantees off and the started to lick her pussy. We took a 69 position and licked each others for a good time. Floods of her orgasm splashed on me, in the licking process and I licked her completely making her pussy dry again. She licked my dick like a lollypop. I could not control my manhood and I splashed my cum on to her face. She licked my dick neatly and was moaning with pleasure. We turned again and she kissed me on my forehead and said "My lovely Arun, I love you a lot. You are a real boon to any woman in this world. I love you. You are my hubby from today. Suck me fuck me , show your aunt, your love towards her today". Then we had a French kiss for about 10min, in the meantime, I got my strength back and I started to lick her neck. Guys, woman goes mad when you kiss/lick her neck. It was all new to me, but since I had learnt all these through the BFs and XXX movies I was performing like a well experienced fellow. She loved my licking. She too licked my neck and bit. We made lot of marks in each others body, but in the private parts. There were lot of red patches on Chitra aunt’s body because of my extreme sucking work. She then pleaded me to give her a fuck. I initially started fingering her pussy. She moaned loudly for that. I kept fingering until he came with her organsm. I then licked and sucked her armpits and made them red!!. She was enjoying every moment there. I never thought that a Saturday afternoon in my life could be so exciting. She then was ready for another round. This time, I haven't licked pussy; hence it had lot of liquid for lubricating my dick in to her cunt. She guided my pennies to her vaginal world and held me tight on my back. I pushed my dick in to her pussy deep, for which she moaned load as "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh ssssSSSS!!!!!" . I slowly started my job pushing my dick in and out. She held me tight, literaly hurt my back with her nails. I slowly started my pace and then I did it for almost 15min. Then I said her that I am about to cum , she asked me to fill her pussy, since she has taken anti pregnancy capsules before coming to my home (all set for the show) I jerked in and in to her love hole and laid on her naked and tired. She gave me a huge kiss and held me tightly and started weeping. I was confused with her act and started feeling guilty. I started asking her sorry, but she kept on. Then after confessing her for sometime, she cleared her tears and hug me once again and kissed me. She then said me "Dear, this was not for feeling guilt. It was a expression of pleasure. I had to divorce my previous husband because; he was least bothered about me and had never paid attention to my desires. He most of the time used to be in foreign countries on business trip. He got engaged to a lady in US and hence He needed my divorce. I had never in my life had such wonderful sex experience. I am so thankful to you. You have seeded a new seed of hope in my life. I love you Arun. You are my self declared hubby from today and you need not ask my permission to make love to me. I am always open to you. And don’t call me as Aunty hence forth when we are together" I was so pleased listening to this, because this cleared my guilt in my mind. We then took a shower together, where we had one more session and cleaned ourselves. We then slept together on the bed and woke up at 06:30 in the evening. She got up and prepared coffee for both of us and we then left out for a movie. We watched the movie and had food outside and came home by 12 in the night. We did a couple of sex session in the night an slept together. We both took leave for a week’s time and enjoyed together as a newly married couples. There were no homes around our homes; hence no one could suspect us being together. After a weeks time, my parents returned back and we enacted normally. My room was on the first floor and had a balcony from where I could reach the neighboring building terrace. Since then every night I used to go to her home after 10:00 and have 2/3 sessions of sex and sleep with her till morning and return back to my room before 5 in the morning. Guys/Gals believe me sex is one of the best exercise in this world. We also took leaves on Mondays or Fridays and visited places together. We were like real honeymoon couple in those places.. This went on and everything was going good. But one day Chitra aunt came to me weeping that, her parents are planning another marriage for her with a person 5 years older than her, who is a business man in US. She asked me about my opinion. I said her that I would speak to my parents and arrange for our marriage (myself and Chitra). She denied this proposal right away and she said me that I must marry another girl and not her, since it would really look odd. She took many nights to convince me this. Later I agreed and she also accepted her parent’s proposal and got married. After 8 months of a great experience I had to loose my dearest Chitra, since she moved to US after marriage. Before she could get married, she spent her one week with me without taking safety capsules. She disclosed me this on the last day of the week and said me that she loved me and wanted to have child from me. She is still in contact with me over phone and mails. She is carrying now for 7 months. I am expecting my kid in a couple of months. All these happened just like a rain fall. She came in my life, showed me a wonderful world of fantasy and now she has disappeared. I might have taken a long time to narrate this story. Past 7 months I am living my life with the memories of my sex life with Chitra..I live in Bangalore and I am just a mail away.


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